Contest Build: The Glenmorial Coven's Initiate





The Glenmoril Wyrd (also known as the Glenmoril Coven, the Glenmorial Coven or the Glenmoril Witches) is a witch coven which once had a presence in High Rock, Hammerfell, Solstheim, Cyrodiil and Skyrim. The coven is notable for its ability to cure Lycanthropy and Vampirism. The witches have strong ties to Hircine. Many members of the coven are vampires who dwell within the cities of High Rock; this tribe of vampires grew so powerful as to gain the attention of the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, who considered them to be "Rivals". The witches are known to polymorph into enormous ravens, as well as wolves, and in time many became hagravens. Due to their willingness to cure lycanthropy, the Wyrd were often in conflict with the Reachmen...





This build takes inspiration from the Glenmoril Wyrd, a coven of witches known to be devotees of Hircine, be able to cure Vampirism and Lycantrophism and transform into other animals, such as wolves and crowds. Quite dope, but difficult to apply on Skyrim. To do this I’ve made use of the Hybrid Exploit (which I will explain further), I say this know for those of you didn’t like using these exploits.


The Council of the Matrons has sent four Wyrdresses, masters of the arcane, to destroy the corrupted Wyrdresses along Skyrim and Solsheim. These chosen witches are followers of different ways or Paths within the Wyrd: the Path of the Wolf, the Path of the Lamia and the Path of the Vargr. The first two Paths will be clean of the use of any glitch or tricky exploit and the last one, the Tainted Path, will be using these tricks not to become overpowered, just to make some things possible.


Following your advice I have changed a little bit some things. The character build has become a “Paths” character build, several characters with the same skills but different play styles. I was told by Marook and nystee to add some artwork and specify the equipment, and that’s what I’ve done.










Chaotic Good. While a devotee of Hircine, Lord of the Hunt, Frenzy and patron of the Beasts the Wyrdresses still keep their watch over the earth-mother, protecting her from the evils from the dark.









Forgotten long ago, three of our Wyrd-Sisters traveled to the north, to a lonely island, with the mission of retrieving artifacts of old. Stolen relics, hidden by the outcasts of Hircine, traitors, deceivers, bloodthirsty fanatics, hunters of hunters, defilers of Werebeasts: the Werebears. They were, and still being, inhabitants of the island, hunting down any blessed son of Hircine brave enough to land in the coasts. They had stolen this artifacts, not to venerate the Lord of Hunt through them… no, they just are seeking power by using them. These three sisters were sent to retrieve these and many other blessed objects spread along Skyrim and Solsheim, which were being used by evil means. But as soon as they stepped into the island something twisted them, something made them forget their path, their tents, their duties… such as the evil nature of all Werebears in Solsheim.


Something dwells there, in the north. Something seems to be tainting the nature of all creatures blessed by Hircine. It’s a blight, a curse, a ravaging wound that needs to be healed. There you will be sent, my Skinwalker, the miracle of Hircine, the true daughter of Hrokkibeg. Hunt down Ettiene, Fallaise and Isobel, and all the other twisted Wyrdresses, heal all the feral and wicked beings you find, purge the nature of this corruption and free Skyrim of the curses that for long have being bleeding it out. Hircine bless you and your sisters, and good hunt.


The Skinwalker is a pure Werewolf character but there’s no use of glitches, bugs or exploits. It focuses on balance between sustain and offensive and it works fine in the early and mid game. But after reaching level 40 this build becomes much more aggressive. The Skinwalker will deal the highest damage the player is able to do, without exploits or stealth, thanks to synergies between Werewolf progression, racial abilities and certain item.


Even doing this the build becomes a little bit underwhelming after level 50, in Legendary setting (even in Master). This is due to the lack of progression after this level. But it’s a very fun character to build and play and with a nice feeling of progression. Hope you enjoy this Skinwalker as much as I did building it up.





Orc. You were born in a stronghold, your fate was written even before you were conceived: to serve your chieftain, to provide him sons fit to heir his place, to heal those who live in your own longhouse… but all that changed when you were taken by the Wyrd as a payment, a payment for protection. But your innate magic capacities were not ignored there... Orc is the best race for a werewolf playthrough. This is due to their Rage, it’s very useful when used just before changing to Beast allowing you to dealt the highest damage output in the game, if not using the Path of the Vargr.





