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Character Build: Samurai Build

So, this has changed... a lot. It went from completely importanting a character to trying to combine a historically acurate portrail of a Samurai, while mixing in myth & legends about samurais, while also including the magical elements of TES lore and history to a make a for... well, this.


Samurai: Last of Akavir 

 The Build


Story– (Realy early stage, so this wont make much sense, but will give you an idea of this character.)

The air is freezing, as usual. A cold, bitter, and unforgiving land, but it is now my home– Skyrim.

 Let it forever go down in history: the Last Dragonborn is an Imperial, even though my life was more Nordic than Imperial. I was raised by a single merchant-mother in Cyrodill, a city to expensive to live in, and, after the attack by the Dominion, too poor to live in.

 My mother did her absolute best to make sure I got an education, but I was too busy doing odd-jobs to help my mother with… well, existing.

 After years of gruesome work, she packed all she could; sold what she couldn’t, and we were of to Whitrun, in Skyrim.

 My father was long gone before I was born, I only knew him after I joined the Legion.

 Now, orphaned in Whiterun, I was shipped off to Honorhall Orphanage. There, a disgusting, hideous, and cruel woman named ‘Grelod’ was supposed to take care of us; she tortured us. She was demon, a spawn from the deepest depths of Oblivion. The days during the entirety of those eight torturous years seemed unending. I’d wake up and beg for it all be a nightmare, and, if not, pray for the day to pass quickly, and when the day was over, with night always arriving so, so late, I’d thank the divines it passed, then pray that tomorrow will pass quicker. I have never forgotten a single day of those wretched years.

 Yes. I did. I killed the Old Hag. I killed the child hating demon. I killed the bane of my existence for 8 years. I took rightful vengeance, and thus– justice I may be famous for my creed of conduct, there are some wounds that can never heal… never.

 Once I became of age, the orphanage gave me nothing, but a cloth sack with a week’s rations and couple pieces of gold. With nowhere to go; no one to turn to, and a lifetime of beggary just a week away– I used all my gold to hitch a ride to Solitude and join the Legion.

After years of searching I had found my family: Bolar. The Family name is Bolar.

I worked to learn the ways of the Blades and the Akavir.

I couldn’t. The screams, I couldn’t stand it any longer, I attack the small group ordering my soldiers to slay any of those piss-colored, rat-eared bastards. 

It was too late.

First, the trial. Then, my testimony, and before long I found in prison– guilty.

In prison, I was provided with books– my only escaped. I became enthralled by the stories stored within them, the knowledge, the history, the power of words was unlike anything I head felt, after all these years I finally understood why mother was so focused on education. It truly was the key to freedom.



Race– Imperial; they not only fit in with the lore, but it is the Imperials who have adopted the ways and works of the mysterious Akavir to create the Blades, and also their stats fit nicely witht he build

Stanidng Stone– Warrior/Lover --> Lady.  It's your choice between Lover or Warrior for leveling. The Samurai is a warior, however, with a greater emphasis on Archery... which doesn't fall under the Warrior skills for some reason. Moving swiftly on, pickup lover once you're done leveling, with it'll help boost our Stamina & Health regen, which is already boosted by our enchanted armour, so we just got a Double Boost.

Stat Distribuation– Magicka 0/ Health 2/ Stamina 2. Aside from Enchanting, we won't be using any magic for this  build.

Skills– Archery, One-Handed, Block, Heavy Armour, Sneak, and Enchanting






If you’re going to be a samurai you need to look like a samurai. The easiest to get out of all the equipment, you’ll find the entire set in Sky Haven Temple by following the main quest.

Samurai were (usually) quite religious people, as such respecting the gods was a high priority. Introduce the Amulet of Talos, away of showing worship and respect to the God of war, while also decreasing shout cooldowns.

Otar– While this might seem weird, samurai helmets were famous for their decorative style of depicting fierce faces. So, with that, Otar is one of, if not the, best Dragon Priest mask. Being made of marble, the colors are aesthetically pleasing with the rest of the set. Think of it as your ‘War Mask.’

Mainly for role-play reasons, Bolar’s Oathblade will serve as the in-game equivalent to the samurai’s most famous weapon: The Katana. It can be retrieved from Bloated Man’s Grotto, be warned though, you’ll find leveled-animals and a few spriggans who don’t very much like trespassers. You can move on to Dragonsbane if you’d like, or get frustrated. And, while a mace might seem out of place for a samurai build, some samurais did use clubs and other blunt weapons along with, or even instead of, katanas, aaaaand it also increases the diversity in gameplay & combat tactics. Adhering to the role-play’s rules, you’ll need to buy the mace from a blacksmith or merchant.

As the once trusted dagger of Astrid, leader of the Dark Brotherhood, the Blade of Woe will serve as a symbol of the fate that awaits all those who walk the path of unjust war, violence, and banditry. Retrieve it off the corpus of the once Dark Ruler.

The Shield of Solitude will survive as a reward for your dedication to the Legion, and Skyrim’s people, it’s a menacing looking piece of equipment that, I believe, fits nicely with the role-play and gameplay. (Also, samurai did use actually use shields, though, most didn’t as samurai combat was focused on dodging, rather than blocking.)



