TES Profile: Nimah

“This wolf hunts alone.”    

                                                                                                       Theme - Aggressive by Beartooth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

--Character Appearance

Full Name: Nimah (Nim-ah)

Aliases: The Dreadwolf, Beastie, Nim-Nim

Sex: Female

Race: Bosmer werewolf

Age: 27

Skin Tone: Slightly tanned with freckles across cheeks, will adorn with war paint when needed. Many scars such as…

= Long cut across bridge of nose and under her right eye
= Traditional Bosmeri ritual marks on arms, back, legs and belly.

= Large, claw-shaped marks on chest, arms and shoulders, which cover the above.

= Bite mark on right side of neck from werewolf, another on left side from vampire.
= Vampire bite wound on left wrist.

Height: 1.54m/5”1’ (mer) | 3.89m/12”7’ (wolf)

Weight: 54kgs/114lbs (mer) | 121kgs/264lbs (wolf)

Physique: Fleet, small and unassuming, but harbours muscle and strength that one would not assume from someone as small as her.

Head Adornments: Auburn hair, short and free-flowing, antlers curling back on forehead. Often has a flower tucked behind one ear. 

Eye Color: Black (mer) | Green (wolf)

Apparel: She tend to wear dark armor, usually of leather or hide with bone accents, and exclusively wears hoods with face masks. An amulet with a bone ring hangs from her neck but it’s often tucked beneath her chest plate.

When not in armor, she can be found in a traditional Bosmer get up of a leather kilt and sash or sometimes in generic commoner clothes. She also tends to wear a leather armband on her right bicep with red paint upon into it (or is it blood? It’s hard to tell).

Werewolf Form: A huge towering beast of white fur, Nim’s wolf form is somewhat more animal than man, unlike most other lycans. There are dark patches upon her face and ears and she is very fluffy. It’s recommended you don’t tell her that though...

Weapons: A wooden carved bow, accented with metal, as well as two twin daggers, curved and deadly. She always keeps a hefty stock of arrows and poisons on her person.

--Character Information

Place of Birth: Deep within the forests of Malabal Tor in Valenwood, Tamriel

Religion: She follows Y'ffre and the Green Pact zealously, despite breaking one of it’s core rules (do not take the shape of beasts).

Profession/s: Associate of the Hollow Castle (current) | Scout and hunter for Lord Heceril of House Laerathor,  freelance thief and mercenary (former)

Social Class: Lower-class

Organisations/ Factions: Hollow Castle, Red Crescent Clan

Education: Like all Bosmer, Nimah was taught to hunt and scout from an early age. She isn’t good with numbers, lacks the ability to read and write, and knows very little of cultures and customs outside of her homeland. She’s can be quite ignorant and not too bright on scholarly topics, but harbours a strong instinct.

Favourite Food and Drink: She eats meat exclusively and tends to drink Green Pact friendly drinks to the best of her ability. As a werewolf and Bosmer, raw meat is not an uncommon thing to find her eating.

Personality: Nimah is typically very quiet and shy to those she immediately meets and even keeps those walls up to those she knows. She harbours a good heart and an equally good sense of humor but fears hurting those she loves with the wolf or through her own mistakes. She’s protective, fiercely loyal, hates betrayal and can even be a little twisted when she has to be. As a lycan, she struggles to control her emotions at times but still manages to get herself calm in the most dire situations. She’s also brave, facing problems headlong rather then running away (mostly). Oh, and she hates other werewolves.

Flaws: Afraid of fire, tends to be ignorant of higher-class customs, does not speak her mind when needed, lycanthrophy uncontrollable when under high-stress situations such as extreme rage or fear

Spoken Languages: Bosmeric, Cyrodilic (fluent)

Hobbies and Interests: Hunting, tracking, raising animals, climbing trees, sparring and Cara (duh)

Relationships: She maintains a solid friendship with a few people, particularly with Kyramla, Kaissy, Anno, Makir-do, Seeks and a few others from her time with House Laerathor. She has recently become one with the Hollow Castle and maintains an alliance with Varik the Owl, Lady Nehelenia, Alurian and a few other residents.

The most important person in her life is the Bosmer known as Cara, whom she is very attached to as well as very protective. Although, this goes for most of her allies, she is very much a ‘mother wolf’ when it comes to defending those she loves, whether it be from attacks or mere words. The two are currently engaged.

As for enemies, well she has a few but her hatred for them stretches quite deep. Of course, Heceril, her former Lord, is at the top of the list, followed by his ward, Silas, and Ozoril. She blames them for a lot of her hurt and heartache over the months and refuses to speak to them nor even acknowledge their existence. Another person she maintains a furious rivalry with is her own flesh and blood, her sister Riian. When the two meet, one thing is for sure… Blood will flow.