For the early game Lord Stone should be the best choice as in Werewolf Form there will be no magic resistance until reaching the armor cap, which couldn’t be done until level 30. After leveling enough within Werewolf Ranks the armor rating will upgrade to a maximum of 400 that combined with Ebonyflesh and Mage Armor will surpass the cap. After that the Atronach Stone will work fine.





3/2/0. The Wyrdress is still a mage and she still relies on Magicka. The Health will be needed both in Beast and Human Forms. Stamina is not required as it will only be useful in Beast Form and with a high enough Stamina Regen there won’t be problems.






DESTRUCTION. Your main offensive skill, and only. The usage of fire spells will be the base of the Human Form combat. Perks to Augmented Flames (2/2) and up to Expert Destruction to reduce the cost of Whirlwind Cloak.

SPELLS: Whirlwind Cloak and Fire Ball.


ALCHEMY. It will allow the Wyrdress to become an unrelenting beast impossible to defeat or an overpowered mage able to nuke down the mightiest dragon. The potions will be used just before transforming and will be the only buffs the Werewolf can count on as the enchantments wear off after transforming.


ALTERATION. This is your only defense in Human Form and a crucial boost for Werewolf Form. Dual Casting, Stability and Mage Armor will make Wyrdress’s flesh spells last longer and give you more sustain while in Beast Form.

SPELLS: Ebonyflesh


RESTORATION. The March Among the Woods is long and the concoctions cosumed to perform the ritual are more corrosive than any poison. The Wyrdresses willing to follow Hrokkibeg must have the highest resilience and a great regenerative capacity to reach the Cavern Below.

SPELLS: Close Wounds.


ENCHANTING. This is the least important skill tree for this path, but it’s still relevant. It will allow the Wyrdress’s Human Form to gain sustain and empower herself by reducing the costs of spells.


POLYMORPHISM. This is the only path of the Wyrd where the Werewolf Skill Tree and progression along werebeast ranks are relevant. These ranks unlocks several progressive buffs to both Claw Damage and Armor Rating. These buffs will be crucial when playing in Difficult and Legendary settings, allowing the Skinwalker to confront many deadly foes.


RANKS. Any werewolf’s strength is dependent on the current level of its human counterpart, making the more experienced ones the deadliest:


RANK 1 – Level 1-10 – Claw Damage Buff: +0 – Armor Rating Buff: 0

RANK 2 – Level 11-15 – Claw Damage Buff: +5 – Armor Rating Buff: 50

RANK 3 – Level 16-20 – Claw Damage Buff: +15 – Armor Rating Buff: 100

RANK 4 – Level 21-25 – Claw Damage Buff: +25 – Armor Rating Buff: 150

RANK 5 – Level 26-30 – Claw Damage Buff: +30 – Armor Rating Buff: 200

RANK 6 – Level 31-35 – Claw Damage Buff: +35 – Armor Rating Buff: 250

RANK 7 – Level 36-40 – Claw Damage Buff: +40 – Armor Rating Buff: 300

RANK 8 – Level 41-45 – Claw Damage Buff: +50 – Armor Rating Buff: 350

RANK 9 – Level 46+ – Claw Damage Buff: +60 – Armor Rating Buff: 400


The buffs are unaffected by any skill other than the Werewolf Perks. The more relevant perks of these tree and the ones the Wyrdress will benefit from are two:


Bestial Strength: when maxed it will double the damage dealt by the Werewolf.

Totem of Brotherhood: it will provide some useful flesh shields.


The rest of the perks will mostly affect the Feed features of the Werewolf, they’re useful but not game changing.





Ring of Bloodlust. This ring is perfect for the Skinwalker. It will increase the damage the Wyrdress deal and take by 50%. The Bloodlust will make you deadlier and more vulnerable at the same time, making you more like a true beast: you must attack first, kill fast, feed, kill fast, feed… and it’s very fun to play. Combining this ring with Berserker’s Rage and Bestial Strength your Claw Damage will increased by a 250%.



Totem of Brotherhood. Although it’s not an item I will mention it in this section. The access to the Totem is achieved by completing the Companions quests and talking to Aela. I though the howls to be garbage but they aren’t, not entirely. The Totem of Brotherhood will allow you to summon two ice wolfs, upgraded to Werewolf Brutes if perked. These Werewolf Brutes will be level 12 and have 210 health points. Their function is to take all the aggro while you slash your foes away.


Robes of the Wyrd. Fortify Restoration and Fortify Destruction.


Diadem of Insight. Fortify Alchemy and Destruction.


Necklace of Distilling. Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Stamina Regen.


