Event Build: The Demon Hunter

Name: N/a
Codename: Demon Hunter
Age: N/a

The 'Demon Hunter' was found in a pool of blood outside a temple of Arkay in Cyrodiil 5 years ago with no memories, with a burning hate for vampires.

He was indoctrinated into the order, creating potions and ailments for the poor, but later joined the Vigilants of Stendarr. This is where he learned the best way to kill vampires.

Picking the crossbow as his primary weapon felt natural to him, and he instinctively nocked a bolt and let loose at a training dummy, piercing it in the red circle indicating where the heart would be. He preferred using light armour for the added protection, over the robes that the standard vigilants wear.

After years ambushing and slaying vampires he heard of the attack at the Hall of the Vigilants of Stendarr in Skyrim and decided to go join the Dawnguard. He was arrested and carted to Helgen for killing a vampire dressed as an imperial soldier.

Skills, Perks and Standing Stones

Major Skills
-Light armour
-Minor Skills

Standing Stone
-Warrior stone (early game)
-Lord stone
-Atronach stone

Apparel and Weapons
-Dawnguard light armour; gauntlets, boots, chestplate, helmet.
-Refined crossbow.
w/ fire damage and fiery soul trap


- Rapid Shot

Elemental Fury + Refined Crossbow


Dragon Aspect + Slow Time + Secret of Protection

Phase 1 

Join the companions, become a werewolf. Join the Dawnguard and kill Harkon.

Phase 2 

Cure your lycanthropy 

This character is supposed to represent Abraham Van Hellsing, based on the movie adaptation. 

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  • Hey man, glad to see you got something up for the event. It's rather ambitious to take on an event as your first build, and I am happy that you have done so. I wish more people did. 

    First off you nailed the title. The title really sets the tone for a whole build and it was very well done here. The other thing I really liked was the idea of "Phases" of your build that you included at the end. The more you develop your style, I think that this could become a really interesting trademark of your work.

    I have a few suggests, mostly involving formatting and fleshing out your build. The point of a build at this stage of Skyrim's life cycle is to really give the reader a unique playstyle that will get them excited to try something new. You've got to really dive into how the mechanics you've designed effect gameplay, and also present it in an interesting way. Using pictures, more detailed formatting, etc. will help a lot.

    The best thing I can recommend for you to learn how to improve your builds further as you start to design your own style is read the 100s of other builds we have here on the Skyforge. There are tons of really talented builders here and if you observe their work and learn from it, and adapt their techniques to your own style, your build game can be improved infinitely. I can't recommend this course enough if you want to really get into Skyrim character building.

    Anyway you've got some nice stuff here for your first build. Glad to see you joining the community and I wish you the best of luck in the future. 

    • Also, Elemental Fury does not work with ranged weapons

      • I could have sworn it at least worked for crossbows. I’ll have to verify that one day: 

        • At least for me its never worked, and I've seen a few others say the same. Might try it out too

      • This reply was deleted.
        • Like 99.9% sure elemental fury does not work on ranged weapons despite the animation appearing. At least on my vanilla console. 

    • Thank you for telling me this, I will make sure to improve by my second build. I was planning to add pictures, but I didn't have time to, since I start my SEC exams next week.

      • Understandable. I look forward to your future work. 

  • Hey man, nice first build! I love the idea to incorporate Abraham van Helsing into Skyrim. Though demon hunter builds are a dime a dozen, demon revenger builds (demons who hunt other demons) are few and far between, so it's refreshing to see it tackled.

    I want to start off with something similar to what Pixel already said: wonderful title. You really set it up nicely with that, leaving no false inclinations as to what this build will be while still remaining anonymity. It has incredible potential - I would highly suggest that, once you've gotten a better grasp at building, returning to this build and...  (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) re-vamp-iring it (yeeaaahhhh [pls dont ban me]).

    Anyway, I do have a few suggestions as ways to improve upon this build, or simply things to think about for your next one.

    First and foremost: Elemental Fury does not work with ranged weapons

    It reads specifically as "...imbues your arms with the power of wind, allowing for faster weapon strikes..." which, essentially, means that you can swing your arms faster. It does not mean you can draw back your bowstring or fire an arrow faster. Similarly, it also does not apply to crossbows. Your best bet to remedy this is to swap Elemental Fury for Slow Time. While it doesn't make your draw speed faster, you can easily roleplay it as you moving quicker than your enemies, which can be just as useful. Also, considering you list Alchemy as a Major Skill, keep in mind that Fortify Alteration Potions increase the effectiveness of Slow Time.

    My second point actually leads into your skills. Your Dawnguard Armor doesn't really need enchantments since it's already perfect for Vampire Hunting. Furthermore, Elemental Fury doesn't work with enchanted weapons, so you don't need to enchant your weapons either. Thus, Enchanting is an almost useless skill to you - especially since, joining the Dawnguard and going through the questline gets you some pretty sweet artifacts already; such as the Locket of Saint Jiub and the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow + Exploding Fire Bolts. I would consider tossing it aside, since you don't really have much need for it.

    You have both Shouts and Black Book powers mentioned, but you seem to neglect completing the Main Quest or the Dragonborn DLC before launching into the Dawnguard (not necessarily build-breaking, as anyone with a brain should be able to figure it out, but it might be nice to point it out within a more fleshed out roleplay section, so you can tell people how this build is meant to be played...which, after all, is what a build is.)

    And since I don't want to tear into your build too much, I will close up with one final suggestion. You have Alchemy listed as a Major Skill, and even mention being an apothecary for the Temple of Arkay, but you seem to ignore listing some choice potions in your abilities - such as the aforemention Potion of Fortify Alteration for Slow Time or even fortify marksman or armor potions.

    Again, these are just suggestions and ways to improve upon your future builds, so I hope you don't take personal offense to my criticism here. This build is a wonderful concept and you've done well with your first. Keep working at it and you'll be a build master in no time!

    • Thanks for telling me about what I did wrong, I'm still a bit new to alchemy, even though I've plbeen playing Skyrim for like a year know. 

      Don't worry I didn't take offence to your criticism. In fact, keep it coming I'm glad you told me.

      • I am very glad you are open to constructive criticism and coaching. It's not too often you see that, but we make it a priority to give new builders as much advice as possible. I am looking forward to seeing what you will do with the feedback you are getting. 

This reply was deleted.