Character Build: The Stormlord


All mods are available for Skyrim Special Edition. They were chosen specifically for Xbox One, but you should be able to get pretty much all of them for PC if you have Special Edition. Here are the mods you must have to play this build at it's fullest potential:

*Alternate Start

*Imperious: Races of Skyrim

*Andromeda: Standing Stones of Skyrim

*Ordinateur Perk Overhaul

*Stormlord Armor

'Sup all? This is my first build posted on the Skyforge. I mostly create builds for my YouTube channel (you can check it out here: but I thought I'd give this format a shot. To keep it simple for myself, I have adapted one of my first ever builds, improving it slightly and modifying it to match the SKYFORGE format. Like if you enjoy, and that's about all I have to say. Let's get right into it.


"I'm on my way to Windhelm to join up with the Stormcloaks. Ulfric has the right of it.If you know any true sons and daughters of Skyrim, tell them to head to Windhelm. Ulfric Stormcloak wants to see them." 

The Stormlord is the quintessential Nord. His crushing battleaxe is feared by any and all, and his voice thunders like the sky itself. He can Call the Storm from above, as well as summon it’s wrath forth from his very palms, sending crackling lightning at his enemies with a shocking destructive force. Estranged from the Imperials by their association with the damnable Thalmor, his dedication to the liberation of Skyrim is unmatched, even perhaps by Ulfric Stormcloak himself. This Chosen of Talos defeats all foes that stand in the way of his brothers and sisters in arms, and their quest for the freedom of Skyrim.


Using the Imperious: Races mod, the Stormlord will be a Nord, for obvious reasons. It fits best with the roleplaying and he has an awesome set of abilities that will improve gameplay. With the Imperious mod, Nords are naturally gifted with three passive Abilities and one Racial Power unlockable through a quest given as soon as the playthrough begins:

  • Son of Skyrim: Resistance to frost, increased while Avatar is active.
  • The Purge: At levels 10/20/30, choose a race to deal bonus damage to.
  • Warrior's Heart: In combat, deal more damage as Health decreases.

Quest reward - Rediscover Skyrim's past by clearing 8 dungeons to unlock...

  • Avatar: 1/day - Grants very fast Magicka and Stamina regeneration for a short time

**SPECIAL NOTE*** The Purge is a natural Nord ability that allows you to select a race to deal bonus damage to at levels 10/20/30. This means you get to deal bonus damage to three of the ten races in Skyrim. For both roleplaying and practical reasons, you will select the Altmer, the Imperials, and the Bretons. Altmer is for fighting Thalmor, Breton is for combating Mages, and Imperial is for fightning Legionairs.


Using the Andromeda: Standing Stones mod, the Stormlord will use the Atronach Stone. With the Andromeda mod, the Atronach Stone grants two new passive abilities, and one new unlockable power:

Corrupted Arcana: Magicka does not regenerate. Each death within 50 feet restores Magicka equal to 25 times their level.

Oblivion Bound: If you have Magicka remaining, spells are 25% more effective and cost 50% less Magicka.



Devour from Within: 1/day - Paralyzes a living target, absorbing 50 Magicka for 10 seconds. When depleted, absorbs Health instead.

. . .

This stone can be insanely useful for this particular character. Rather shockingly (lord save my soul, that was an awful pun) a large portion of the Lightning damage you deal will not come from constantly casted spells. Rather, the Stormlord will rely more on DOT (damage over time) spells and shouts. In fact, your main forms of Lightning damage wil be the Lightning Cloak spell and the Storm Call shout. Lightning Cloak deals DOT so you will not need to cast it too often, lowering average magicka cost. Obviusly, since Storm Call is a shout it doesn ot require any magicka. Other Lightning spells will likely be used less often, and if you run out of magicka using them, you can easily refill by rushing into battle with your Battle Axe, which the Stormlord is more than profficiant with. The real kicker is that when you have magicka remaining, your spells are 25% more powerful and cost 50% less. With the absence of magicka regeneration mostly taken care of by the playstyle, this stone is extremely powerful in combat. 



*Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning

*Lightning Cloak


*Storm Call


*Whirlwind Sprint

*Clear Skies

*Call of Valor

*Unrelenting Force

*Call Dragon



Health: 40%

Stamina: 20%

Magicka: 40%



*Heavy Armor








Stormlord Armor, Boots, and Gauntlets

This is a modded armor set. You can find it here:



Born in 4E 174 in Skyrim, the Stormlord’s parents were staunch supporters of the rising political figure, Ulfric Stormcloak. His parents had been religious worshippers of Talos, and held him in high regard. They were therefore enraged at the cowardice of the Imperials as they signed the White-Gold Concordat into effect, ending the Great War.

When he was very young, too young to remember, the tensions were very high in Markarth after the Forsworn had taken the Reach, and the Stormlord’s father joined Ulfric Stormcloak’s militia to retake the city. If they were successful, Markarth would allow the worship of Talos in it’s hold; something that Ulfric had been heavily campaigning for.

Ulfric lost a fair amount of good men (though not nearly so much as did the Forsworn), and the Stormlord’s father was one of those men. He fought bravely for what he believed in, but died in the attempt.

And so the Stormlord was raised with his mother in Winterhold. His mother would often tell him stories of his father, which he was always eager to hear. He had heard the story of his father’s battle and the story of Ulfric Stormcloak rehashed perhaps a hundred times. He looked up to the two men whom he had never met, and wanted nothing more than to become a strong warrior like they were.

The Stormlord grew up with a few of his friends, and they all posed as warriors during their games. The young Nord loved the thrill of battles like these, even if they were pretend. He and his friends would always play as Companions, the mighty warriors of Jorrvaskr. He also grew up in the shadow of the prestigious College of Winterhold. His friends all held it in some disdain and fear, but it fascinated the Stormlord. If a warrior were to possess impeccable skill with a weapon and magic, well, he reasoned, that man would be the most powerful in Skyrim, and perhaps all of Tamriel.


"Magic is a true power, not something to be shunned by commoners or treated as an amusing diversion by politicians. It shapes worlds, creates and destroys life... It deserves proper respect and study. The College is a place where we can focus on that, without the pressures of the world weighing down on us."


Thus was the aspiration of the Stormlord as he matured, and while others of his friends lost their visions of becoming a warrior to maturity, the Stormlord retained his. This decision was most affected by the death of his father, or rather the manner in which he died. The Stormlord was now old enough to form his own thoughts and opinions, but he was sure that if his father were alive, he would want his only son to continue the fight to free the people of Skyrim. And this was something that he wanted for himself as well.

The Stormlord and his mother were staunch worshippers of Talos, and secretly kept a Talos shrine in their home that they prayed to every night. It wasn’t that the he disagreed with it, but the practice made the Stormlord uneasy, for his mother’s sake. He had heard of the so-called Thalmor Justiciars who patrolled Skyrim. They jailed and sometimes killed Nords for the mere possession of a Talos amulet.

When the Stormlord was in his mid teens, he confided in his mother his real aspirations to join the Stormcloaks as a warrior. He worried his mother would forebay it in fear that he would meet a similar fate to that of his father. But, to his great surprise, his mother meekly nodded her head at the news. She told that she knew he would want to, and that she fully supported his decision. How could they, in good conscience, sit back and watch as their kinsmen fought for their freedom, while they would sit on their backsides and enjoy the fruits of their labors when the war was won (for it would be won, with the blessing of Talos over it.)? No, she knew her son would not rest easy in Skyrim’s current situation, especially not knowing of his father’s service to the cause. In the Stormlord’s mind, not aiding in his father’s fight, and the fight of the Nords by carrying on his legacy would be wasting his father’s sacrifice.

The Stormlord was surprised at his mother’s staunch support of his ideas and decisions. For a week he researched which weapon he should choose, and finally decided on a battleaxe. It was powerful, but faster than a Warhammer. The weapon of a true Nord. He practiced with it endlessly. For upwards of a three months he did this, building up the muscle to efficiently wield such a massive weapon.

A local beggar, Galtknir the Unmentioned (as the kids in the city nicknamed him) had taken notice of the Stormlord’s constant practice, and approached him. He asked whether or not he was planning on joining the Stormcloaks. Of course, the beggar already knew this. There was very little about the goings-on in town that a local beggar didn’t know about.

Cautiously, the Stormlord nodded. The beggar smiled at the young man. Galtknir had been a soldier during the Markarth Incident as well, and has fought alongside this lad’s father. He told him that he had some skill with a Battleaxe.