Boots of Endurance. Fortify Stamina Regen and Fortify Stamina.


Gloves of the Witchmaster. Fortify Alchemy and Magicka.






In order to gain access to the caverns bellow, where the sacred beasts dwell and roar, the Wyrdresses must be able to brew and survive to certain concoctions, outstanding potions, much more powerful than any other distilled mixture.



Phial of Strength: hawk peak + moon sugar + pearl

The way of the Skinwalker is full of dread, terrors and nightmares, evil beings much more power than any claw or any weapon. In her way many are the reasons to feel fatigue but her devotion shall not be broken. This concoction will restore stamina and grant a boost on Resist Frost, Fire and Shock. Very useful when taking the Blessing of Storihbeg.


Kothringi’s Essence: spriggan sap + river betty


The Skinwalkers use to drink it before taking the Blessing of the Storihbeg (Combined Tactics). This potion will affect the duration of your Alteration spells.





Power Within: yellow mountain flower + salt pile + bear claws


A forbidden concoction, not for its effect but for its potential. With enough the appropriate preparation can be the most powerful concoction ever brewed. It will Fortify Restoration and Fortify Health. This effect affects your current enchantments, the blessings you take within the time this potion is active, all the potion effects and all restorative effects. This will be also key to take the Blessing of Storihbeg.








The Blessing of Storihbeg. Power Within + Kothringi’s Essence + Phial of Strength

The Aspect of the Manbeast manifests itself in your human shape, rallying you because you know that with Hircine at your side there’s no dragon breath able to make you sweat. This mix will fortify your magic defenses and increase the duration of your flesh spells. It’s important to consume Power Within first as it will buff the other two concoctions.




The Totem of Claw and Fang. Power Within + Kothringi’s Essence + Whirlwind Cloak + Beast Form


When level 50 the buff armor rating from the progression on Werewolf Ranks will be +300 armor rating, if we add to these the +300 armor rating coming from the flesh spells and Mage Armor perks, the Wyrdress will be almost surpassing the armor cap.

For long fights, where the enemies may take distance disallowing you to attack until reaching them again, the use of a Looped Fortified Alteration Potion may be useful, increasing your Ebonyflesh effect to 5 minutes or even more. Thanks to the Whirlwind Cloak your charge throw set all enemies to the floor, allowing you to cut their necks with your claws.



Witch’s Rage. Power Within + Seeker of Sorcery + Witch’s Insight + Phial of Strenght


Your blood boils, making your bond with magic forces even stronger. When unleashing the Witch’s Rage the Wyrdress will be able to cast at a lower cost, recover quicker and ignore more magic damage.








The Path of the Wolf is the only path where we won’t care about Health Regen rate and Magic Resistance as major stats. This is due to her high level Werewolf Form in which the Wyrdress will achieve the 80% damage reduction and the Feed will make Health Regen useless.







Breton. This Path focuses on assuming the shape of a common vampire and it benefits of its many strengths. But with these strengths there are weaknesses too. The inherent Magic Resistance of the Bretons will be very useful.





For early game Lord for the +25% Restist Magic. After level far enough in Alchemy and Enchanting the Lamia will perform the Ritual of the Scion, which will grant her the Elder Vampire’s Blood (complete resist sunlight). After fulfilling this she shall choose the Lady Stone.








2/1/2 This path is the less magic based of all, in terms of offense. The Lamia is a master of Restoration and Alteration, distiller of the deadlier poisons in Tamriel… and all of these things don’t require as much Magicka as the other Paths. The Health will be low, but that’s because the Lamia won’t be hit, she will drain her foes forces before that happens.





ALTERATION. As a Lamia the Wyrdress will paralyze those mad enough to confront her. This is the Path with the highest usage of Alteration School, using spells such as Paralyze and Ash Rune to leave the enemies motionless while her venom burns their veins. The skill tree will be fully unlocked.

SPELLS: Paralyze, Ash Rune and Ebonyflesh


ALCHEMY. One of Lamia’s two ways of offense. The Lamia is a Wyrdress who achieve to restore her bond with the Taesci, who once mastered the poison that much that they may spit it. The Lamia cannot spit venom but she’s able to distill the most deadly poisons of Tamriel. These poisons can even force a dragon to land, weaken, incapable of breath fire or frost or dominate the grizzliest of the warriors, leaving him motionless while bleeding. All the tree will be unlocked.