Archery– Samurai always started out as archers, in fact, samurai where more popularly know as Horse-Archers, rather than master swordsmen.



Gameplay & Combat

Weapons: Their Different Stances & Uses

The Archer:  Bow of the Hunt

The only long-range stance, The Archer is usually how combat is initiated, but will also give you some utility in the form of distracting/ luring enemies into your sight (insert Soldier 76 meme.) The Quick Shot & Steady Hand perk combo, coupled with the Bow of the Hunt will give you the highest DPS of all the stances; I.E. you’ll be eating health for breakfast, lunch and dinner… isforbegineersyoudon’tevennow.

The Swordsma: Bolar’s Oathblade

The Swordsman stance provides decent damage along with a lot of mobility. The sword is used alone and in most situations, being the default weapon choice. With the sword you’ll be able to dodge and move around easily, while maintaining a decent DPS.

The Judge: Elven Mace

Providing heavy damage and greater efficiency of staggering, The Judge stance is used against more heavily armored foes, however, with the increase in damage you’ll sacrifice mobility, making it more difficult to move around, and causing you to block an attack rather than dodge it. You’ll find this stance useful when you’re one-on-one in a tight space, where movement is limited. Like the sword, it is used alone– no shield.

 Blade of Woe: The Nightingale

Mainly used if disarmed. The Nightingale stance provides the highest mobility out of all the stances, but has the lowest damage. With the Blade of Woe you’ll be able to lightly, and effortlessly, move around and dodge enemy attacks, while also regaining lost health. Like the last two weapons, the dagger is used alone.

 The Combatant: Shield & Unarmed

The most defensive of all stances, The Combatant provides high defense by sacrificing offense. Used when up against groups of enemies, it will allow maintain your health, while waiting for the right moment to strike on one of your opponents.


Special Move: Dragon’s Spirit

After mediating on the words of fire: the element of change, destruction, and rebirth, I am able to use the Shout of Fire unlimitedly in two forms: a Spit and a Roar.

  • Amulet of Talos + Elixir of Healing.

 The Spit: Using one word takes less time, can be used in fast repetition, and causes a short stagger, allowing you to reposition yourself when in tight spaces.

 The Roar: While it takes more time, the full shout will allow you to quickly kill off weaker foes, while heavily damaging stronger ones, lessening the number of opponents and making it easy to pick out the remaining enemies.



 Companions– A band of warriors that seek nothing more than fortune, glory, and honor; it’s almost the perfect family. What better way to prove your self in the land of Skyrim then through blood and steel in the service of the Companions? Free them of their feral cure, and return the Companions to their true way.

 Civil War (Legion)– When a warrior gives an oath, they obey it to the very end. (Start this after you have cured both Vilkas and Farkas of their beastblood & Destroying the Dark Brotherhood.)

 Main Quest line– A great black dragon threatens the very world… if you fail, all will parish, and if you succeed all will prosper– is there any greater cause? (You’ll start this naturally once you get involved with the Legion.)

 Destroy the Dark Brotherhood– In the name of all that is good in this world, a plague of darkness such as this ‘Brotherhood’ must never exist. For the sake of the Emperor and his people.

 Erik the Slayer– An old friend’s sons wishes to become an adventure; well, it would be my honor to guild him to a path of justice, honour, and glory.

Side note: Erik is best using Light armour and two-handed weapons, so you might actually not want to induct him into the blades.

 Rebuilding the Blades– After a lifetime of serving the ancient order it your duty to rebuild it at any cost– any. Cost. 



I took heavy inspiration from Dokkōdō, the 21 laws followed by the legendary samurai (though he was actually a Rōnin for most his life) Miyamoto Musashi, and created my own creed of honour.


Here it is:

  1. Do not kill in the name of any, other than your own justice.
  2. From Emperor to beggar, treated all with the same respect and dignity.
  3. Be polite in all you do and all you meet, for your body may decay, but your legacy will not.
  4. Shield those who have no shield.
  5. Give to those who cannot give.
  6. Never steal or face the fury of shame.
  7. Seek justice, not vengeance.
  8. Walk a path of meditation and patience, not anger and hatred.
  9. Blood is a small price for peace.
  10. Surprise– use it wisely & choose wisely.
  11. Respect the dead– take nothing from ruins or its dwellers.
  12. Respect former foes and take only their weapons.
  13. Respect the Gods and take wisdom in their words.
  14. Above all, never let your honour betray you, to do so is to wish for your soul to be cast down to Oblivion for eternity.

 Side Note: This is the idealist view of this playthrough: what this character tries to be. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, clearly, this character is heavily flawed in his interpretation of justice, and is prone to vengeance and anger, meaning that if, say, the Forsworn were to kill Meeko, or Erik, or one of your followers, it will cause you to hate that faction even more, thus you’ll find yourself attacking any territory that faction owns even if unprovoked.

