Character Building Event: Historia

Greetings and salutations my fellow Skyrimmers. Its time for a new CB Event, and after some pondering, I chose an idea given by Halkuan over on the Discord. His suggestion was "We should take real-world historical figures and recreate them in Skyrim. Especially those with some crazy legends around them." And as someone who is a fan of history, I was all in. Think of this like Crossworlds, but more tunnel visioned over in regard to historical figures. Welcome to:



So, what is the main theme for this Event? Well, its simple my friends. You must recreate a historical, whether confirmed or not to have existed, so long as they exist somewhere in a historical record, IE Gilgamesh for an example, and remake them in Skyrim. However, worry not, for you needn't be restrained by solely real life history on how that person was, especially as, more often than not, how we view a person is often shaped by their reputation by historians, popular media about them, including documentaries, but also, legends. Take for example Charlemange, first Holy Roman Emperor, and of whom The Matter of France was built around, he and his 12 Paladins, akin to Arthur and his Knights, but French (unless you count Lancelot for Arthur, and Astolfo for Charlemange), or  Oda Nobunaga, the Sengoku Jidai era warlord whose image in media tends to be that of a, at times literal, demon who flips the bird at tradition, burns temples, and simps for European guns. So yes, feel free to take inspiration from other sources for the figure. There's been a few builds over the years that take real life people and pop them into Skyrim, such as Lee Fiskilis and my own Iron Tundrastrider based off Ned Kelly or Casey's Abberant Blade inspired by Miyamoto Musashi .


  • The event will run from today, April 17th, 20204, to 11:59 PM July 7th 2024. Please sign up with a comment below
  • Your character must be based on one, or if you can finagle it together, more historical/possibly mythohistorical figures
  • You may, however, take influence from media about said figure, so long as its explicitly that figure and not an expy. Want say, a vampire hunting Abraham Lincoln? Go for it. Okita Souji as a sickly girl who can cut a person three times at once, sure! But yeah, make sure its the person and not just someone based off them in media. You can even keep who you're doing a secret
  • Feel free to team up, the more the merrier.
  • Have fun!


 Halkuan-Grigori Rasputin

Mugician-Abraham Lincoln


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    • Hmm, was moreso thinking actual historical figures or potentially real people,'s a bit on the edge I guess. So maybe, go for it.

      • It's okay, I understand it's not quite a historical figure. However, if it gets me finally publishing a build, it's a win for me. I've been playing the character off and on for years. :)

        • Ah nice, I [resume you're an Athena fan? Speaking of, there is evidence the Trojan War was real technically. But yeah, have fun

  • Can we make more than one build for the event?  I just had a thought about a historical figure and how well it would mesh with a certain build.

    • Of course you can

  • I've decided to go with the berserker, skald and sorcerer Egill Skallagrimsson. 

    Should be fun, a Nord Viking who is a poet and farmer on the side. I plan to use the anniversary edition of Skyrim. 

    Egill Skallagrímsson
    Egil Skallagrímsson (Old Norse: Egill Skallagrímsson [ˈeɣelː ˈskɑlːɑˌɡriːmsˌson]; Modern Icelandic: [ˈeijɪtl̥ ˈskatlaˌkrimsˌsɔːn]; c. 904 – c. 995) w…
    • Ah Egil. Noice. Looking forward to see him. Good luck.

  • Not sure to what extent the Mythohistorical figure is acceptable, but if Lilith is not off the chart, then sign me in.

    • Hmm, i am intrigued. You have my approval to make Adam's first wife and mother of demons/sometimes vampires

  • Historical figures based build? If it's fine, I'll probably go with HP Lovecraft. A mix of the writer himself, with hints of his later medias appearances (a mythos scholar in other writers'work, Lovecraft from Bungou Stray Dogs,...).

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