RESTORATION. This Path lacks of high protection, so the Restoration is the only way the Lamia has to remain alive long enough to kill her foes in the early game. With high rank restoratives spells such as Grand Healing she will be able to restore almost her full Health with just one cast. In this Path I decided to use the Wards spells for dragons and high rank mages before mastering Alchemy, in that moment all magic damage based enemy becomes useless against the Lamia. The use of Wards along with Ward Absorb and Ahzidal’s gauntlets will make dragon and draugr fights much more easier. All tree perked, including Necromage which will be key for this Path.

SPELLS: Grand Healing, Poison Rune, Greater Ward.


ARCHERY. This will be a skill in which the Lamia won’t be focused on her bow’s damage but its speed and enchanted effects. The key perks are Quick Shot and Bullseye. Bow will be powerfully enchanted with Shock and Paralysis, making the Paralyze effect to be applied to the target when the arrow is released, not when it reaches the target. This will allow the Lamia to instaparalyze almost any foe. .


ENCHANTING. Key skill to gain Restoration Cost Reduction and stronger Depleting and Paralysis effects for the Lamia’s bow.




Lamia’s Spit. Nord Hero Bow enchanted with both Shock Damage and Paralysis. This bow is one of the lightest bows of the game, we ignore Zephyr as it is unenchantable. It has a base shot rate of 0,875 shots per second. When applied Quick Shot, affected by Necromage perk, the speed will be increased a 37,50%, resulting into a shot rate of 1,20 shots per second.


Crown of the Tsaesci. The teachings of the Tsaescian Arts are still alive and their master techniques to distill deadly poisons have not been forgotten. Fortify Archery and Fortify Archery.


Collar of Green Blood. Fortify Alteration and Health Regen.


Tunic of Glenmoril Arcanist. Fortify Alteration and Fortify Magicka Regen.


Ring of Glenmoril Arcanist. Fortify Alchemy and Health Regen.















The Scion count themselves between the most ancient vampires of Tamriel alongside the Tsaesci and the Daughters of Coldharbour. But they are unique for more than their age. They are the only bloodline known for a deep hate for Molag Bal, the defiler of the Blood Matron, and Arkay, the false protector of Lamae. As a result of this hate the Scions have developed immunity to the sunlight, walking as a mortal by day and becoming almost unstoppable by night. Any Newborn may become a Scion but there’s a price: the life.


In order to perform the Ritual of the Scion there are some requirements to have in mind:

The Lamia shall be currently a Vampire

The Lamia shall be an adept of the School of Restoration and have unlocked Necromage

The Lamia shall have mastered the disciplines of Enchanting and Alchemy

The Lamia shall know the Power Within concoction


Once these four requirements the Ritual might begin. The Lamia will approach the Lady Stone, while being under the influence of the Lord Stone, and drink the Power Within concoction (Fortify Restoration by 60%) with the Necromage already perked. Once this is done her equipment will be enchanted wit Regenerate Health by 45%. If the ritual has been been performed right the Lamia will regenerate 0,7% of her maximum Health per second (that’s the average health regeneration for any non-vampire character) while in sunlight, and a 1,5% when night. The numbers behind the ritual will be explained in Stats section.





The Lamia will make use of poisons only which will weaken the strongest enemies to make them preys easy to chase and kill, even dragons.


Magic Bleeding. Glow Dust + Hanging Moss


The magic poison of the Tsaescies is on your veins. Your vampiric abilities enable you to drain the magic reserves of any foe. This poison will deal Damage to Magicka and Magicka Regeneration.






Dragon Rend. Wheat + Purple Mountain Flower


The dragons were well known inhabitants of the long ago forgotten Akavir, where the ancestors of the Lamias came from. These ancestors developed many techniques to fight the mighty flying terrors. One of them was this powerful mixture which makes them vulnerable, draining their magic forces and forcing them to land, defenseless and ready to die. This poison will cause Lingering Magicka Damage.





Bane of the Living. Human Flesh + Imp Stool + Scathecraw


The bow of the Lamia is a very powerful weapon, able to freeze the blood inside the veins of her next victim, able to make any dragon stagger and able to paralyze the muscles of any foe, from the defenseless rabbit to the mighty giant. This poison will have three effects: Paralysis, Damage Health and Lingering Damage Health.






Vermin Head. Death Bell + Giant Lichen + Skeever Tail


The first poison to open any combo. This rotting liquid will drain the vital forces of the Lamia’s foes and weaken their wealth to make them more susceptible to the attacks to come. This poison will deal Damage Health, Lingering Damage Health and Weakness to Poison.






