Lamp Descendant - Table of Contents

rsWBQnq.jpgY1jKUvp.pngWhen the Palatinus of the High Rock chapter of the Order of the Lamp stumbles upon a threat which could put all of Tamriel in danger, they are thrust into a tale of fellowship and loss, victory and defeat, and fate and destiny. This tale serves as an extended backstory for my build of the same name, linked below. I'm also writing a short series of Lamp Chronicles, following the Descendant's tale as it continues throughout the events of Skyrim and beyond. You'll note that I've avoided naming describing the protagonist in much detail; this was definitely intentional, to leave the specifics of the character up to the players of the build. I've linked my works below in the recommended reading order. Enjoy!

jM4fIu3.pngChapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


Character Build

Lamp Chronicle: Teldryn

Lamp Chronicle: Awakening I

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  • Re-reading it, and this is still really good Ponty.

  • Thanks for this, I am raeding it since today I will start to play this rp build. Looking for more like this one.

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