TES Profile: Dagrac Zadrunz, the Last Dwemer

Greetings, sera. Blackblood here with my eighth Character Profile. This is one character playthrough I've been itching to do sometime after the assassin. I've always wanted to play as a Dwemer, and with the collection of mods I've downloaded I'll have a hellova time doing it. We'll unlock the long lost Dwemertech,  restore Kagrenac's lost tools, piloti a giant machine, and even travel to space! SPACE! Assuming these mods hold up, this will be one of my favorite playthroughs.  I And so, without further ado, I present...



"Improbable! Illogical! Incomprehensible!! That an entire civilization can vanish in one instance is an affront to everything I know as of yet. Still I cannot deny the signs; I am the last of my kind. The only Dwemer left to continue our work. No others to grant me access to their city-states, so every other animunculi besides my own must kill me. It pains me to ruin our work, but I must move forward. I still have my magnum opus, and with its strength I will finish what we started. I'll find my brethren, even if I have to travel to Aetherius itself!"




Aliases: None

Title(s): Engineer

Sex: Male

Race: Dwemer

Age: 184

Alignment: True Neutral

Class: Sorcerer

Occupation: Dwemer Engineer, Scholar

Place of Birth: Unknown

Religion: None

Residence: Nchuzzrezar, Skyrim

Political Affiliations: None

Organizations/Factions: None




Skin Tone: Beige

Height: 5'9

Weight: 198

Build: Toned

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black, with a long beard

Tattoos/Scars: None


HEAD - Aetherial Crown (Dwemer Scouter)
BODY - Dwarven Mage Robes
ARMS - Wraithguard
FEET  - Dwarven Boots
NECK - Dwemer Amulet
RING - None






"I-Impossible. Millennia... Ages past. I...I am the last Dwemer on Tamriel..."

          Dagrac dwelled in the city-state of Nchuzzrezar. He was one of the Engineers, and a Moderator in the city, but had a minor in Magecraft as well. However he fancied himself more of a scholar and an idea man. As such, he had many thoughts and concepts that he wished to make a reality, and his opinion was one of the few sought out the most where designs and efficiency was involved. But despite all that he was a recluse, even when compared to the other Dwemer. When he wasn't at work building the mechanical city he lived in, or giving his opinions to his fellow Moderators during scheduled - and sometimes emergency - meetings, he was holed up in his personal area, tinkering with whatever he had around and testing the limits of basic Dwemer magic on scrap. When he actually built something, he would usually request the assistance of more advanced Magecrafters to give it life, or to alter the metal.

          Outside of his personal work he had very little interest in the events of other Dwemer. There was only one instance where he sought knowledge into some of the Dwemer's iconic history, and this was the unearthing of Aetherium, and the Aetherium Wars, which took place in his province. He would learn of it's great potential, of how four city-states allied together with the intent of harnessing the mysterious ore, how they succeeded in creating items of immense power, and how they betrayed each other in a vy for control of the Aetherium Forge. He learned of the sacking of the city-states by the Nords, and the Dwemer's decision to seal away the Aetherium Forge, and cease all study of Aetherium, something that irks Dagrac to this day.

          His reason for pursuing knowledge of Aetherium was so that he could advance his most prized concept. Dagrac's most recent project delved into the realm of bionics, and involved creating true life within a machine. His magnum opus was a powerful golem, fueled by magic and life far greater than even the most advanced animunculi. It would have been the next generation of soldiers, guards and even labourers. No longer would they need the Falmer to do the manual labour, a fact he'd been largely indifferent towards. Indeed, this mechanical advent could very well become how the Dwemer evolve past their current selves and enter into a new era of advancement. But with the forge sealed away, he had lost what could be a vital key to advance his research further.

          This loss frustrated him, but he had dealt with dead-ends many other times before. However many times more his plans come to a grinding halt, he would continue to press onwards, for the sake of his ambitions. Yet another roadblock would appear in the form of the War of the Crag. The Falmer slaves rebelled against their masters and fled to the depths of FalZhardum Din. Many decades after the war began Dagrac had been Called to assist in the war efforts, a duty that he'd thus far attempted to ignore. On the promise of further funding for his research, however, he reluctantly agreed to offer his support, and made his way to Mzinchaleft to speak with the other supporters. He spent many weeks assisting in their construction of animunculi to combat the Falmer in FalZhardum Din, and putting together some of the finest armor for the foot soldiers to battle in, when it happened.

          It was almost instantaneous. He was tinkering with spare parts, as per his usual habit, when he felt light. Detached. Then, nothing. As if he'd simply been turned off. It would be many centuries before he would open his eyes once more, still within Mzinchaleft, and many more days before he realized just how much the world changed since then...




"With the power of Aetherium, I can create automatons far more advanced than ever before!"

Interests: To complete his magnum opus, and discover the source behind the disappearance of the Dwemer

Favorite food/drink: Steamed Mudcrab Legs

Personality: Dagrac, much like any Dwemer, is calculating in his actions. He considers the benefits and consequences of certain choices, deciding whether or not the risk is well worth the reward. 

Special Abilities/Skills: As a Mechanist, he has extensive skill in metalworking and helped design many of the elements within Nchuzzrezar. He's been described as one of the most capable minds in the city-state, and even created the Autocannon.

Flaws: He has little to no moral restrictions in his actions, and is not above using hapless people for experiments. He also does not care for other people, and although he will talk to them in order to advance his goals he prefers solitude over dealing with them. Also, as he is not a Magecrafter, he has no direct knowledge of Dwemer magic.

Snippy - A Dwemer animunculi assistant created for Dagrac. It was mistakenly named "Snippy" by a playful younger Dwemer, and Dagrac simply felt no need to waste time changing its name.

Vorstag - One of three mercenaries Dagrac hired to protect him as he delved into Dwemer Ruins. While the other two were killed during their trip to Masser, Vorstag suffered life-threatening injuries. Dagrac took advantage of this, and used what could be salvaged of his body to create a bionic animulculi, eventually upgrading it to MKII and MKIII.

Brhuce Hammar - A very odd Telvanni Wizard, Chronographer, and etetera. Found in Blackreach, and forcibly added to Dagrac's group. His power is incredible, but Dagrac won't let him use all of it for fear he may get caught in the backlash of his attacks.





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  • How did you go about creating the name for your Dwemer?

    • I use fantasynamegenerators.com. 

  • Love this profile, though it may be because of I really the Dwemer interesting, none the less this is pretty great.

  • Updated. Since I finished him, I've added stuff to his profile.

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