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 11793251891?profile=RESIZE_710xCorvus Rem (A John Wick Inspired Series)

Retired master assassin and thief Corvus Rem finds himself forced back into Tamriel's underworld when thugs broke into his home to steal a precious memento and killed his dog, a gift from his late wife. He sets out on a journey of vengeance to deliver retribution against those who wronged him. He is forced to return to the world of the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild, which is now under one powerful guild that spreads over Tamriel called the Shadow Continental, and forced to live up to his moniker as "Sithis Incarnate". Unfortunately, his journey of vengeance comes at a heavy price when he finds himself in conflict with powerful enemies.

This overview serves as an overview of the Corvus Rem series that I've wrote and the builds/characters that are part of it. The links below will take you to the respective chapters and acts for each entries. There will also be links to the character builds that I've created that are part of the series. Each chapter are divided into three acts (with the first three entries anyway), along with a Cast/Characters for each chapter and the inspiration behind them. There is also prelude that explains and sets up the original implementation of the series' Shadow Continental. The series also contains new made up lore of the Elder Scrolls that were not originally part of the canon lore, as this series serves as a non-canon storyline around after the events of Skyrim, specifically after The Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild questlines. As the title indicated, I'm a huge fan of the John Wick movie series. I made build inspired by John Wick a couple years ago, but never got to fully realize it. Then, the idea of "John Wick in Skyrim" came to me and imagined how the same stories will play out, but set in the Elder Scrolls universe instead.



Chapter 1:

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Character Builds:


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