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Short Story: Thanur

Red-haired Thunar grew up poor, weak, and helpless. His father, Signar, was once a proud mercenary-warrior; half-Nord and half-giant.  Then one day, he entered into a state of grief that he never left. Around him, nobody knew what caused him to fall

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An Age of Ruin - Draft Book 1 Prologue

Hail, adventurers! I just wanted to briefly preface this so that it has some context. I've been working on worldbuilding for a for almost a year now on a world for a planned book series (eventually maybe hopefully possibly) called An Age of Ruin, bas

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North Hammer, South Dagger

   The voices, can you hear them? Three Tunes. One; the voice of an ancient Dwemer Architect. He calls himself simply, the architect. Second tune; the voice of a passed member of the order as per tradition. Third tune; reason and logic or balance “ho

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