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WIP Character Build: The Hex Weaver (Ordinator)



Work in progress. 
The build will be inspired by the Witcher franchise. I thought it would be remiss for me to not do a build of this theme since my avatar and build logo is a Witcher medallion.



(4E 202, An inn near the border of Skyrim)

"How about a tale traveller?"

"You can spin whatever tale you like, so long as some drink comes with it."

"Aye, aye, very good. Hmmm, it seems I've got a good one for you. A long-standing patron this one is about. Goes back to around the time of the Great War, mayhaps even before. Ahem.... Hmm. where to begin....? Ah, yes! Ahem, what is pain? How does one quantify it? Is it physical or mental, or rather something in between. Such questions had become commonplace to Octavia Lunaris during her time spent with the rogue mages of Frostspire. Alchemical mixtures were bled into her body through crude tubes, while she was strapped to a wrack helpless. A prisoner for what seemed like years, Octavia was fell upon by the mages while en route to a contract. Though she managed to slay some of their number, a paralysis spell struck the woman unawares, rendering her defenceless. A hard kick to the temple later, the next thing she saw was the dank confines of her cell. It would seem that the mages experiments worked their course well. Too well, the mages would say, I might think. However, you'll ne'er hear the tale from their lips, as the Imperial cut them down to a man. Well deserved too... Damned mages and their magics."

"Why should I care about some Imperial wench? Bitch got to sit comfy in some tower while the rest of us bled for the Empire! Just pour me some more sodding mead!"

"My, your a hoary old bastard aren't you!"

"What'd you call me!"

"You sit down now you stubborn old Nord. Else there'll be no more mead after that tankard."

"Ah, fuck. Aye, go on then."

"Good, good... Ahem, now where was I... Ah, yes. The experiments. Have you seen those eyes she has?"

"I don't even know who she is, course I haven't seen her eyes."

"Hm, well, you'd know if you did. Gold as the sun they are, but man eyes, they are not. Methinks them mages mixed in some Khajiit blood with that alchemy of theirs, cause Octavia... The woman has cat eyes."

"What! Cat eyes! Bahahahaha! Ya, been drinking too much of your own brew man!"

 "Nay, 'tis true! True as the sky is blue, lady Mara preserve me. You'll have the chance to see for ye'self soon enough, she'll be back here for'long. Like you, she is a kind of mercenary, though she seems to prefer contracts on beasts and things of an arcane nature rather than men."

"It's a foolish mercenary who lets themselves get bogged down by morales. Gold is gold. I learned that long ago. Though I'd never take a contract from one of them knife eared cunts".

"Aye, I don't know if mercenary is the right word, but it's the best I can do. As I said, you'll have the chance to meet her soon enough. She's easy enough to spot with those twin swords she carries and those golden peepers o' hers. She can do some of that magic too, though she don't like to call it that. Woman says it's too simple and don't cost her nought. Hexes is what she calls em. Though magics magic if you ask me. And don't let her looks fool you. She's old. Older than you probably, definitely older me. Looks the same as the day I first met her, Barring a scar or two and that was nigh on twenty years ago now. Whatever them mages did to her it slowed her ageing down quite"-


 -A barman's retelling of Octavia Lunaris's story. Before being promptly interrupted by a crashing door and a Frost Troll's head rolling along the floor-




The mods I have chosen all add something important into the build. Whether it is essential perk/combat/spell overhauls, or mods that are more aesthetic in nature. Each of the listed mods all serve to add immersion to the playthrough, to create the best possible Witcher experience.


Essential Mods:

Recommended Mods:

Creation Club:

  • Arcane Accessories
  • Rare Curios
  • Saints and Seducers



Imperial: As an Imperial, Octavia will gain several passive abilities, some of which will be used to shape her Witcher like Mutations and resistances.

  • Discipline: In combat, Octavia's allies gain a bonus to armour and attack damage if they are nearby.
  • Imperial Virtues: Octavia randomly gains bonus Health, Magicka or Stamina regeneration when entering combat.
  • The Human Spirit: At levels 10/20/30, you may change Octavia's Attributes. Choose the following (Health +100, Magicka -50)/Resistances (Poison + 50%, Poison - 25%)/Skills (Destruction +20, Conjuration - 20, One-Handed + 20 , Heavy Armour - 20, Light Armour +20 and Pickpocket -20).
  • Colovian Star (Power): Unlocked after completing 20 quests around Skyrim. Octavia can use this to regain lost Magicka and Stamina and fortify them by the amount restored.

Standing Stone: The Warrior - The Warrior is the perfect pairing to help supplement Octavia's vicious power attacks. 

  • Fierce Spirit: Octavia's power attacks do 15% more damage, and her ranged weapons do up to 15% more damage based on distance.
  • Warrior's Path: Octavia learns all Warrior skills faster.
  • Star of the West (Power): The Warrior blesses Octavia, restoring her Health and Stamina and fortifying them by the amount regained for 30 seconds.


Name: Octavia Lunaris

Gender: Female

Age: 66 (Appears approximately 35 - 40)

Religious Views: Stendarr (Worship),  Julianos (Shrine Blessing) - As an Imperial, Octavia follows the Eight/Nine divines. The two that she holds in particular reverence are Stendarr and Julianos. As a slayer of beasts and arcane abnormalities, Octavia gladly accepts Stendarr into her life. Though she does not follow his doctrine as dogmatically as fanatics such as the Vigilants of Stendarr. Julianos is a deity she respects greatly, as in her profession one does not live long without wisdom. Julianos challenges his followers to seek the truth in things and encourages the wise.

