Misc Profile: Balfrek the Unwavering

Disclaimer: This is neither Elder Scrolls nor Fallout. It's a fantasy roleplaying scenario I have made up with a group my friends. 


Personal info:

Name: Balfrek

Alias(es): The Unwavering

Sex: Male

Race: Satyr, a subtype of faun

Age: Late twenties, early thirties

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Class: Monk

Occupation(s): Healer, Thief, Peddler

Residence: None, he's a wandering free spirit

Interests/Hobbies: Fabricating relics for sale, communing with souls of the dead


Half-man, half-goat, with furry legs and walking on hooves. Rather short, around 150-155cm, counting the horns. Often hunched back. Light-brown curly hair. Big, curly horns on his head, which he often hides beneath a humongous hood of his robe. A narrow light-brown beard, hanging from his chin.


Standard, yellowish-brown, somewhat tattered monk robe, featuring a humongous hood. Lightweight ringmail beneath. Dark leather bracers.


  • His trusty ol' staff - used both as a melee weapon, as well as an extension of his spellcasting abilities 
  • Ebony Bow
  • Quiver full of arrows
  • Packed victuals
  • A canteen of wine
  • A gleaming silver ring - boosts his resistances to magic
  • Lockpicks
  • Dazzling elixir


  • A master of martial arts involving staves
  • An expert of archery
  • An expert of protective spells
  • An adept of paralyzing spells
  • A novice of camouflage spells


Unlike most of his kind, Balfrek was unfortunate enough to be born close to civilization. During a misty and cold night, as an infant, he was found on a street by an elderly couple. Having fur, hooves, and tail, he was accused of demonic heritage, and so sent to a local priory. People there made him into a monk. Not long after that, the old couple died, but kept in touch, in spirit. After years of training with other monks and living as a peddler, seller of forged relics, he decided to choose a more adventurous life of a wanderer. He made a few friends, and even more enemies, by beating up every ruffian making remarks of his animalistic characteristics.


A solitary, prefers being alone or in a small group, rather than in crowds. Hates racism, likes money. He's well-spoken and smart, but greed and recklessness oftentimes overpower other traits.

Notable acquaintances:

  • Lisette: A childhood friend, an older sister of sorts. A dwarf. Deceased.
  • Gumli, son of Gluin: A drunkard and a boor. Also a dwarf.
  • Limanniel: A beautiful and intelligent half-elf maiden. A healer.
  • Tatyana: A shape-shifting human witch. Wielder of a huge flashy runic greatsword.
  • Vilgefortz: A stuck-up overambitious puffed up buffoon of a human mage. Has an obsession with fireballs.
  • Baldur: A dragon hatchling given to Vilgefortz by an overpowered old sage.


Closing Notes: I was intending on posting this over a week ago, but my PC kept refusing to cooperate. Until now.


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  • Nice profile, Cannon! I wonder how this would translate into Skyrim. What would a half goat look like?

    • Thanks Aysleph! I promised you to do it earlier, but as I've said, PC issues. It would certainly be easier to pull off in morrowind. On account of options to use staves as melee weapons and wear armor beneath robes. I think I'll try doing just that. As soon as I get a replacement for my piece of trash of a PC. As for the looks, something similar to this fella here 972822.jpg

      • No worries, Cannon. I’m just glad to see this Profile out. It’s a good change to see something other than elder scrolls/fallout. What race do you think he’d be? Bosmer? Khajiit?

        • Prolly a Khajiit. Wierd walking animation? Checked. Boost to unarmed? Checked. More fur than most people? Checked. Some head feature that makes them stand out? Checked. An ideal choice, pretty much.

      • Who doesn't love a good Chronicles of Narnia reference?

        Quite an interesting character. It's a shame I'm so illiterate so as to be unable to read that spreadsheet.

  • So, now that my rp profile is out, it's your turn. *throws a glove in Aysleph's direction*

    • I will post it once I get around to it, I work very slowly and I had to push our a character build first.

      • Feel free to take your time. I'm not going to rush you.

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