TES Profile: Xian-Krie, The Bounty Hunter


Character Name: Xian-Krie

Aliases/Nicknames: Xian, Xane, Lizard, Dragonborn, The Hunter

Sex: Male

Race: Argonian

Age: Mid to late twenties

Height: 6’1”/185.42 cm.

Weight: 200 lbs./ 90.72 kg.

Scale Color: Xian’s scales are a deep black color, almost like the shade of ebony. Red neck scales adorn his throat and yellow stripes going from the back of his neck to just the outer edge of red.  Blue can be seen upon his forehead and red outlines the edges of his nostrils.

Features: Three vertical scars on the left side of his face are prominent, something from a past contract of his in Cyrodiil. Beneath his armor are several more body scars from the other harrowing bounties he’s had over the years. Some look like puncture wounds while others look like slash marks. On his back are what looks like bite marks that either torn, or almost tore, away scale and flesh.

Head Adornments: Two small horns just before his white head feathers, three bone numbs under each cheek and two beneath his chin. The horns on his brow are slightly curved.

Eye Color: Silver, with slit pupils.   

Physique: Beneath his armor, Xian is fit for one of his kind. His stature is that of what a Nord warrior looks.

Apparel: The armor he wears is a combination of steel metal and corundum, mixed with quicksilver to give the steel-plate a certain shine to the set. The carved armor has the distinct look of that of a dragon. The Argonian however, doesn’t wear a helmet.

Along his belt are two leather vial holders for his potions and poisons. Easy access and easy application, he believes.

Weapons: Along his back is an Ebony bow of his own design. Instead of it being entirely made the metal, it’s made out of a dark wood reinforced with Ebony metal. His arrows are a mix of steel and ebony, creating a unique head and metal. His daggers are kept attached to his boots, each created from a dark metal with wooden hilts.

Xian also has the Dragonbane katana with him, but doesn’t necessarily use it, preferring his daggers.

Magic: He doesn’t know any kind of magic within the schools.



Place of Birth: On the border of Cyrodiil and Black Marsh

Religion: He pays respect to the Hist as well as the Imperial Gods; however, he does not worship them openly or secretly.

Profession: Bounty Hunter

Social Class: He’s considered Nobility due to his statuses as Thane in many of the holds, but doesn’t truly care about that.

Organizations/Factions: None

Education: Due to being born along the border of two provinces, Xian gained the best of both his culture and Imperial culture.

Favorite Food & Drink: He (highly) enjoys ale and mead with roasted meats. When he is forced to cook in the wilderness, he will often pour any ale or mead on the meat over the fire.

Backstory: Born to a family that lived along the border of Black Marsh and Cyrodiil, Xian’s life was a mixture of cultures. Growing up, however, with siblings can be a bit strenuous. Though the Argonian cared for his little brother, that didn’t stop him from becoming annoyed with him at times.

His father taught the both of them how to hunt and scavenge, which in turn was how Xian and his family survived while his mother showed him how the shadows could be helpful. Armed with bow and arrows and a hunting knife, the black Argonian found out that he enjoyed the hunt. Especially he loved using the bow and arrow. To feel the twang and pull of the string… it felt somewhat exhilarating to him. His favorite type of animal to eat while hunting was deer and elk, finding venison delectable.

Years passed by and Xian’s skills with the bow increased, making him the one in the family who would scavenge more often than his father or his brother. It was during this latest scavenge he was nearly killed.

While hunting in Cyrodiil, he was attacked by a lion. If he hadn’t been quick enough, he’d have lost his left eye. Unable to properly shoot it being so close, Xian was forced to use his hunting knife in combat. After several long minutes of intense breathing and stealing himself, the lion was dead and the Argonian had long gashes along his arms and chest. It was here that he, after calming down and dragging the corpse home for food, felt alive for once.

Getting home and cleaned up, after some hysterical comments from his mother to himself and father, Xian wanted to say he was heading for Cyrodiil to try his hand at hunting for coin. The lion’s meat lasted them for several days, which was music to Xian’s ears, in a way.

When he felt it was right, Xian brought up his thoughts about heading into Cyrodiil to make a living on his own by hunting. While his mother was against it, his father almost encouraged it. But in the long run, his mother won him out. For this, Xian couldn’t believe it was happening, but at the same time understood. Either way, it angered him to the point of leaving in the middle of the night with his dagger, bow and arrows.

Heading for some place in Cyrodiil, the nearest city had some people interested in his skills as a hunter. Made a fair bit of coin with it too. A few weeks into the work, which he was enjoying immensely, Xian witnessed a theft in action. The thief turned to see the black Argonian looking at him before running from the scene.

He took off after the man, imagining him as a simple deer he hunted so many times in his life. Quite quickly, somehow, Xian tackled him to the ground, holding his hunting knife to keep the man from running away. Returning the item to the grateful shopkeeper, he turned to see a wanted poster of the thief. An idea clicked in the lizard’s mind and he turned him over to the authorities. Giving the Argonian the coin reward, Xian discovered that he liked what he did and wondered if he would be able to make a profession and a living off of it.

And that’s exactly what he did. Xian moved from town to town, city to city to pick up what contracts where available. Several years had gone by and on one of his bounties, the criminal fled to the northern border of Skyrim. Following, Xian assumed he was sneaky enough to not get caught. Unfortunately, he wasn’t and the Imperials confiscated his belongings, including his recent contract. Before the axe in Helgen could end his life, a great black beast flew from the sky, sending chaos in its wake.

After many months after the fateful incident, Xian has returned to a life of bounty hunting with the one Nord he doesn’t want to part with: Serana. Life is good.

Personality: Normally quiet and calm, he knows how to speak his mind and intimidate when the need arises. His bite is far worse than his bark. But he does know how to be comforting when it’s necessary.  

Flaws: Xian often has his head focused on his contract, blocking out all other kinds of communication. It is only after the target is cashed in does he open up, for however long that lasts till the next contract. He is also very quick to anger when a certain song is sung.

Spoken Languages: Jel (fluent), Dovah (somwhat, but can understand it brokenly)  and Cyrodilic

Relationships: He maintains a healthy status-quo with the Jarls of Skyrim, taking the bounties they have. The one person that he truly cares above everything else is Serana. He enjoys spending much of his time with the woman he loves and does what he can to keep her safe and happy.

Other Info:

  • His quiver is always on the small of his back

  • Can be seen sharpening his arrow heads and daggers with a whetstone

  • Takes the risk to shoot a target when said target has a hostage in their grasp, with the exception of Serana

  • He often appears to be fixated with Vampirism and Lycanthropy, but keeps it to himself and doesn’t act on it

  • He hums at times the song that his mother sang him and his little brother when they were children

“Everything in this world … it can be bought. Well, almost everything. Somethings can’t be and this one is grateful for it everyday.” *kisses Serana*

~Theme Music~

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