Sky Forge Skyrim Event: Witches, Warlocks and Wizards


First of all, welcome into the new year! We hope you’ve all enjoyed the festive season. We thought we'd start the year off with a fresh new Skyrim Building Event


So without further adieu on to the event…

As you may have guessed by the name. This event revolves around magic. The premise is simple. Choose your character, and craft them around something to do with the arcane. Is your character a witch who lives in the isolated wilds? Maybe they are an aspiring student at The College of Winterhold. Or are they a shady illusionist who plies their trade for the Dark Brotherhood? With the new additions from the Anniversary Edition, there's never been a better time to be a mage in Skyrim. There are so many possibilities, and plenty of sources of inspiration to pull from, so let’s get building!


-The fundamentals of the event-

  • Your character must use at least Two of the main magic-themed skills, and major in one of them. ie the following, Enchanting, Restoration, Alteration, Alchemy, Illusion, Destruction and Conjuration. Please specify which 2 skills will be the main focus in your build. Other magical elements such as greater/lesser powers, staves and scrolls are encouraged but not mandatory. Combat skills are allowed, the character just has to use a minimum of 2 of the magic schools.
  • Mods are ok. But if you are using ones that overhaul the magic and the perk system, please use the common ones. Nothing too obscure, as the build should be easily replicable for the average player. ie Simon Magus or Enai Saion.
  • You can choose to work with a team of up to 3 individuals.
  • One entry per contestant/s
  • Video’s and stories to complement your build are welcome.
  • Have fun!!

-Event end date- 01/04/2022 - Event is now Closed



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      • Amend that, it's Enchanting and Alteration. Those will be the main focus.

        • Ah, a fellow conesseur of the fine art of Alteration. Changed it for ya.

          • Alteration is one of the most underappreciated schools of magic. Difficult to level early game (if not using mods) but can be incredibly powerful late game if used right.

  • Ok I'll give this a shot, Alchemy.

    • Excellent. I'll add you now!

  • Remember you're character must have at least 2 of the listed skills  :)

  • oh ok cool 

  •  I want to sign up conjuration

    • Your in. Good luck!

  • Sign me up

    Illusion (&alchemy sub) pls

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