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Tales of Darkness - Table of Contents

Tales of Darkness



In the remotest gulfs of outer worlds, there lurks an antediluvian evil, bent on the consummation of the known world. Its followers are clad in crimson; its slaves are otherworldly things not of Nirn, Aetherius or Oblivion. They hai

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On the Rise: TOC


Darkness has awakened in Skyrim.


One year after the Emperor's assassination, the Dark Brotherhood has risen to infamy it has not known in centuries. With such prominence comes the need for new recruits. Young mage Arbelle Fane is one such recruit,

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Shades of Oblivion - Table of Contents

Shades of Oblivion 
By Lee Fiskilis Carpenter
Even Daedra have demons
Set in 3E 433 Cyrodill, Shades of Oblivion focuses on the story of Jaciel Morgen, a Greater Nocturnal from Shade Perilous whom, like her kin, are more human than the Daed

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The Shinigami

Warning: this story contains profanity, blood, violence, gore, and sexual content. If you are under 18 years of age, please be advised.




It was as if the wall talked to him. It spoke of what the incomprehensible words inscribed on it meant. He could

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Housecarl - An Elder Scrolls Story


Hello all. This is my first ever post here in the story corner. This is going to be a series of chapters that all collectively make up a short-ish novel that I have been working on for some time. At the onset of this project, I wanted to find some of

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Hunter's Rain - Table of Contents

Next Chapter's Progress

Chapter Four - 15% completed



Cursed by her kin, abandoned by all

Accepted by those of scale, rejected by those of flesh

Destined to die, living on to fight

This is the tale of the one with fire for blood


Born with a sou

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