So I got a Question for you

Vivid Weather, Divine Cities Premier, Hunterborn, Scarier Draugr Sounds, and Ordinator are some of the mods i really like what about yall what are the mods you cant play or live without in yer Skyrim 

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  • Shoot forgot a part Theses are the ones i really like for The Xbox One 

  • So many to choose. This is going to be tough...

    For sure topping my list is Ultimate Combat. A mod that aims that drastically overhauls enemy behavior with newer and smarter AI and new combat techniques. You don't know fear until you see archers and spell casters executing flanking maneuvers with military precision. 

    Next is ASIS which stands for automatic spells improved spawn. My main gripe with vanilka skyrim is that there just isn't enough shit to kill. ASIS fixes that randomly increasing enemy spawn counts at every location. It also grants them higher tier perks and spells as well. 

    Mortal Enemies Disables that annoying fucking aimbot that seems to come with every enemy power attack. No longer do power attacks track you til the last second. Enemies have to git gud to hit you with a power attack and you'll have to do the same to hit them with yours 

    TK Dodge is another must have. As the name implies it let's you tap a key or double tap a direction on your joystick to dodge incoming attacks. Combined with mortal enemies and ultimate combat skyrim starts to look like an awesome fluid action game.

    Animation mods in general is my last pick because there's nothing I hate more about vanilla skyrim than its clumsy looking animations. Mages wielding spells shouldn't look like they're about to shit a brick of Magnus, and archers shouldn't run with a bow like a chimp parading around with a stick. Whoever does Bethesdas animations needs to be fired. 

  • Immersive armors 

    immersive weapons 

    race menu 


    climates of Tamriel

  • For the vanilla players in the audience consider posting a wish list of mods you'd love to try out. 

  • I don’t have the luxury of using some gameplay/graphic enhancing mods like others, but some basic ones I do use.

    1. SkyUI: Not much to explain here, almost everyone who uses mods use this. The interface is more user friendly compared to the original interface which was designed for consoles. It’s much easier to navigate and sort everything as well, saves lots of time when I’m bartering.

    2. Immersive Saturation Boost / Realistic Lighting Overhaul: These two mods help out with my game’s graphics without affecting performance. I turn Immersive Saturation Boost on and off, but this essentially acts a “poor man’s ENB”. It brings some much needed life and color to Skyrim without affecting performance. Vanilla Skyrim is very bleak and grim, which I do like sometimes, but I usually find myself with this mod on. Realistic Lighting Overhaul also makes Skyrim look a little better and more realistic without affecting performance. I only turn this on when I have ISB on.

    3. Smart Cast: I’ve been playing a lot of unarmored Swordsman who use Alteration for defense. It’s very annoying when I have to cast a flesh spell at the beginning of every battle and then go into my favorites menu to unselect it so I can block. This mod makes combat more smooth and less fumbling around. It’s also helpful when playing a Mage so you don’t have to juggling multiple hotkeys.

    4. Skyrim Project Optimization: Helps make my Skyrim run a little smoother on my toaster.

    5. Skyrim Performance PLUS: Same as above, this helps run my game a little smoother by eliminating trivial and minuscule animation that most don’t notice.

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