Affiliations/Occupation: Wondering mercenary

Morality/Personality: True Neutral - 





Main Quest

Bounty Quests (Particularly Markarth)

Blood on the Ice


*Saints and Seducers

The Pale Lady

Ancestral Worship

Laid to Rest

Coming of Age (Ironbind Barrow)


The Man Who Cried Wolf/The Wolf Queen Awakens

Evil in Waiting

A Scroll for Anska

Forbidden Legend

Seige on the Dragon Cult

The Lost Expedition

Waking Nightmare

The White Phial?









Stats. 0 points to magick, 10 points to health, All remaining points into Stamina




  • One-handed
  • Alchemy
  • Alteration
  • Light Armor
  • Illusion


  • Block
  • Destruction 
  • Restoration 
  • Smithing (Single point in steel to craft silver sword. Not levelled thereafter)














Alchemical Substances (Names used from Witcher games and a few I thought sounded fitting).


  • Rook - Fortify One-Handed (Canis Root & Hanging Moss)
  • Petri's Philter - Fortify Destruction (Nightshade & Glowing Mushroom)
  • Swallow - Health Regeneration (Namira's Rot & Juniper Berries)
  • Full Moon - Fortify Health (Glowing Mushroom & Wheat)
  • White Raffords Decoction - Restore Health (Swamp Fungal Pod & Blue Mountain Flower)
  • Maribor Forrest - Stamina Regeneration  (Fly Amanita & Mora Tapinella)
  • Tawny Owl - Magicka Regeneration (Garlic & Salt pile)
  • Golden Oriole - Resist Poison (Troll Fat & Thistle Branch 
  • Golem - Fortify Block, Resist magic (Tundra Cotton & Bleeding Crown)
  • Drake Skin - Resist Frost, Resist Fire (Snowberries, Thistle Branch & Bone Meal)
  • Jackal - Fortify Light Armour (Luna Moth Wing & Skeever Tail)
  • Killer Whale - Water Breathing (Salmon Roe & Nordic Barnacle)
  • White Honey - Cure Disease (Mudcrab Chitin & Vampire Dust)
  • *Cat - Night Eye (Watchers eye & Daedra Silk)

Blade Oils (Poisons)

  • Troll Bane - Weakness to Fire (Juniper Berries & Bleeding Crown)
  • Hanged Man's Venom - Weakness to Poison, Damage health  (Red Mountain Flower, Chaurus Eggs & Deathbell)
  • Adder's Kiss - Lingering Damage Health, Damage Health (Deathbell, Mora Tapinalla & Imp Stool)
  • Gorgon's Gaze - Damage Health, Slow (Deathbell & River Betty)


7275089077?profile=RESIZE_400xSpells and Shouts




*Igni - Fire Breath (Yol) or *Flame Surge

Octavia uses Igni to send a rush of flames in a cone or radial burst around her. 



*Igni Stream - Flames or *Greater Flames

Octavia maintains constant stream fire to set her foes aflame. 



*Yrden - *Wither or *Hinder

Octavia use's the slowing power of Yrden to hamper her foes. 



*Yrden Trap - *Paralysis  Rune

 Laying a Yrden glyph upon the ground, Octavia is able to temporarily immobilise any enemy who triggers it. 



*Axii - Calm or *Hypnotize 

Octavia can use Axii to stun her foes, allowing her respite in the heat of battle. 



Quen - Stone Flesh

The protective power of Quen can be used to fortify Octavia's armour 



Active Quen - Steadfast Ward

Octavia can sustain Quen in an active forcefield to mitigate incoming magic and reduce damage from physical attacks. 


Aard - Unrelenting Force (Fus)

 Using Aard, Octavia can knock enemies back in a blast of telekinetic energy. 







 Black Blood - Shout + World Serpent

Octavia's blood turns into a deadly toxin, any who would draw blood soon find themselves overwhelmed by noxious poisons.




Trial of the Grasses - Long-lasting Potion + Maenad + Crimson Haze + Stimulants and Lab Skeever

Whenever under the effect of a potion Octavia's mutations give her more vigour.




Side Effects - Potion + Witchmaster and Chymical Wedding

Any potion Octavia imbibes has the chance for additional effects.




Mesmerise - Calming spell + Wilting and Neverworld

Enemies under the effect of Axii lose the will to fight Octavia and may become entranced again upon being struck.




Riposte  - Lightning Strike and Rogue's Parry

Octavia's blade bites deep as she swiftly counters an enemies attack.












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                • You are absolutely right and I will say no more on the subject. My apologies if I have caused offense. 

  • Amazing. I am like 14 levels into a witcher esque character and I think I have to respec to match up with this

    • Let me know how it goes. And keep an eye on the build as I am updating it here and there still :)

      Glad to hear you like the look of it so far mate.

  • I have the Saints and Seducers mod, and never played it. Would love to see how it fits into the build. Which looks like fun, so far!

    • Makes for an interesting contract, let me tell you. I'll be expanding on the quest section soon, with little justifications as to why the character would be interested in them.

  • Not having the sword on your back in the screenshots is saddening :(

    • I know, I wish I had a stable mod that would allow me to do this, with the modded weapons I use. I could have chosen to use a two-handed weapons, but I feel that a Witcher fits one-handed weaponry more so. 
      The character aside from that one minor thing, plays very much like a Witcher with all of the "signs", potions and agility you'd expect.

      • are you on xbox? 

         I had a stable mod for sword on back but now I go look for it, it seems to have been taken down -_-

        It was called WOB skeleton standalone.

  • Have made some more progress. Have put in a backstory (quite different to the style I usually do, but I had a lot of fun with it none the less), and added in the abilities + a few other minor things.

    • Backstory was cool, definitely dig it being told from another characters' persepective as it helps to set up the reputation that the character has rather than something more told in the first or third person. A few bits and pieces of grammar that could use improvement especially towards the end but I'm sure that'll be ironed out after a few proofreads!

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