Character Build: The Golem

Welcome to my first build guys. This has been awhile in the making so I hope it’s up to par with everything else on the website. Golems are a creature of old Jewish folklore and also, in some form or another, in many action/adventure games. So I took my research, a little bit of gaming knowledge and a little bit of my imagination to bring my own to Skyrim. (It will take a little of your own imagination if you want to give this build a try.)

The Golem



In Tamriel’s time of need, in its time of despair and chaos, one mage took the initiative to save it. He called upon the forces of the nature around him to create a guardian. One that would be unstoppable; one that would be incorruptible and most of all stand for what is right. The mage used all of his power to mold the stone and ice of the land into this creature. The man gave his life in order to animate the creature; understanding that his creation will have the ability to do far more than he ever could. And thus his soul would give life and guide the new born protector: The Golem.

Race: Nord

Stone: Lady

Skills: Block, Destruction, One–Handed, Light Armor, Alteration, Enchanting


  • Head – Morokei (Fortify Magicka Regen)
  • Body – Stahlrim Light Armor (Fortify Healing Rate/Fortify Magicka Regen)
  • Hands – Chitin Bracers (Fortify Block/Fortify One-Handed)
  • Feet – Chitin Boots (Fortify One-Handed/Shock Resistance)
  • Ring – Ahzidal’s Ring of Arcana or (Fortify Healing Rate/Fortify Health)
  • Necklace – (Fortify Healing Rate/Fortify Magicka)
  • Shield – Stahlrim Shield (Fortify Block/Fire Resistance)
  • Weapons – Two Stahlrim Maces

Shouts: Elemental Fury, Cyclone, Frost Breath, Become Ethereal

Essential Quests: College of Winterhold, Unearthed, Main Quest

The Build

The Golem is the ultimate seeker of order and bringer of justice. This is what I love about the idea, most golems are depicted as evil in many games and stories, but the fact of the matter is they are guardians and they are only protecting what they are told to protect. In this case, it is Tamriel.

Golems are towering, juggernaut-like creatures and I did my best to recreate this by using a Nord with bulky, but natural made armor. Nord was the best because of their abilities and even their skill boosts. I messed with a couple Heavy Armor combinations, but Light Armor really came through. I was able to maintain the Heavy Armor look and then some. Alteration is a great addition to the bulk as the Golem uses its surroundings to further its defense. Naturally being made of stone and ice, it was only logical to be resistant to the elements, which also adds to the tank feel.  

The great part of Light Armor was the great Wind Walker perk and Morokei. Many golems are said to be able to regenerate by absorbing the ground around them. So this led to the emphasis on the regeneration of all three stats.

Along with absorbing surroundings, it is also said to be able to manipulate its one’s own body, which made Frost magic was perfect. Being made of stone and ice it was only fitting to further use one’s body as a weapon. By chipping parts of itself off, it can shoot the ice of its own body like a cannon. It can also use walls and runes as a way of further manipulating its surroundings.

Based on this idea of manipulating one’s body, the weapons of the Golem are also a part of its body. Instead of going with a sword or axe or two-handed weapon, maces and a shield were ideal. They are simple and blunt, not to mention maces have that crushing blow feeling you expect for something of this stature.



Enchanting can become overpowered very quickly and to limit that I kept it to only armor enchants, although Bone Breaker and a couple Fortify One-Handed enchants do tend make for some overpowering weapons. The main thing Enchanting is used for is fortifying regeneration. With 100 Enchanting and all the perks, you are able to enchant three pieces of armor with fortify Healing Rate by 31%. This coupled with the Lady Stone allows for 118% health regeneration. The Lady Stone and Wind Walker are the only regeneration used for stamina because it already recovers quite fast (this is also why no points are taken in stamina), the extra 75% is welcomed though. Finally you can enchant one piece of equipment with 65% fortify Magicka Regeneration along the 100% granted by Morokei’s mask. This regeneration is what battle is centralized around.

Thanks to Enchanting, you can lightly perk Block because two Fortify Block enchants will give you 84% more blocking, about the same as taking all the Shield Wall perks. Alteration and the Block perks take a lot of weight off of Light Armor giving you more of defense than normal. Something to note with Elemental Protection is that it DOES NOT stack with the other enchanted elemental resistances. Instead it is applied after elemental resistances and not just added to them. Meaning even though you are a Nord, blocking will not grant you 100% immunity to Frost damage. The other selling point of the Block tree is the amazing Shield Charge perk. By running with your shield up you knock down everyone in your way. This is symbolic of the nature of the Golem, but it has a mechanical benefit too, it buys you time.

