TES Profile: Bronmir North-Wind


Bronmir North-Wind






30 years

Date of Birth:

30th of Mid Year, 4E171

Place of Birth:

Winterhold Mountains

Current Residence:



Bronmir North-Wind has a slightly brutish appearance, his face rugged with a slightly pale and opaque complexion, dotted with scars from his fights and battles. His most distinguishing features are the long, gnarly scar going through his left eye, his piercing yellow eyes, like a beast would have, and his long white hair and thick beard. He is not overly tall, reaching 1.85 meters in height (6'02") and though his build is muscular and sturdy, he is only 91.6 kilograms (202 lbs)


Honest, loyal, true, straightforward. Always speaks his mind and strives to protect the innocent. Though he believes it his duty to wipe out evil creatures, his belief is that nothing is evil until it proves itself otherwise, even giving Daedra spawn a chance to prove their value in life. However, it is worth noting that he is especially distrusting of Vampires, but even they he offers a chance.


Lawful Good

Religious Belief:

Devout Worshipper of Kyne (Kynareth in the Cyrodiilic/Imperial Pantheon), but he also follows Stendarr and Talos


Vigilant/Paladin, Blacksmith

Faction Affiliation:

The Companions (Honorary Member), Vigilants of Stendarr/North-Wind Paladins, Imperial Legion (former Auixiliary)


Holy Paladin/Grandmaster of the North-Winds


Full Steel Plate Armor + Shield, imbued with magick to bolster his defenses and restoration magic; Steel Sword enchanted to Turn Undead and Banish Daedra; he also uses high level restoration spells (Close Wounds, Guardian Circle, Turn Greater Undead, Heal Other, Stendarr's Aura, Sun Fire)


Bronmir North-Wind is the last surviving heir to the North-Wind Clan, a powerful family that served the emperor as advisors and bodyguards for centuries, with roots all the way back to Ysgramor and the Companions. Thirty years ago, when the Thalmor assaulted Cloud Ruler Temple and annihilated the Blades, they launched a similar offensive in the mountains of Winterhold, wiping out and burning down North-Wind Manor and all inside it. Only infant Bronmir and his mother were able to escape, making their way through Skyrim and into Bruma, in Cyrodiil. For a time, they stayed there under the pretense of a travelling merchant's widow and newborn son, while they waited for the aftereffects of the war to subside, before making their way into the Imperial City itself. Bronmir spent most of his youth and early adulthood in the Imperial City. His mother, using what gold she had left from the estate and what her connections could provide from her name, though she was careful, provided Bronmir with an education from Imperial tutors. At the tender age of eleven, she began teaching him about Lady Kyne and Talos. Around the same time, the strength of his arm was discovered and the Imperial Legion became interested in training and eventually recruiting him. Seven years later, shortly before he would be officially conducted into the Legion as an Auxiliary, his mother came down with Brain Fever. Despite their newfound wealth from the store his mother had set up, not even the best healers in the Imperial City could cure her. She died a few short months later. Bronmir, distraught, left the Legion and took up the store after taking care of his mother. Three years passed when Bronmir discovered a tattered journal among his mother's possessions. Though it was worn and dated, he was able to decipher enough of it to determine his lineage as a North-Wind, whom he heard about from Legionnaires. Determined to find the truth of his heritage, he closed the store, packed up a few possessions, and left for Skyrim. Along his path to Winterhold, he encounted many hardships that tuned his instincts as a warrior. When he finally reached Winterhold the following year, he was a hardened warrior, but he was unable to find evidence of North-Wind Manor having existed. To pass the time, he began studying restoration magic - something he had become interested in during the time of his mother's sickness; he thought he could service himself as a healer, and desired to be even better than those in the Imperial City - and it was here his distaste of Daedra and the Undead festered. After two years, he mastered Restoration, and left the College, seeking his fortune as a Holy Paladin, before eventually joining the Vigilants of Stendarr. Sometime during his time with them, he located North-Wind Manor, and discovered the truth about his family. Deciding his time would be best spent serving the people of Skyrim, he wandered the wilderness, offering healing and protection where he could. He had several dealings with the Companions, believing them to be righteous and honorable, despite having been corrupted by Hircine and the Witches of Glenmoril. Though he did not join them, Kodlak Whitemane promised a bed would be there for him if he so desired. Now, Bronmir lives in Winterhold as a Blacksmith, seeking justice and offering protection for those who cannot protect themselves.

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  • I’m really loving this North-Wind faction. Well done, Vis!

    • I've spent the better part of the last 3 years perfecting their backstory. I've been using this character in both Skyrim itself, and in TES Roleplays for about the same amount of time. I'm happy you enjoy it!

      • I can see the work you've invested in this character. Glad to see him on the forums!

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