Of Magecraft and Spider Silk-Prologue

So, you wish to know our story eh? How a Spider Daedroth from the Pandomian depths of Oblivion and an amiable Redguard mage from Dragonstar met, bonded, and, well, I’m not one for spoilers. To get to the heart of any tale, even a true one, we must always start at the beginning….. 






Many mortals and younger Daedra often ask those of us who have endured it, “What is being summoned from one’s native plane of Oblivion to another, or even Mundus? I often put it like this. Imagine you are walking in a creek, not a care in the world. Then, as you are walking, imagine the water begins to speed up, and, before you can leap out of the water, you are sped forwards towards a whirlpool. Or, imagine a doorway. Imagine someone suddenly shoving you through said doorway. In the brief snap of time between rooms, you are broken apart into tiny chunks, and swiftly reassembled once you land on your stomach in the other room. In essence, alongside what we Daedra call Aurbic Sickness, in essence, trans-realm motion sickness, being conjured tends to be very sudden, and depending on the position of summoning, can be painful.


But I digress. The day that started it all began like any other. Some of Lord Bal’s forces had attempted to make off with some new weapons the Soulweavers had come up with, some fancy new gauntlet that could shoot mind control strands out of it that would precisely dig into the target’s soul and brain, and allow the wielder to puppeteer them. Adorable, but nothing beats sweet seduction. So, after the guards had managed to fend off the would-be thieves, I, alongside several others, had been tasked with shoring up the defenses. I was on my way home (Yes, we Daedra have homes, unlike the more beastial kinds, such as Daedroths, those of us who can think higher than “See thing, eat thing.” do have something resembling a mortal society, cities included.) when I suddenly felt the all too familiar tugging of a conjurer summoning me to Mundus. 

I only had enough time to wave to my neighbor, a Daedrically speaking, kind elder Flame Atronach named Flavia, before my body began to glow azure, and began dissipating. Before I could even blink, like a leaf on the wind, I was hurled through the metaphysical doorway into Nirn.


I landed, tarsuses first, onto a carpeted floor. My eyes adjusted quickly to warm candlelight. I found myself in a room, the architecture a mix of Breton and Redguard, definitely somewhere in Upper Craglorn. The walls were painted a warm copper color, with tapestries depicting star charts, religious iconography of various faiths, and some that appeared to just be, in my opinion somewhat tacky, artwork. Then again, I’m a Daedra under lady Mephala, not an art critic or Dibellanist. Beneath me lay a summoning circle, drawn in what appeared to be liquidized silver. 

I then locked eyes with my summoner. He was a Redguard, though I could see faint traces of Nibenesian Imperial, about five-foot-ten I’d say, with skin the color of polished copper, almond shaped eyes with vibrant green irises, short black hair tied in a small ponytail, and a trimmed beard. He wore a mixture of mail armor beneath a saffron colored robe, with leather boots. From an estimate, I guessed he was less than thirty winters old. 


“So, I take it you are my Summoner?” I asked, eyeing him up and down. He wore a confident smile. Perhaps he noticed my good looks, or thought it wouldn’t work. Some mortals have attempted to summon us, only to get, at best, nothing at all save for some hazy lights, to, at worse, getting a really pissed off Daedra ramming them hard with their long, thick greatsword.


The man nodded. “I am.” he said in a smooth voice. Perhaps he didn’t wish to incur my wrath, good. As good looking as I may have found him, angering a Daedra is one of the last things would want to do. He placed a hand to his chest, the other holding a supple staff. “My name, my dear convoked Perthan, is Tenkai Magnus Fadalia.” Oh, a flatterer too, now this intrigued me. A majority of my former conjurers were simply weak sniveling shrimps who would rarely even utter words in more than a squeak, fearing I’d eat them, or lay eggs in their intestines or the like, not untrue though, or stoic as all Skein, and rather boring. 


“So, did you summon me from the Spiral Skein for just a little chat?” I shifted so I was, in essence, sitting as best as one can when one has eight legs, and now eye level with Tenkai. “Did you conjure me forth because you need me as some sort of bodyguard?” I then flashed him a rather predatory grin, caressing one of his cheeks with a hand, “Or was it a more….carnal reason?” I purred.


I giggled softly as his cheeks turned crimson, and he stumbled a bit backwards. “A-A bodyguard, of course.” he said, turning away to cough into his fist. Though, a quick glance downward confirmed some part of him had been aroused to attention by my thid offer. “But first, he turned, gesturing with a hand as he made his way to the door, “Let me introduce my group.”


I followed, not knowing how the journey to come would change my life, and his, forevermore.

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  • It’s interesting to read stories told from a daedras perspective. Nice work so far chris.

    • Well, it will swap from chapter to chapter, between Rachnera's and Tenkai's, but thanks Curse. You know, IMS, we only have one in game book from the perspective of, and written by, a Daedra....

  • I kind of like this to an extent... ish?

    Um. Ahem.

    So, this seems to be inspired by some eroge or at least some type of anime trope, however TESified it is. But I think I can get behind that.

    What I truly adore about this particular piece is Rachnera's manner of articulation and speech. And her seductiveness. I do like the perspective this is written from as well as all the neat explanations in respect to the summoning process and such. I'm very intrigued as to her story.

    Beyond this, I think I will enjoy this tale. Don't judge me but for some reason I always had kind of a thing for the spider Daedra. Anyhow, I think I'm gonna like this one. Please, be sure to keep me updated. :D

    • Will do. And yeah, a bit of eroge/anime thrown in, but thanks. Its, IMO, a nice challenge to write for a Daedra as we rarely hear them speak, save for when they're interacting with mortals, plus only one book written from a Daedra's perspective. Glad you enjoyed it.

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