The Welcome Thread

Come on in and don't be shy. Nobody here least I dont think they do anyway. Here is a space for new comers to introduce themselves and for the community to make our new comers feel welcome. 

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  • Greetings all, I'm Sandwich. Been a lurker for years, starting with Tamriel Vault then making my way here, as well as on YouTube (Both the official Skyforge Channel and individual creators, including Pixel's). I am a sufferer of Restartitis, but I still dream of getting a character to Sovngarde, so any tips on combating this affliction would be most appreciated. 

    In any case, it's wonderful to see the level of creativity going into these builds is as strong as ever! While I have a few ideas for my own builds, I'm perfectly happy to see/ try out everyone else's builds first (Currently playing a modded version of the Skaal Crusader, here's hoping he makes it to Sovngarde). Personal favourite builds from this site  include The Last Dragonborn (Ponty), The Reaver (Furrion), The Squib (Elysium) and the aforementioned Skaal Crusader (Curse and Raid). 

    Thanks for having me, and I look forward to see what comes next!

    • Hey sandwich it’s wonderful to have you onboard! We’re glad to see you’ve enjoyed our builds over the years and we’re eager to see what build ideas you have to share.

  • Hello fellow travelers! My name is Lucien and I am a simple bard lost in Skyrim.

    I've been reading an trying some of the fantastic builds hosted in this place for long time. I found here the most interesting ways of gameplay, incredible ideas and fascinating stories. Now that I am part of this, I will gladly share my ideas and builds to all of you. Hopefully I will post one soon. For the moment, I want to enjoy the amazing feeling of playing Skyrim with all of you!!!

    btw I want to thanks @BlackBlood15532 for the fantastic build of the Alchemist's Aphoteosis. It was one of the most interesting ways of playing I ever had, with a lot of roleplaying factors that made my journeys in Skyrim unique.


    Thanks to everyone!




  • Hey folks!

    I've been a passionate fan of The Elder Scrolls for a while now. 

    My first game was Morrowind, and the moment I stepped off the Silt Strider, with the city of Balmora laid out before me, I was captivated.

    TES has impacted me in many aspects of my life, inspiring me to write portrayals of characters and stories that manifest and linger in my mind, even when I'm away from the games. At this moment, I'm in the process of writing a story and eventually a DLC for Skyrim called 'Caldwin Cove' (new land, fully-voiced, the works). Do give it a read and share your thoughts and feelings.

    It's a pleasure to be here, and I look forward to delving into your iterations of the elements in TES that inspired you too to create your own stories!

    • Mod making and writing? You've got quite an extensive list of talents. I'll be sure to give your stories a read as soon as I can. 

  • Hello!

    My name is Johnny and I've been a fan of The Elder Scrolls ever since I played Morrowind as a young boy, on my older brother's computer back in 2002. Back then I didn't care about the lore, and certainly didn't realize how extensive and interpretive it is!

    It was only a couple years ago when I discovered "The Annotated Anuad" that I realized how much depth and substance there is in The Elder Scrolls series as a whole. Fast-forward a couple years and I've now found myself invested in a wonderful community of like-minded 'nerds' and I couldn't be happier to be here.

    I'm kicking off my creative writing passion again, and I hope to inspire the likes of you all. It is my honour to share my perspective of the Aurbis with you all! Stay tuned to see what I can do!

  • Hello everyone, 

    my name is Lys, nice to meet y'all. I was just really looking for a guideline kinda thing for my Skyrim new charachter butt seems like I found something way more interesting!

    I already love this website, full of pills from every ESO game and even more!

    I started playing that series when I was a kid. I still remember I saw my dad playing with Arena, and since that moment i started lurking in Tamriel. Always with my dad around 'cause I wasn't able to speak nor understand English. 

    Well I think I'm gonna start losing myself into the lore section of the website!

    See you around, and probably in the discord channel since I'm really interested into the LRP!

    • Welcome! We're so glad you've decided to join this community!


  • Hi, the name's Tik. I'm a long time vanilla player, medium time modded player, first time to look for builds online. I hope I can contribute here.

    • Hello Tik,

      welcome between us!

      Hope you're going to have fun browsing builds and maybe creating your own one!

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