Skills and Abilities: While not educated, Nim is a great strategist, able to use the art of stealth and subterfuge to the prime of her ability and is an expert marksman. Hunting is also her passion and she is able to skin and butcher most beasts quickly and simply. 

Combat-wise, she focuses on keeping distant from her prey and staying unseen, but will use her daggers when she has to. Otherwise, she can, and will, use the wolf to its full advantage, using razor-sharp claw, gaping jaws and an armoured hide to practically rip enemies in two. She also seems to have a high pain tolerance in both forms, but is weak to silver, to the point where even a wound in the right spot can kill her.

Magical Talent: She has a basic knowledge of protection wards, siphoning spells and shadow magic, but prefers to use her own skills over those of the arcane.


[What is listed here is what she has revealed publicly to a select few. There are still details missing that may come to light in RP.]

The peaceful

Nimah was born to simple Bosmer in a simple village in the northern region of Grahtwood alongside her twin sister Riian. They had a good life, hunting, fishing and growing up as well as a tribal Bosmer can in this world. Her childhood was uneventful, her teenage hood less  so. The real drama began a little after her nineteenth birthday.

The war.

The Aldmeri Dominion were expanding their forces and came to her village to order every single capable man and woman to take up arms and fight for the glory of the Dominion is the current war. Most citizens agreed to fight, save for Nimah and Riian. Not wanting to fight in a battle that was not theirs, both fled the village during the night. Her sister tripped on a tree root and Nimah could only watch from her hiding place as she was captured by the forces. She ran away, cowardly, cursing herself and the Dominion.

She knew how to hide herself and cover her tracks from her father’s hunting lessons and she did so, venturing deeper and deeper into the forests. Nimah was afraid, deathly afraid of what the Altmer would do to a so-called ‘war criminal’ so she kept to herself, never staying in one place for too long and only speaking to people when needed.

The fire.

Supplies were low and she desperately needed to find some form of comfort in the cold, lonely moths of winter. She found a small town on the eastern border, one where she knew she could gain some form of relief and warmth from her lonely years. But that was about to change.

A inferno ripped through the inn she was staying in, gutting it in no less than minutes. It was only sheer luck she was outside fetching water when it began and could only watch as it spread to the nearest homes in a great blazing ball of fire.

The howls.

They came next, piercing noises cutting through the dark night like she had never heard before. Chills rose, instinct told her to run, but it was too late even for that. Upon the burning village came a pack of lycans, huge, hungry snarling beasts looking to take advantage of a freak accident. She was attacked near instantly, ripped by her arm by a huge black beast into a tree. Blood poured from her wound and she felt the crushing teeth of a monster dig into her shoulder.

It was only sheer luck she survived, the creature that bit her was attacked by another and she crawled, deep into the roots of a great tree and hid, crying and whimpering, praying she survived the night.

The pain.

The disease took her, spreading through her body and transforming her. She spent three days in that hollow, sleeping and experience restlessness like no other. By the time the third night and as the moon rose, a beast emerged from where Nimah once stood. Hatred, anger, rage, pain… All these feelings coursed through her body and she hunted, rampaging through the forest. Man, mer, beast, animals... No matter who she came across, they were killed and consumed. It was only the light of daybreak that shocked her out of her bloodlust and Nimah curled up under a tree, crying.

She couldn’t be around people. A monster now raged inside her and she has to learn to leash it. THus began the darkest of days for the little Bosmer as she went into the heart of Valenwood. For seven years, she hunted and lived a simple life. When other werewolves came, she killed them all, the fear of being inducted into a pack too much to bear.

Events during ESO

Years passed and Nimah knew her time in Valenwood was waning. She began to venture across Tamriel, eventually coming to Skyrim and finding solace amongst their woodlands and plains. She was lonely, so lonely, having barely spoken to another human or mer in months. A notice caught her eye outside a tavern, an Altmer house seeking employment. Could she be around people once more? She had to try…

And she came across House Laerathor under the command of Lord Heceril. He seemed a good mer but darkness brew under a shiny surface. Niamh soon found herself caught in the midst of vampires, dangerous creatures who soon learnt her secret and hated her for it. True, she met her closest friends here, Kyramla and her sister Kaissy, Seeks-The-Reeds, Makir-do, Anno and even her future wife, Cara… But it was a hard life, riddled with pain, Daedra, bloodlust and death. After being imprisoned within the dungeons for a misunderstanding, she broke free and fled, heading to the place where she knew she could seek help.

The Hollow Castle.

OOC Information:

  • Has a bad habit of finding humour in dark situations

  • Flips between moody and happy, depending on the lunar cycle

  • Claims to hate the smell of blood

  • Has two safe houses, one in Bangkori (Dreadwolf Keep) and another in Malabal Tor



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