Contest Build: The Pirate Queen

~ The Pirate Queen ~


The Pirate Queen was once an infamous scourge of the seas until the Imperial Navy finally caught up to her and her crew. The Imperials killed everyone and thought they killed the infamous queen. But they were wrong. Now, land locked and without a ship and crew, the disgraced Queen has sworn revenge on the Imperial Military.

The Pirate Queen was most known for her wit, her ruthlessness, and her deadly sword play. Rhythm and balance are qualities cultivated by all warriors of her home province of Hammerfell, however, she was truly talented above all others, and it is said that time itself slows when she starts to moving her hips, slashing to and fro to the sound of some deadly tune.


Hey everyone! Here is my first ever skyforge character build. I hope you like it! I have had this idea for a long time prior to the contest, but was hesitant to share. This contest was just the kick in the butt I needed.

The Pirate Queen is a merciless dual wielding fem-fatale who cuts enemies down in the blink of an eye and takes no prisoners. Here I use slow time, whirlwind sprint, and elemental fury to capture that essence. 


Race: Female Redguard

Stats Spread: 2 Health , 3 Stamina

Standing Stone: Lady Stone

Shouts: Elemental Fury, Whirlwind Sprint, Slow Time, Disarm

Weapon:  Scimitar (unenchanted) and Wind-shear, BloodScythe, Soulrender

Gear: Thieves Guild Armor, Alik'r Hood, Necklace (fortify one handed), any Ring (fortify one handed), Thieves Guild Gloves and Boots.

*The Pirate Queen wears ragged simple armor to blend in with the land lovers and hide herself from the Imperial legion. I bought Fortify 1 Handed enchantments to increase sword damage. The Pirate Queen is fond of sharp objects as you can see from the number of scimitars I use. I used the swords in pairs: The Unenchanted Scimitar is always paired with the Windshear to spam stun lock enemies using Elemental Fury. Bloodscythe and Soulrender enchantments require they be paired together. I use them to drain health from enemies when I'm running low. 


Speech: Haggling 1, Allure, Bribery, Persuasion, Intimidation.  

One Handed: Armsman 5, Fighting Stance, Bladesman 3, Dual Flurry 2, Critical Charge, Dual Savagery, Paralyzing Strike.

Block: Shield Wall 1, Quick Reflexes

Light Armor: Agile Defender 3, Custom Fit, Unhindered, Wind Walker

Smithing: Steel Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith



Start the main quest up until the first dragon encounter and then get all the shouts recommend for this build. especially ELEMENTAL FURY and SLOW TIME. Raid the the Dainty Sload ship moored on the north east coast of Solitude and kill all the hostile Corsairs. You'll find lots of scimitars to get you started. Join the Thieves Guild as soon as possible to get the proper attire for this build. 

Utlize your crew mates (see below) to keep your enemies occupied. Use The Scimitar + Wind Shear + Elemental Fury to keep problematic enemies stun locked. Against mages or tough bosses use Haknir's blades to absorb health, magicka, and wreck their physical and magic defense. 

Assemble your Crew

Skyrim unfortunately does not allow you to have more than one party member at a time. But there are ways around that. First proceed through the dawnguard quest line up until Serana insists on following you. Next go through the Main Quest up until Delphine and Esbern decide to follow you. Do not move the quest beyond that point or you lose them for good. Lastly upon completing the Dark Brotherhood quest you can recruit Cicero or an initiate. Outfit all of your crewmates with smithed Scimitars.

Recommended Factions/Quests

 In My Time of Need (side with Saadia), Thieves Guild (For the Armor and for all that loot) , Dark Brotherhood (Assassinating the Emperor is the ultimate revenge), Civil War (Side with the Stormcloaks to weaken the Empire and destroy the Legion), Main quest up until you recruit Esbern and Delphine. Deathbrand Quest (For Captain Haknir's blades Bloodscythe and Soulrender), Dawnguard (To recruit Serana. Do not side with the vampires)

Humiliated by the Legion in a harrowing battle at sea, your life's goal is vengeance. Any quest that serves your personal interests or screws over the Empire are essential. The Thalmor are also your target since they are acting alongside the Empire. You dont care about Talos worship, or any religion for that matter, and side with the Stormcloaks only to disrupt the Empire.  


  • Loot and plunder wherever you can. That means dungeon diving and raiding the innocent long the roads. Any fortress occupied by bandits or the Legion are yours for the taking. 
  • Use Intimidation whenever possible. Pirates have no use for honeyed words
  • Use shipwrecks as temporary storage and bases of operation where you will plan raids
  • If you're feeling extra evil you can raid villages and settlements.  

 Thank you all for hosting this contest. While I do not expect to win it has been a joy to finally share something.

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  • It’s finished!

  • You’ve done a really good job for your first build. You’ve managed to take what little is available in vanilla and make them work in a way that’s convincing and quite fun. I can totally see a scorned pirate assembling a rag tag crew of misfit fighters to take on the Legion. Nice job!

  • I like the inclusion of Cicero as a follower for once. Having a personal jester as a Pirate Queen is amusing. +1

  • Oh I love her. Very, very good job on your first build. I love that everything is vanilla and you've included ways around "problems" Very well written as well. Im adding this to my list of builds to try out.

  • This is your first build mate? Far out, I'm loving it. The backstory reminds me of the Pirate Queen of the Gold Coast - who apparently is in ESO. Btw, if you are looking for some Perk/Equipment Spreads, feel free to drop by the Art Group.

    Great job honestly. It's rare nowadays seeing builds use multiple followers without mods (to my knowledge at least it is). Keep up the good work.

    EDIT: Hey man, great job! You hit Rank:Expert

  • The thought process to represent the crew's members was top-notch. Very nice build!

  • Great work for your first build! If there was anything I was expecting from this contest it was builds with scimitars and multiple followers. This one has it all, and the setup is well-explained to boot. Always good to see a vanilla build going for something a little more interesting.

    I'm curious regarding how Quick Reflexes comes into this as it seems you're going to be dual-wielding the whole time.

    A few additions I can think of:

    • You mentioned that you're wearing a fairly plain outfit to blend in and hide from the Legion. Seeing as you're going after Bloodscythe and Soulrender as well it could be worth picking up some of the Deathbrand set to wear in big battles and on tough raids & delves. I figure the Gauntlets and Boots wouldn't compromise the look too much and would grant +20 carry capacity and +20% weapon damage to boot.
    • As others have mentioned some images would help to jazz up the presentation. I imagine some folks over in the Art group would be more than happy to help with that sort of thing.
    • I like the idea of raiding villages and settlements in Imperial-controlled areas. It'd be cool to see a shortlist of worthwhile locations for raiding.
    • Seeing all of the wonderful builds here has convinced me to save up for a decent PC. I’ve been looking up mods like non essential NPC and pirate ships. I’d like to have a second go at tjis girl when I get vwrhthing set up. 

  • Thank you for the kind words everyone! It means so much!

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