The Stormlord was skeptical about the claim. The beggar smiled at his skepticism. Most people underestimated him, he thought. He was very sympathetic to the Stormcloak cause, but was getting a little old to be joining the fight. He thought the least he could do would be to train the next generation of freedom fighters. And so he offered to train the Stormlord.

Thinking it rude to decline, the Stormlord hesitantly agreed that they could practice together for the day. He asked Galtknir what he could do, proffering his battleaxe. The beggar took it in one hand as if it weighed next to nothing, and gripped it with a familiar firmness that the Stormlord had never seen before. Galtknir approached the dummy that he had been practicing on, and executed a rapid series of complicated strokes with frightening speed and accuracy.

The Stormlord stared in awe at the man, who he had never thought of as a warrior. He told the beggar this, and that he would be very grateful if he would teach him. The Stormlord invited Galtknir around for dinner.

That night, their supper was very pleasant. Galtknir turned out to be good company, and, when the Stormlord told his mother of Galtknir’s skill with a battleaxe, his mother was delighted that he had finally found himself a teacher. She insisted on paying him for his services, but Galtknir politely declined, telling her that food and clothing would be more than enough for him, and that it was his pleasure to train the next generation of Nords to fight against the Empire’s tyranny.

And so it was that for the next two years, Galtknir trained the Stormlord in the ways of his weapon. The former beggar observed that the young man he was training was a natural. He picked up concepts quite quickly, and was extremely coachable. This was perhaps due to the Stormlord’s dedication to the cause he would soon join.

When he was twenty, there was no more that Galtknir could do to teach him. The Stormlord had surpassed Galtknir in skill. And besides, Galtknir thought privately, he was getting a bit old for that sort of thing.

Galtknir acknowledged that he could teach the Stormlord no more, but he knew their was more for him to learn. He advised the Stormlord to seek out more professional training, perhaps with the Companions in Whiterun.

So, the Stormlord, promising to return to Galtknir and his mother, sets off to Whiterun to learn more of the warrior’s craft. When he reaches Whiterun, he hears rumors of an attack on Helgen, and worse, a rumor that Ulfric Stormcloak had been executed (achieved by using the Alternate Start: Live Another Life mod and choosing ‘Bannered Mare [Whiterun]’). He rode to Helgen, and discovered the disaster there. From there he rode to Riverwood to rest, on his way back to Whiterun. When the villagers hear of the Dragon, they implore him to warn the Jarl of Whiterun. The Stormlord does so, and is drawn into the first part of the Alduin the World Eater questline. He will learn of his destiny as Dragonborn, and his potential to become a master of the Way of the Voice. Instead of learning more with his weapon, the Stormlord will choose to study with the Greybeards, learning many shouts (listed below).

When he is assigned his final test, the Stormlord will ride to Winterhold to check in with his mother and former teacher before heading to Ustengrav, and tell them all that had happened to him. However, when he arrives in Winterhold, he will learn that a group of Thalmor Justiciars swept the city and discovered his mother’s Talos shrine. Galtknir had died defending his mother from the Thalmor, and she had been taken and thrown in a prison.

The Stormlord's grief was soon transformed into hatred for the Empire and the Thalmor. He decides to dedicate his life to defeating the evils that plague Skyrim, and it would start by training with the best Warriors Skyrim has to offer . . .

**Using the Alternate Start mod, select the option to begin as a member of the Companions**


"Dov wahlaan fah rel. We were made to dominate. The will to power is in our blood. You feel it in yourself, do you not?"


Wuuthrad: This ancient Battle Axe of the Companions first the character perfectly, what with its history steeped in ancient nordic tradition. It also has the second highest base damage in the entire game, second only to the axe of the legendary defender of Sovngarde's protector, Tsun. You should enchant Wuuthrad with Shock Damage for obvious reasons.

Stormlord Armor: This armor set is what inspired the build, so obviously it will be my choice for this particular character. It is calssyfied as Heavy Armor and can be crafted in the Ebony section of the forge. The armor can also be found in a chest in Hjerim (Windhelm's player home). I didn't use the helmet for this build because I liked the look of my character, and the Face of Death perk negates most of the negative effects.



