Techniques for Focusing on Writing

As I am now, I currently play fitting background ambience whenever I sit down and prepare to add to a character's Chronicle. With Monthr, I usually pick some dark ambience to help me get in a more sinister mood, and I've also got that narrator from The Elder Scrolls: Legends speaking out the words in my head. So my question, purely out of curiosity, is what do some of you writers out there do to help get yourselves in the zone when you're typing out your story (or maybe your chronicle in the nearby future? :3)?

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  • I’m no author or writer like others here, but when I do write, I usually prefer either complete silence or instrumentals, usually on the calm and slow side. One artist I listen to a lot is Yiruma, he’s a pianist.
  • Well, more often than not, when I get creative, it comes in short but intense bits, in seemingly the most random and unexpected times and places. And then I'm like: "Everyone stop, don't breathe, and shut up!" Internally, of course, as shouting it out loud would be super rude. Then I write down as much of the stuff which goes through my mind as possible.<br/>
    However, sounds of nature (only live, not recorded) and some kinds of music (mainly video game soundtracks) can call out those outbursts in a semi-controlled manner.
  • I moved this over to the story corner. Probably more relevant there than here. 

  • Not sure how to best answer this but mine is aloof: it'll hit me when it hits me. There are times where ideas come at inopportune times when a laptop and notebook are not within reach (like being 45 min away from the house). I, personally, write down all my chapters in notebook first and then type it out. I do this because I work at a gas station and I need to have some type of entertainment when it grows dead, which, as of late, has been bountiful.

  • Sometimes I drink. Not ideal but I find myself with such interesting ideas that would have never been summoned if I was sober. Sometimes, just to loosen myself up to write at all since I'm very hard on myself. 

    A lot of people utilize noveling. I'm not much different, but I actually like watching videos where people talk in them (lets plays) and it actually helps me focus as opposed to listening character themes. I only do that when I'm out jogging, as it gets me to hyped to want to sit down and right. Actually music in general has that effect on me. But there are times where I'll listen to game music, or slower music for serious/emotional chapters that helps me get into that mind set. 

    Being physically active also helps with brainstorming, since I like to think about my stories/character interactions while working out.

    The peak of my inspiration is usually late morning/early afternoon...which sucks since I'm usually working. :( 

    • Well, looks I'll have to try it drunk :P

      Noveling? What's that?

      Peak of inspiration being late morning/early afternoon? Call yourself lucky, then. To me that'd be 2 to 4 AM.
      • Be prepared to read back what you wrote and wonder what the hell is going on. ;o; But sometimes it works out in its own strange way. 

        Noveling is basically the music a writer listens that inspires them/helps them focus. :) 

        Ha, my circadian rythm has me clocking out a little after 12am ;o 

        • Oh, thanks for your insight.
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