As a vampire the Lamia will have a HealRate of 0,7% out combat and 0,49% in combat (no changes with Human Stage or Path of the Wolf) but it is the HealRateMult the value that changes. When vampire in sunlight the HealRateMult will suffer a -100 debuff while in night this debuff will disappear and the value will set 100 again.


In order to counter this debuff and having a standard helath regen in the daylight the Lamia must take a +100 HealRateMult buff between effects and enchantments. To manage this we’ll be using Lady Stone, Necromage perk, one single Fortify Restoration (60%) and an overall 55% health regen enchantment. When doing some maths:


25% (Lady Stone) x 1,85 (Necromage + Fortify Restoration) = 46,25 % health regen

45% (Enchantment) x 1,25 (Necromage) = 55% health regen


Doing this the Wyrdress will regenerate a 0,7% of her maximum health in daylight and a 1,5% when night. In combat theses regens will be 0,49% and 0,9%.


So any higher value to 45% regen will boost ours above its standard value.


For Magic Resistance: 70%: 15% Mara Agent, 25% innate for Breton and 30% from Alteration tree. But the Necromage multiplier must be applied: 86% Magic Resistance.





Some sisters may seek power, others wisdom, other peace or even balance but every member of the coven shall be loyal to her oath: to heal, to teach, to seek, to give and to protect all things. Those who break this oath and leave the Paths of the Wyrd, those who use the nature to empower themselves, those who taint all good things, those who seek to find the secrets of the black arts, those who enslave the nature… those twisted and evil beings will be proclaimed outcasts to the Wyrd and will be pursued and punished accordingly. These are the so-called Hagravens.


The Wyrd praises Hircine and polymorphism and, as a result, those sisters able to change their very shape are venerated. But when this rare and singular sisters twist her nature to transform permanently, to live the frenzy of the Hunt without balance, without paying the price then these sisters become Matrons.


Both the Hagravens and the Matrons gain their twisted state by making unique rituals (glitches). So this Tainted Path will be based on glitches and are made for those who don’t want to stay true to the “good ways” of the Wyrd and want to be tricky to gain access to forbidden powers. If you are one of these: my friend, you’re welcome.





Nords hold a special reputation on Tamriel for their strength and love for battling. In truth, the sons and daughters of Skyrim do revel in battle. They live isolated in a hard tundra, frozen half a year and full of beasts and monsters the another half. But in the woods of High Rock there are fears that can give even the bravest of Nords nightmares. Women without faces in the mist, walking in the deepest of the woods, exhaling the itchy fragance of some kind of evil concoction, holding two-headed staffs covered in pelts, heading to an ancient sanctuary, the cave below where the roars always echo. Only Hircine knows the way, they say; and he only teaches it to those mortals strong enough to survive the Beast’s Draught, a deadly concoction product of the distilling of different kinds of blood and a bucket of goat’s milk. These chosen ones are known by the name of Matrons.


Once the parade of the Matrons ends they shall follow the roars coming from the caverns bellow. The beasts, which dwells inside, shall feast upon the Matrons, devouring the flesh and cracking the bone. The true Matron won’t cry, neither scream, neither flee as she knows Hircine is watching. After the feast, once the beasts have fallen asleep, the spirits shall leave the corpses of the Matrons to posses the ones of their defilers. After that these Wyrdresses will have embraced a new shape, the shape of a beast which dwells among humans, a beast which keeps herself hiding behind a human body, waiting for the slaughter to begin.



Hircine is an ancient deity and such he has been worshiped by many different cults, all of them known for the cruelty and sadism of the rituals performed by their acolytes. Though as with many things, some live at an extreme. The followers of the Path of the Vargr worship him not only as the patron of the hunt, he’s much more. He’s not a stag for them, He’s no prey, He’s the predator, the beast, the hunter feared by hunters: he’s Hrokkibeg the Aspect of the Mighty Bear. As an idol of frenzy, hunger and strength he only proclaims only one tenet to his acolytes: kill.


This Path will focus in the Beast Form, making it a relevant mechanic along the playthrough. As explained in the Path of the Wolf, the Beast Form can be easily underwhelming as you level up higher than level 30 on Difficult and Legendary settings, as your damage will be hugely reduced and the damage dealt to you will increase. Playing with these conditions and temporal buffs to damage and defense (which run out pretty quickly) can be annoying. This is the reason the Path of the Vargr has a place in this build, to enjoy the Hunt.