"I see. The power [to destroy any who oppose you] certainly exists, I assure you. Wield it faithfully, and few can withstand you."

The perks I've selected favor a slightly tanky playstyle, which is certainly what this build is. Although it's a bit of an abnormal style for a mage, it can certainly be extremely effective. I won't go over why I've chosen every perk, but I'll touch on some of the more essential ones for each skill.

Two-Handed is one of two ways of dealing out decent damage with this build. Two points invested in Two-Handed Mastery increase damage dealt with Two-Handed weapons by 50%, which as obvious benefits. With this perk your critical strikes will deal an additional 2% of damage per level of Two-Handed (e.x. if you are level 40 in Two-Handed then you will do 80% more damage on a critical strike). Most of the other perks increase damage dealt in various ways, but Trained Fighter is usefuly in another way. This perk is quite useful, as it reduces the stamina cost of power attacks by 20 points. With only 20% of your stat points invested in stamina, this will soften the blow that power attacking will deal to your stamina. 

Heavy Armor has some extremely interesting perks involved. Two perks invested in Heavy Armor Mastery will increase the armor rating of heavy armor pieces by 40%. Heavy Armor Fit and Face of Death work quite well in tandem with one another. Heavy Armor Fit increases overall armor rating by 25% if you are wearing all heavy armor. Face of Death allows you to benefit from this perk without having to wear a helmet. Additionally, not wearing a helmet buffs the armor rating of all your other pieces by 20%, which negates most of the negatives of not wearing a helmet. Rallying Standard is one of the most interesting perks of the lot. This perk grants you the "Rallying Standard" power that can be used once per day. It places a banner of a faction of your choice (for this build, choose Stormcloaks) at your location. This banner buffs the armor rating of yourself and allies, and buffs melee damage by 25%, within 25 feet of it. These buffs are only effective if you or an ally is wearing all heavy armor. For those allies who do not wear heavy armor, they will be prevented from fleeing from battle. This can be quite useful in raids on bandit camps, as well as fort battles during the Civil War. It also enhances of the roleplaying of the Stormlord being an inspiring memeber and military leader of the Stormcloak Rebellion. 

Enchanting was only taken so that you could add a shock enchantment to Wuuthrad. Gem Dust will allow you to destroy a flawless gem at an enchanting table to enhance the effects of an enchantment. Each type of gem corresponds to a type of enchantment. For the purposes of this build, you'll need to know that a Flawless Ruby enhances enchantments made on two-handed weapons. 

Most of the perks in the Destruction tree focus on increasing damage dealt by shock spells, as well as reducing their magicka cost. Static Field increases the damage of spells that would normally leave their targets at 75% health or above. This is quite useful for DOT spells like Lightning Cloak, increasing their damage substantially. Arc Burn lights non-fire-resistant targets ablaze for 5 points of damage over 4 seconds if they are effected by one of your shock spells. This is once again very beneficial to your Lightning Cloak spell, since it does constant damage to near-by targets. Another thing worth mentioning is that these shock spells make the Stormlord quite an effective mage-killer. 

Smithing was taken to help you enhance your armor even more after you go up the Heavy Armor tree. Most of the perks were taken simply to get you up to Exotic Smithing, which will allow you to smith items in a certain category, as well as improve them twice as much. When you get this perk, it will allow you to choose between a Glass and Crystalline varient. The Crystalline option effects Ebony and Stalhrim gear, so you will be going for that perk since the Stormlord armor is in the Ebony category. 


907387?profile=originalCivil Warlord

Requires: Rallying Standard + The Purge

"Freedom or Sovngarde!""For Ulfric and Skyrim!"

The Stormlord is not just any Stormcloak soldier. He's a leader and an inspiring general at heart, no matter what rank he has officially achieved. Using this ability involves activating your Rallying Standard power, and making use of this in combonation with the passive Purge ability. When you find yourself entering combat where you and your allies are vastly outnumbered, this ability comes in handy. Essentially, the benefits of Rallying Standard can be handily combined with the Purge to allow you to deal great amounts of damage and take very little. Of course, this ability must be used at an appropriate time. Since one of the races you will choose is Imperial, a Civil War fort battle, for example, is an awesome time to use this power. 


907401?profile=originalSky God

Requires: Lightning Cloak + Stormcall + Arc Burn

"Sky above, Voice within."