 The Death Ritual (Because why not)

  • Lay a single weapon or piece of armor next to the body
  • Lay a single extinguished torch on the body
  • Meditate (Wait) for a day or so
  • Fast for 3 days.


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  • Ah I remember this guy

    • His theme is so good!

  • Im afraid Im not too knowledgeable on the source material. What's this guy about?

    • Da Samurai if memory serves, was a mercenary that used a katana and called himself a samurai, but added a "funktastic" flair to it, including naming his attacks groovily. In season five, years after getting his ass kicked by Jack, he now runs a bar

    • Basically, He's a deadly mercenary who uses a Katana, that he calls Mama. Because he uses a katana he calls himself the 'Da Samurai,' but adds a 'Funk' to his style; he also has a boombox sidekick that plays funky music before he enters a room. However, he is unbelievably cocky, loud, and very braggadocious; he'll often spend most of the fight trashing his enemies or just calling out move names before executing them, moves include: The Fuck-A-Chop, Whack-A-Hack, Turkey Carve, Helicopter Spin, Crazy 8 (which literally does nothing, he justs moves his sword fast enough to make it appear like he's conjured a number 8), and the Monk Dunk where he cuts the top of the enemies hair (making him appear to have a bald spot), grabs him and dunks on the ground or in a bin. 

      He challenged Jack after seeing him take down 3 bounty hunters within seconds, because he believed 'There can be only ne "Samuai."' He was effortlessly defeated by Jack, but after Jack took down a massive robot army that then transformed into one massive robot (yes, this happend) Jack turned to Da Samurai and claiedm he has now taken the first step to becoming a true samurai, and begins walking away. Da Samurai runs after him calling jack 'Sensei' and asking at what time is his next lesson, and if he can get a discount on the lessons cost.

      50 years later, he gave up his sword, and became the bartender at the very bar they met. 

      Heres a short (3 minute) clip– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIUSoh7sVes

      Edit: Hey Curse, did you get your name from the dragon Durnehviir? Because 'Durnevhiir' literally translates to 'Curse Never Dying.' Get it? Cause Durnehviir's Cursed to Never Die...

  • Damn, this makes me wanna try an Afro Samurai build

    • That is what I have next on my list. A dark ronin that cares little of honor. I probably won't have enough time to do it, so here are some suggestions if you're taking it seriously.

      A slim Redguard Vampire who is a master of Two–Handed, Sneak, and Alteration, who also makes use of Enchanting & Block. Dawning Ragged Trousers, Wedding Sandals, Steel Guantlets, and Copper Onxy Circlet, and wielding the Ebony Blade & The Ring of Namira. 

      Factions– Mainly the Dark Brotherhood.

      He'd definetly be a cold-blooded mercenary out for revenge against...someone.

      Edit: I'd also recommend doing Boethiah's Calling, enchanting the Dagger of Sacrfice with Soul Trap, and keep 3 Black Soul Gems when killing, Tullius, Maro, and the Emporer, and to store them away. And have a bounty of 1,000 or higher in each Imperial Affiliated hold. And grab either Spellbreaker, or Targe of the blooded. 

      • Hmm, sounds good. I was thinking against, say, Gaius Maro or the like

        • Something like his father was a highly respected general in the Empire and one of Emporer, then general, Titus Mede the II most trusted allies. Jealous of his continued success, an up and coming general by the name of Tullius plotted to dethrown the general using one of his own soldiers against him..A soldier by the name of Gaius Maro. So, on moonless night, lit by Torchbugs and Luna Moths, Gaius Maro paid local bandits to attack the General's camp. Blood, fire, and bodies where spilled like paint on a cavus.

          There, the young Afro (Or whatever you choose to call the character) witness his father fight with the will of 10 men, taking charge of his squad and fighting with a fury so hot it rivals dragon fire. It was on that day Afro's life was changed, a life of misery and hate, of blood and death, of sacrifice and revenge. Fore it was on that day, Afro witnessed his father getting stabbed in the back by his own soldier– Giaus Maro. Then, like wolves on a hunt, a legion of Imperial soldiers came charging out of the forest lead by Tullius; they 'saved' the squadron. After the dust was settled and the fires put out,  Tullius claimed to have found documents appearing to be a plot to kill the Emporer, then general, Titus Mead II. 

          Afro's father was stripped of his military rank, and sent to death. His body  hung on tower, a symbol for those who would wish to betray the Emperor. While Tullius became the soon-to-be Emperor's new trusted ally, and Maro gained promotion granted by Tullius.

          Now, with his family dishonored, Afro lived with his only family his mother; begging, brawling, and surviving on the streets of Hammerfell. Here they received daily taunting for their betrayal. No matter how much Afro shouted about his family's innocence no-one listened, not even the divines it appeared. Why would the divines abandon the innocent? And on the day of his mother's death, she had only but one wish...Kill those who wronged them, and spare them no mercy. And on that day, justice died, freedom was chained, and Afro's fate was forever sealed. The Man who came to be known as 'Bane to all Empires and Emporers' was born.

          (P.S. We could totally use this for the most recent Character Building Event if'd want/like.)

          • I'm already doing one with Lee

This reply was deleted.