As a Matron you won’t be human anymore. Your fate is to perform the Sacred Ritual, to serve of meat for the Beast from “caverns bellow” (the Underforge) and mix your blood with its. Once this is done you will be gifted with a new shape and new strengths: there will be no other Werebeast as strong as you and no hunter clever enough to take you down. Your human shape is no more than a disguise to mischief the lesser minds. To achieve this we’ll be using the Hybrid Werewolf-Vampire Glitch (we won’t be vampire but we’ll benefit of some of their abilities).







Breton. Until the late game the Matron won’t able to have any superior magic resistance so the 25% bonus will be welcomed.


Orc. To focus on damage. Same combo that in the Path of the Wolf but with more defensive and offensive capacity.





The granted bonus in armor rating and magic defense by the Lord Stone may be useful in the early game, but after performing the Sacred Ritual and becoming a Matron the damage resist will grow proportionally to your level and you may focus in Lady Stone which gets boosted by the Fortify Restoration Potion effect.





1/3/1 until reaching 180 magicka. After that: 0/4/1. As a devotee of Hrokkibeg the Bear Matron will be granted with +200 in all attributes when reaching the highest rank of the cult (level 50). The high Health will benefit both Beast and Human Forms, granting sustain to replenish magic.





ALTERATION. After the ritual’s boosts the next thing the Wyrdress needs is an addition of 300 armor rating to reach the armor cap. This will be achieved with Mage Armor (3/3) and Ebonyflesh, allowing you to fight even legendary dragons in your true form. The flesh spells will be used until reaching level 40, where the bonuses from the Werewolf Ranks combined with the strengths of the Hybrid will surpass the armor cap. The Alteration School will be used to for offense, using Equilibrium to drain Health and replenish Magicka in exchange.

SPELLS: Ebonyflesh and Equilibrium.


ALCHEMY. The Wirdress who has followed the Path of the Vargr is more alike to the werewolf and this is the shape she decides to assume to fight. But the items are deselected when in Beast Form, this will disable all enchantments she bears. But potions’ effects do not disappear so these will be the source of her strengths.


RESTORATION. The March Among the Woods is long and the concoctions cosumed to perform the ritual are more corrosive than any poison. The Wyrdresses willing to follow Hrokkibeg must have the highest resilience and a great regenerative capacity to reach the Cavern Below.

SPELLS: Close Wounds.


DESTRUCTION. The blood of a Wyrdresses reborn as Matron have its special nature, it’s not as the other Werebeasts’ blood. They are the sacred priestesses of the Mighty Bear and their blood is a mixture of the beasts’ which feasted upon their flesh and the concoction Hrokkibeg told them to brew. As a result these Wyrdresses are able to cast spells when assuming the shape of the Beast.

SPELLS: Whirlwind Cloak, Ice Storm and Thunderbolt.


ENCHANTING. The Wyrdress is a witch after all and she cannot maintain her true form: the Vargr. When in her lesser form she will need boosts to hold her enemies back until recovering the Beast shape again.





The Matrons have no need to hide their skin behind iron or steel, they’re strong enough to recover from any blow. Keep your gear unarmored to benefit from Mage Armor spells:


Hide of the Mighty Bear. The Beasts allow the Wyrdresses to assume the form of the Vargr, but sometimes a butcher appears surrounding the forests, a butcher strong enough to take down on of these sacred Beasts and take his invaluable hide… Ulfric’s Armor enchanted with Regenerate Magicka and Destruction Reduction.


Ring of the Hunt. There’s a cave, in an island, where three of our sisters were sent seeking for the Totem of Claw and Fang, a blessed artifact of Hrokkibeg… but they become twisted into dark creatures that Nords mistakenly name as hagravens… This ring will set your HealRate actor value to normal to be able to regen Health while in Beast Form. This is the key to achieve the sustain the Path of the Vargr needs. With this ring, the boosted Lady Stone and a big Health pool nobody could take down any Wyrdress in her true form.


Amulet of the Matriarch. Sister, this is not a simple necklace, this is a privilege offered to few members of the Wyrd, you may be proud as Hircine has smiled to you. A silver necklace enchanted with Fortify Destruction and Fortify Alchemy.


Hairband of the Wyrd. This is granted to all the newcomers to the Wyrd, when you’ll have centuries living as Wyrdresses you will be thankful for having something that reminds you how your journey begun. Circlet enchanted with Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Restoration.