Through a powerful combonation of spells and shouts, the Stormlord can deal quite a bit of damage to health and magicka in a relatively short period of time. To use this ability, activate your Lightning Cloak spell and shout your Stormcall shout. Stormcall will call upon the clouds to randomly strike enemies with brutally damaging bolts of lightning. This combined with the passive damage dealt by your Lightning Cloak (and the resulting burn effect from Arc Burn) does an extreme amount of damage to large crowds of enemies.



Requires: Devour From Within + Execute

"Mind yourself in my city, friend/lass. This here axe in full swing is a right terrible sight..."

This powerful combonation of skills is extremely effective against bosses or high-level enemies. As you know, with the Andromeda mod, the Atronach Stone does not allow Magicka to regenerate, but rather it replenishes it with each kill. The stone also grants a power called Devour From Within, which paralyzes a target, absorbing 50 magicka points for 10 seconds. Once their magicka runs out, it will start to drain health. The idea is to use Devour From Within on the target and hack at them whilst they are paralyzed, all the while restoring your magicka. Then, once they are low on health, use a forwards power attack. Because of the Execute perk, this forwards power attack will deal guarenteed critical damage with 20 times the usual critical damage. Careful though: this critical bonus only works if the target is below 30% of health. 


907425?profile=originalUnrelenting Force

Requires: Rive + Lightning Cloak + Unrelenting Force Shout + (Optionally) Avatar

"Show us, Dragonborn. Let us taste of your Voice."

Based upon the Unrelenting Force shout, this ability is designed to be useful, yet accessible. Quite a few skills go into this one, but most of are passive. To start, cast Lightning Cloak and equip your Unrelenting Force shout. When you go up against an enemy, use Unrelenting Force, but use only the first or first and second words! This will ensure that the shout cooldown isn't particularly long. While the shout won't have the iconic ragdoll launch effect, it will stagger enemies at no stamina cost, allowing you to get in close and hit them with a power attack. This is where Rive comes in. This perk causes any and all power attacks to ignore 50% of the enemy's armor rating, which essentially buffs the damage of the attack. Hitting them with a power attack well they are staggered will not only get in good damage, but you will also be close enough to do damage with the Lightning Cloak spell. Essentially this does large amounts of damage to a single enemy without giving them a chance to hit  you again. If they aren't dead by the end of this combo, they are likely at low health. The Execute perk cna actually be applied here (see above ability for more information on the Execute perk). If you really plan to go at it with a large group of enemies, you can activate the racial Avatar power, allowing you to quickly regenerate stamina and magicka, ensuring that you can keep casting Lightning Cloak and keep power attacking over and over. This is obviously not essential. Again, this ability is meant to be versetile and accessable, so use it in a variety of situations.


The Stormlord will complete the following questlines, in order:


Fueled by his rage from his recent loss, the Stormlord will join the Companions in order to become the best warrior he can possibly be. You can choose whether or not to keep the Beastial form.

College of Winterhold

He will choose to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a Battlemage to add to his prowess in battle. He has already learned some decent Destruction spells (having a particular affinity for Shock magicka) but will seek to hone his skills in his home city.

Alduin the World Eater

On his way to join up with the Rebels, he will hear of the tragedy at Helgen and ride there to see for himself. Destracted from his quest to aid in the liberation of Skyrim, he will follow the Main Quest and, similarly to Ulfric Stormcloak himself, learn the Way of the Voice and increase his power stull further. Ensure that when you negotiate between the two armies that you favor the Stormcloaks as much as possible. 

Civil War

After defeating the immediate threat of Alduin in Sovngarde, the Stormlord will turn to Windhelm and set out to finally join the Stormcloak Rebellion. After completing his ultimate goal of liberating Skyrim, there is still work to be done . . .


907472?profile=original"I long to be out there, with my brothers, waging war against the Empire."

Dawnguard (DLC)

Upon discovering the growing Vampire menace in Skyrim, he will seek to destroy the blood-sucking fiends once and for all, saving his homeland of Skyrim once again.

Dragonborn (DLC)

Traveling to Windhelm to check in with his Jarl, Ulfric Stormcloak, the Stormlord will notice that the Northern Maiden will no longer venture to Solstheim. Remembering the Solstheim Cultists who attacked him long ago, he will investigate the new threat to Skyrim and Tamriel at large that rises in the form of Miraak.

