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Event Build: The Huntmaster of Hircine


A Shaman of the Reach blessed by Hircine, she calls on her pack to aid her in combat before turning her enemies against each other. As her magika pools run dry, she invokes a darker form of magic to call upon  Hircine's blessings. 


Recommended Mods:

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Event Build: The Path of Fire

Exile! The verdict you face for speaking up during the war council. Everyone must have thought the same as you, but none of the old cowards had dared to speak their mind! And now you are sent into exile - you, the Imperial prince, heir to the throne

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The All-Father

NOTE: This build was made with the intention of expanding on the Odin side of my Aesir build.



I came to this realm seeking knowledge.  Instead, I was imprisoned by the Empire inhabiting this land.  They seem to have mistaken me for some border-ho

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The Aesir

A build based on the Aesir gods from Norse paganism, this build will have multiple branches depending on which deity you choose to play, starting with Odin.  I will try to be brief.  All builds will be Nords.




I came to this realm seeking know

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The Master Wizard

Made with Anniversary Edition, but only the Myrwatch and Arcane Accessory CCs were used.  Mods can be used, but aren't required and weren't used in the making of this build.


I have served in High King Torygg's court as his court wizard since his

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Character Build: The Snow Hunter

                            19th of Evening Star, 4E 195

The wind whipped through the tall ash-covered trees. Wolves howled at the full glory of Masser and its shadow. An arrow shoots through the darkness, embedding itself in the haunch of a stag;

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Character Build: The Desert Wind Adept


There is an endless energy that flows from Jone and Jode, through the wind and earth, 
and toward the Sands Behind the Stars. Khajiit cannot control that energy. But if they join with it
and follow its natural path, nothing can stand in their way.

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Character Build: The Noble Thief

XBox One Character Build, Skyrim Special Edition, Mods and Creation Club Active 

I have chosen the title 'The Noble Thief' for two reason, thus enjoying a little play on words. Literally speaking, Lyra is born from nobility, and still has the skills a

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Contest Build: The Lurcher

What have I done?

Paces away, the Spriggan lies still, hacked apart by a rusty old blade. Its mutilated carapace oozes its life-sap onto the weeping ground beneath.

I had to! I-I tried to calm it, use the rites I had learned as a child, but it kept a

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Contest Build: The Nightlord

The Nightlord

Image result for vampire nightlord

DESCRIPTION: The Nightlord is a master of deception and blood magic, able to blend into human society with ease. He goes to great lengths to stay amoung the shadows and conceal his identity through powerful illusion magics. But when th

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