As stated before, battle will revolve around abusing regeneration and this is done by slowing and stopping the battle. The first step to this is Destruction magic. Although many things in Skyrim resist Frost damage, they are still slowed by it. By slowing everyone through Frost spells, staggering by bashing or power attacks, or slowing time by Quick Reflexes you give enemies minimal breathing room; while allowing you to reap in the benefits of regenerating. Normally maces swing very slow (although remedied by Dual Flurry), but when they hit it is well worth with it. Dual Savagery boosts the damage of power attacks when dual wielding even if only one weapon is being swung, this with Savage Strike and Bone Breaker means every hit is going to leave a mark and thanks to the stamina regeneration you will be able to do at will.


IceGolem2.jpgEarly on, get your hands on Chitin Armor and just use the best two maces you can find until you reach level 35. Besides aesthetics, the basic gameplay will remain relatively the same throughout the game. At first that may sound dry, but the beauty of this Golem is the versatility that it packs.

The Golem can be a ranged monster as a shield mage, it can become the tank its meant to be by using mace and board tactics or it can hit like a truck when dual wielding its maces.

Try to start battle from a distance with your shield and Frost spell. This ideally done with Freeze, but Ice Spike will suffice until then, this is to make sure everyone is already slowed down by the time you get there. Frost Breath is really good as an area of effect move to slow multiple people. I typically use Frost Runes on archers as a bit of surprise while they try to keep their distance and maneuver around you.

IceGolem1.jpgAt the start of close combat cast your best flesh spell and Frost Cloak if you have it. The cloak will ensure any enemy that gets too close will remained slow and stop you from being overwhelmed. Eventually once the Deep Freeze perk is taken, this will stop lower levels enemies from being a nuisance and allow you to concentrate on the higher level enemies. Another way to stop aforementioned annoyances is to cast an Ash spell on a higher level guy and then beat down on the little guys (Ash Spells can also be used to save any followers/allies from traps and dying).

When in a group of people it is best two use two maces because this will make quick work of most things thanks to everyone being slower than you, but it does leave you vulnerable. In dog fights against tougher opponents, namely dragons, it is best to balance offense and defense through using your mace and shield.

Anytime your health gets into the danger zone it is best to just stop combat and allow yourself to heal. This can be done a couple different ways. Whenever enemies are low on health using Cyclone is best because you can pick up a couple kills. It is by far my favorite shout because of how much fun it is. You toss around everyone in front of you. They will take falling damage and frost damage. And it will give you a moment to catch your breathe. Another tactic is to Shield Charge. By knocking down everyone, you grant yourself more than enough time to recover. But before you can do that you must rely on using “earthquakes” to scare away enemies. You can recreate the effect of an earthquake by using Battle Cry. And finally there is going underground.

Special Abilities


With the ability to manipulate itself and its surroundings, also comes with the ability to submerge itself underground. By going underground, you are granted faster healing as well as the ability to hit opponents harder.

By using Become Ethereal with Ethereal Spirit you will be regenerating health at 146% and not using any stamina. This is an opportune time to heal or to avoid any unwanted situation.

Need: Become Ethereal, Ethereal Spirit, Fortify Healing Rate enchantments

Underground Assault

While underground, have the ability to attack from beneath. Although you will leave the safety of the underground, you will most certainly kill whatever is in your way.  

The other benefit of not using stamina is a free power attack. Better yet, a free Critical Charge. By dual wielding maces, you are able to charge in and leave the underground with a very strong power attack. With Critical Charge alone even a one handed charge will be damn near life threatening. But a charging one handed attack with Dual Savagery while dual wielding is just off the charts.  

Need: Become Ethereal, Critical Charge, and Dual Savagery

Unhindered Force

When the time arises that something comes near killing the Golem, it unleashes its true power with a lack of any remorse.

The Golem’s ace in the hole, that I rarely use but it is nice to know there is an overpowered way out if need be. By dual wielding maces you have already maximized normal damage. Dual Flurry plus Elemental Fury means your heavy maces now swing faster than two daggers. The only thing that can come from that is sure destruction.

Need: Dual Flurry, Bone Breaker, Elemental Fury

Well that’s all folks. This build is one of the most fun times I've had playing this game and I hope you try it out. Any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading.

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