As for roleplaying with NPCs, the Stormlord will act kindly and heroically with his fellow Nords and most other races. He will have little patience with the Dunmer, but will not be openly racist to them. The only race he will openly hate is the Altmer. For example, he will be strongly opposed to Ancano's presence in the College of Winterhold, and will act accordingly. 


Of housing is on your agenda, Hjerim (the house in Windhelm) makes for a perfect fit. If you're a little more frugal with your money, you can live in the Archmage's Quarters in the College of Winterhold.

Followers are an option, but not necessary. If you want a follower, consider any Stormcloak followers. Onmund from the College of Winterhold is a good option if you're looking for a magic-based companion. Anyone from the Companions will work just as well. If you are interested in marriage, any Nord will do fine, particularly if they are a warrior themselves. 

As for a mount, you can use any horse. For my playthrough I used a summonable armored horse that you can find and download here (summoning spell tome can be bought from Farengar):


That just about covers all of it! Thanks for sticking around to the end. Credit to for the art effect on all of the images. Apologies for any spelling errors, but I hope you enjoyed everything else. If you have an questions or concerns about the build, please let me know and I'll get back to you on those. Now go forth! Smite the Empire with the power of the sky!



I also upload builds on my YouTube channel! Check it out here!



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  • For your first ever build here you did quite a good job. I like the artistic touches you put into those in game images. It really adds to the overall presentation. 

    The character itself feels like a pretty solid build. You did a good job explaining in a very concise fashion what skills perks and spells are taken, and why. 

    In the future you need only title your build "character build: <insert build title here>". We do this so people know immediately a build has been posted when they check the activity feed.

    You don't need to note your build is a wrk in progress. It's nothing major so I went ahead and made those changes. This build looks pretty complete as is, but you're free to edit revamp and overhaul your builds as often as you feel the need to. 

    All n all a great first build. Hope to see more of these from you in the future. 

  • Oh one thing I forgot to mention. You ought to mention specifically what perks you took for this guy. You could simply list them out, or post a link to the skyrim calculator. If you want to get creative you could make whats called a perkspread like below for example:


    • I have not finished the build. I put WORK IN PROGRESS in the title, but for some reason it's not there anymore

      Not sure why . . . will finish it up today though, hopefully. I just didn't know how else to save it, so I published it under a WIP title.

      EDIT Ah, just read your above comment. Okay. I generally try to title my stuff in a way that lets viewers know immediately that it's modded, but you're the boss. I did plan to add a perk spread, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

      • Wow the changes and additions are great. You're way better at this than most on their first try. Hell you're better at this than some folks I know who've been doing this for a while. 

        • Aw, shucks :D


  • I was confused at first, but then I realized the reason behind the images you used. They add a nice personalized touch. This is a solid first build, I hope to see more from you, Pixel!

    • Thanks Aysleph! I'm used to creating builds in the video format, so the lack of visuals for me was something I couldn't deal with. I also wanted to put a nice twist on them, so I ran them through this art-i-fying thingy and they came out really nicely. I reference the site at the end if you want to check it out.

      I will likely be doing more stuff on this site. I'm enjoying written builds a lot more than I thought I might have at first.

      • Writing a build out just sort of grows on you quickly. And it makes way easier for YouTube viewers to follow along with the videos. 

  • This is really cool. Makes me jealous of your fancy computer magic. You really did a good job explaining things as even this vanilla player could figure out everything about the mods (for the most part). I like the character theme and style. Might try to recreate a version of this on vanilla and see what I come up with. Well done!

    • Yeah, I'd love to see a vanilla adaptation! Go for it! 

      Don't worry, this isn't very fancy stuff. In fact, I'm a console player myself! I have Skyrim SE for Xbox One, allowing me access to a decent amount of mods. I try not to use anything too rediculous in these modded builds. Ordinator, Imperious, and Andromeda are essential for me because they actually give weight to some of your choices and allows access to great perks that can go towards the abilities. For example, with this mod the Speech tree has a whole new branch concerning Shouts for a Dragonborn-focused playthrough. It's all very well thought out and lore-friendly.

      Glad you liked it m8 thanks for the comment :D

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