• Hi, I'm new here so I'm not certain how everything works.  I have a character build I've been working on but I'm not certain how to properly upload my work.  Is there some way to upload a Word document with pictures, formatting and everything else?  Or do I have to paste in the plain text and do the formatting within the reply window?  I'm sure there's a simple answer but I'm having trouble finding it at the moment.

  •  The Discord link doesn't work, any reason why? I would like to join :)

  • I was part of the discord in the past but was busy and rarely posted, one day I suddenly found out a few channels disapeared from my discord and I found out I was banned from them at the exact same moment for unknown reasons. The skyforge was one of them, can could you guys take a look at why I was banned and maybe allow me back or at least tell me what exactly got me banned? Bc is a mystery what got me out 20 something channels


    • The old Discord got deleted after some issues regarding the moderator team. You ought to be able to join the new one from the link above if it's still active, but I haven't been in it for a hot minute so I'm not totally sure.

  • Awwwooo hi all. One question regarding the story corner. Haven't seen anything regarding a table of contents page for stories. Due to having an excess of 350 chapters which i might port across, would we as writers be allowed to create a table of contents as a post with links to our chapters?


    • Yes indeed Sotek

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