Boots of Strength. Found this boots once when wandering through Tamriel, they’ve saved more that once. Boots enchanted with Resist Shock and Carry Weight.





The first thing you have to do is to start the Dawnguard quest, siding with the Dawnguard not needed, and keep going until getting Serana as a follower and unlock the option of asking her to turn you into a Vampire Lord. After unlocking all of your Night Power head to the Companions and complete the first quests. After the Silver Hand quest starts save your game. Leave Serana waiting for you outside the Underforge as you walk in. What you must do now is to press Vampire Lord transform power at the same time you press the key to drink Aela’s blood. If done right you will transform into Werewolf and switch to Vampire Lord few seconds after.


After switching from Werewolf to Vampire Lord wait to spawns next to Aela, in the woods. You’re a Wolf-Kin now. This will be your state for the rest of your game so make sure you want it. When doing this exploit you will automatically equip a scripted armor (which is invisible) that buffs your stats the same way they get buffed when transformed into a Vampire Lord, unlocking Night Powers, increased claw damage, etc. This Path will grant you the following strengths:


+100/300 armor rating, works as mage armor so flesh spells maintain its buffs


+50/200 bonus to attributes


Vampire Lord abilities: increased claw damage (applies to Werewolf claws damage too) and Mist Form power in human form, allowing you to become ethereal at a very low cost of magicka and with a minimum cost.


All these abilities will be shown in the abilities and powers menu and will increase to its highest as you level up, making your true form more and more deadly.


But this is not for free. The Vargrs are outcasts, in ancient times they were huge wolves which hide among the men, waiting for the right moment to feed and hide back within the crowd. But this is well known secret shared between scholars. Most holds will turn themselves against you because of your dark arts. This is actually a in-game effect, and a consequence of embracing the Path of the Vargr:


Hold guards will attack you on sight, but killing them won’t count as a bounty. This is annoying but immersive at the same time. You will need to kill from 4 to 6 guards in order to trade or complete quests, because any Wyrdress is hatred by most of the society, such as necromancers and the like.


Weakness to daylight, -60 to all attributes and your health, stamina and magicka rate multipliers will be debuffed by -12,5. This means that if you have a 100% health regen enchantment you will have 87,5 % regen instead of 100. This is meaningless in late game but before getting any regen buffs this may cause you some problems.


You’re not identified as an undead, so the Necromage perk won’t affect you.


The buffs granted by the scripted vampire lord armor will affect your beast form as well, making your damage accurate to your level. With this exploit your Werewolf won’t be capped at level 30, as a regular Werewolf character stops raising its claw damage in this level. With the armor rating buff your bestial form becomes even more powerful, but not overpowered.










In order to gain access to the caverns bellow, where the sacred beasts dwell and roar, the Wyrdresses must be able to brew and survive to certain concoctions, outstanding potions, much more powerful than any other distilled mixture.



Witch Insight: jazbay grapes + moon sugar + red mountain flower

A concoction quite common within the Wyrd. It will help any Wyrdress to outstay her foes by Restoring and Fortifying her Magicka and boosting the Magicka Regen.






Power Within: yellow mountain flower + salt pile + bear claws

A forbidden concoction, not for its effect but for its potential. With enough the appropriate preparation can be the most powerful concoction ever brewed. It will Fortify Restoration and Fortify Health. This effect affects your current enchantments, the blessings you take within the time this potion is active, all the potion effects and all restorative effects.




Beast’s Draught: giant’s toe + imp stool + blue mountain flower

No other branch of Wyrdresses has access to this powerful elixir. The march of the Matrons is harsh, long and deadly and this is why Hircine granted them a way to endure enough to find the caverns bellow. This powerful potion will grant a Fortify Health and Helath Regen for 5 minutes.





Blood Magic. Equilibrium + Health Pool


The Matrons are adepts of the Blood Magic, a forbidden school hidden beneath the Destruction School. It’s unknown for the most and mastered by a little group of individuals, most of them ancient vampires. However the Matrons have achieved to master a different kind of Blood Magic: instead of taken the life of others to replenish theirs, the Matrons are able to drain their own life forces to replenish their magic reserves. With enough Destruction Cost Reduction and Health Regen your Magicka pool won’t need to be that huge than in other Paths.




