The Welcome Thread

Come on in and don't be shy. Nobody here least I dont think they do anyway. Here is a space for new comers to introduce themselves and for the community to make our new comers feel welcome. 

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    • Hey Jam, welcome to the Forge. Oh? Feel free to post any screenshots or even writing snippets if builds aren't for you


  • hello, my name's Cameron and i make a skyrim builds and i think i'm ready to make them pubilc. also im been make some mods asway. im looking forward to being here


    • Hey Cameron welcome to the Skyforge! 

    • Hey Shrimp, happy to have you here and welcome to the Forge 

  • Hello. I have never made a build before but I would like to try now.

  • So happy to have found this website. I love different builds and typically have a list of 20 characters or more. I have 5 I am playing in rotation right now. I love getting ideas of new playstyles.

    Been playing since Morrowind, but skipped Oblivion for some reason, and now have played Skyrim off and on since it came out. Now I am also playing Morrowind and Oblivion to see what all I missed, as well as lots and lots of Skyrim.

    I found this site from a Reddit link in r/Skyrim.

    • 5 builds, nice. That is some dedication. And welcome to the forge!

  • Hello there. Wouldn't describe myself as a lurker, so much as just a person who has veeery occasionally looked at the site for build ideas or for Blackblood's armor combo thread. Unfortunately I only ever play Skyrim with the Requiem mod, so a lot of builds don't cleanly translate, but it's still a good place for inspiration. Maybe I'll be not-ashamed enough of one of my builds to put it up here some day, maybe not.

    Never played any Bethesda games besides Skyrim, and I probably never will; too many other games with many potential hundreds of hours left to enjoy them before I buy anything new.

    I enjoy decapitating mages far too much, and my pet peeve is synchronized death animations that take away all your control as you just watch your character die.

    • Welcome to the Skyforge Sirfloopy. You need not hesitate to post your builds as we’re a kind and supportive community here and I’m sure whatever you have in mind to post is far better than you think it is. 

      While you’re here take a look through our Skyrin build archives. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your own builds there. 

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