Small Mod Request

Hey! So I have a YT channel on which I make builds, and I have a project running to remaster the original Oblivion classes in modded Skyrim SE. Right now I'm working on the Agent, a stealthy illusionist character in the original TES IV: Oblivion game. I try to match the character art shown in the Oblivon game as best I can with these Oblivion remastered builds, and it's not a problem for most characters. However, for the Agent there's very little to go on. Here's the original image:












So there is one bit of Skyrim clothing the resembles this, but the color scheme does not work.









So here's my request: is it possible for anybody who makes mods for Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One who could change the colors of the clothes shown above to match the Agent clothes shown in the art from Oblivion (make the brown vest red, and the pants a grey-ish color). Textures could all remain the same and everything. 

I know 100% nothing about modding in Skyrim, so if this would be too hard that's fine, but I figured I'd ask. 

If anyone decides to do this, please post it to the website so I can download it. You would get full credit for it in the video, of course. 




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  • I also know absolutely nothing about modding, I apologize.

    • No problem, thanks anyways. 

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