The Blessing of Hrokkibeg. Power Within + Beast’s Draught


The Aspect of the Mighty Bear manifests itself in your human shape, empowering you, boiling your blood, inuring you to pain, making you to endure more and to replenish after any blow. This mix will fortify your Health pool twice, for 5 minutes, and with the Power Within boost to all restorative effects your regen will be even greater. In Beast Form it will allow you to regenerate so much Health very quickly when combined the Ring of the Hunt, 0,8% hp/s estandard regen and huge Health pool.




The Totem of Claw and Fang. Power Within + Kothringi’s Essence + Beast’s Draught + Whirlwind Cloak + Beast Form


You smell it in the air, you hear it in the wind, you taste it in the tongue… the Hunt is calling. The Spirit Bear is with you, making you tougher and thirstier. Few are the worthy enough to be sided by the spirit of Hircine, few are the fools who waste his company. The Vargr awakens. The disguise is no more needed and the Beast comes outside with a hide hard enough to ignore arrows, swords, claws. Hammers and even spells.

When level 50 the buff armor rating from the Sacred Ritual will be +300 armor rating, if we add to these the +300 armor rating coming from the flesh spells and Mage Armor perks, the Wyrdress will be almost surpassing the armor cap.

For long fights, where the enemies may take distance disallowing you to attack until reaching them again, the use of a Looped Fortified Alteration Potion may be useful, increasing your Ebonyflesh effect to 5 minutes or even more.

Thanks to the Whirlwind Cloak your charge throw set all enemies to the floor, allowing you to cut their necks with your claws.




You will be considered as a human by the game, regardless the vampire-like weaknesses. As a human you’re not affected by the Necromage perk so you should maximize your enchantments.


Your Magic Resistance will set to 70%: 15% Mara Agent, 25% innate for Breton and 30% from Alteration tree.


The health your character regenerates per second is determined by two actor values: healrate (set to 0,7% for out of combat and 0,49% for combat) and healratemult which is the multiplier of the healrate (standard value is 100). Therefore the formula will be:


HP/s = Maximum Health x HealRate x HealRateMult


As the Wyrdress will have no health regen enchantments in her gear and will be using the Lady Stone (fortified a 100% thanks to a Fortify Restoration Potion) her current regeneration will be 1% of her maximum health per second if out of combat and 0,8% when battling, while in human form.


When transforming into a Werewolf your HealRate value will set to 0, disabling the capacity of regeneration regardless how big your enchantments are. In order to solve this the Wyrdress will use the Ring of the Hunt, which resets the HealRate value and then the HealRateMult will affect the health regen value making you a sustaining beast quite difficult to kill.




So this is it, MY FIRST BUILD!

(About the artwork: I’m obviously not the author of all of these masterpieces which have been gathered from Pinterest)

Thanks for all the feedback and advice you’ve been giving to me Skyforgers, hope this my first build would make you have an interesting reading and wish you all luck for the contest

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  • Sorry for the poor editing but I had less time than I thought

    • I think it looks amazing, but if you need someone to help edit out the white parts in some of your images I can help with that

      • Thanks curse i'll tell u if need something

  • I really enjoyed the deep lore on this one!

    PS: On the Lamia path you wrote "Fortify archery and Fortify archery" for the Crown of the Tsaesci. Also, you might need to look at the formating

    • thanks nystee

      I didn't know if the lore would fit well but it seems it does. And for the mistakes in the text and the formating I will revise the text, I wrote this build rushing and it has many things to work

  • This is an awesome concept! I really like the idea of multiple paths to take, and you put it all together beautifully. Good luck on the contest!

    • Thanks shadon I put a lot of effort in this my first build so the feedback is appreciated

  • Looks good man! Cool to see a lot of people taking on builds with differents paths and/or stages. I think the Path of the Vargr was by far the most interesting, both mechanically and RP wise, and definitely seems like the one you were most interested in as well. As much as you've obviously put some good thought into the other paths as well I think a greater focus there could have been beneficial in place of the other paths; it makes the others look a bit shallow in comparison! Nicely done with the artwork and titles as well, though there are a few big gaps that could use some trimming down, such as before the Ritual of the Scion section.

    Good work overall, especially for a first build! Best of luck with the judges and looking forward to seeing more from you.

    • Thanks ponty means a lot coming from you

      Indeed, the Vargr was the Wyrdress I enjoyed the most and it's the more unique, the Lamia and the Skinwalker are more common builds and not as complex as the Vargr. That's the reason I put more interest in one of the three paths. 


  • I got to say, for the first build you've made, this is solid. Love the usage of an obscure lore facet, as well as the presentation

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