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Hello all! Welcome to The Story Corner Archives! This nifty little discussion aims to make navigation of The Story Corner easier for new members and old veterans alike! The idea for this archive was taken from Curse's TES Character Build Archives but used with his permission, of course! The navigation will be a little big buggy at first, so I ask you let me know if there are any problems with the links or if you have any suggestions or additions you think should be made. I'm always open to listening and helping the people!

The archive will only work well if all members work together to tag their works! When posting a discussion, the option to "tag" is found at the very bottom before submission. There is no need to add quotation marks, and you can add multiple tags simply by pressing ",". For your discussion to be found in the appropriate area, make sure you tag it exactly as show below. Each member has the option to make their own tags to make finding their own works easier (ex. the tag "inloveandwar" links to the collection of "In Love and War" Chapters). For members who have already posted discussions prior to the creation of the archive, you can edit your story or chapter and add the tags as appropriate.


The Main Tags

Regardless of what kind of story you post, it will fall into one of three main catagories. Please use these tags accordingly:

TES- "The Elder Scrolls". Whether your story takes place in High Rock or Black Marsh, this is the tag you'll want to use. It doesn't matter the game you choose or the timeline in which you write, all stories that take place in the land of Tamriel require the "tes" tag.

Fallout- "Fallout". Attention Writers of the Wastelands! This tag is for you. Canon or not, all stories associated with the Fallout games can use this tag to help distinguish their works from those Tales of Tamriel.

Misc- "Miscellaneous". While this site is mainly for sharing the ideas of Bethesda games, we don't frown upon members posting short stories, questions, or help guides, so long as they follow site guidelines. We ask that the stories align with the fantasy/dystopia genres of the Elder Scroll and Fallout games, the questions deal with writing topics, and the help guides encourage rather than discourage others. If you fall into any of these three areas, please use the "misc" tag.


Story Specific Tags

After choosing one of the main tags above, you might choose to get more specific. These tags will make finding your story easier:

Tableofcontents- "Table of Contents". If you post a story that has multiple parts, it makes it easier on the reader to have a single page to navigate on. The Table of Contents is a great way to keep all your works together and easily navigable. Using this tag puts all the chapter stories into one section and makes it easier for readers to find out where to start.

Shortstory- "Short Story". Whether you call it "Short Story" or "One-Shot", a single, standalone story discussion can be tagged with this. Many readers just like reading a short and sweet piece on their daily commute. This archive is the place to look!

General- "General". Most questions and help guides will fall into the general catagory. Searching this tag will cut out the short stories that may have fallen under the "misc" tag.

Headcanon- "Headcanon". Many writers have theories about The Elder Scrolls and Fallout that they like to put out for others to see. Tagging this archive files all the theories into one area for easier reading.

Backstory- "Back Story". Those in the roleplaying group know a well constructed back story makes for a quality character. Sometimes, it's a bit much to include the character's back story into a well constructed character sheet or build. For this reason, character stories can be posted here and included in this archive. This gives readers a more indepth look at your Roleplay or Build Character.


As of right now, these are the tags I've included in the archive. Should anyone have suggestions, I will be glad to listen and take into consideration your ideas. If an author wishes to share his or her personal tag(s), I will add it to the archive at a later date. I hope you found this helpful!

As Always, Talos Guide You!

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