Character Build: The Jedi

This Build relies heavily on Mods, mainly Star Wars ones

Name: Shasa 

Race: Breton (In Game, in Star Wars Bretons don't exist)

Gender: Female 

Age: 24 

Homeworld: Coruscant

Religion: The Force


Dawnguard: Vampires are corrupted by the Dark Side 

College of Winterhold: Better Force Abilities

Stormcloaks: The Empire has fallen to the Dark Side 

Companions: The closest thing to the Jedi Order 

Personality: Shasa is a kind hearted individual. But unlike other Jedi she isn't afraid to go outside the boundaries of the Light Side. She often disagreed with her superiors at the temple and could use the Dark Side while still remaining in the light. This made her a powerful Jedi and she would have certainly had become a Master if it wasn't for Order 66.

Backstory: Shasa was born on Coruscant and taken to the Jedi Temple. She eventually rose to the rank of Jedi Knight and served as a General in the Clone Wars. When Order 66 was executed she knew she couldn't stay in the known Galaxy so she fled to the Unknown regions and landed on Nirn. But she was approached by Imperial Soldiers (ES kind, not Star Wars kind) who she sensed the Dark Side in so she fought them until she blacked out and woke up on the cart to Helgen.



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  • Hey there, welcome to the site. I would recommend you try and Skyrimize this build a bit more. IE, rather than have her be born on good old Coruscant, try and make her fit into the world of Nirn. Maybe have the Jedi Order, as I have done, be an offshoot of say, the Psijiic Order and or Sword-Singers. 

    Also, I would recommend adding a gameplay section, like, how does Shasa here deal with certain enemies? What mods specifically are you using and what do they do?

    • Well Usely I just kill all enemies the same way. Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab or whatever. But I will need these Mods:

      Mod that adds The Force 

      Mod that adds a Lightsaber 

      And lastly a Mod that adds Jedi Robes 

      • Well, I would recommend linking some, rather than just saying, in the comments, basically find one. For instance, Mana Sabers.

        And another thing, a build writeup is in many ways a guide to a character you played, as perhaps someone may wanna try it out, so you would need to be concise of how you dealt with things than just well, being a crazed butt-stabber.

  • Hey man, welcome to the Skyforge! Glad you could join us and are interested in entering the Building scene here on the Forge.

    This is an interesting concept, Crossworlds is a cool way to get into building. However, as Chris already pointed out, if you want your builds to gain traction in this community, you're likely going to have to do more "conversion" style, where you really make the concept of a Jedi Knight fit into the world of the Elder Scrolls. Maybe the Jedi are an ancient order of healers of knights from High Rock, their order long forgotten and crumbling after it was defeated by a betrayal from the Empire. Maybe the Force is a long forgotten branch of Alteration magick. The possibilities are open.

    As far as build formatting, I've noticed that this build is lacking a few of the essential bits of information for people to understand and play your character. You've got a great groundwork here with the Personality section and such, but you'll need to go into way more information, such as spells, mods, and skills used, the race, the combat style, etc. 

    I'd advise checking out the builds of some of the more experienced builders on the site to get an idea of the standard here on the Forge. You can do this by going to the build archive linked at the top of the site and looking for the Master rated builds from that page. If you have trouble finding them I will link some here for you.

    Thanks for posting, and I look forward to seeing more from you as you grow as a builder. 

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