The Welcome Thread

Come on in and don't be shy. Nobody here least I dont think they do anyway. Here is a space for new comers to introduce themselves and for the community to make our new comers feel welcome. 

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    • Welcome, also, do I detect a fellow Whovian?

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  • Hey guys! New member incoming! I might have lurked around here a little in my past but I'm getting the itch to play Skyrim again after a 2 year hiatus so I thought I'd check out some builds.

    • Hi, welcome to the community.

      I'm convinced you'll find some inspiration for your new character here on site. Heck, who knows, you might even find it within yourself to post a build or two of your own.

      At the very least, feel free to look around!

      • Thank you! I'd love to be able to post a build of my own at some point when I have the time to put into it. Trouble is I never upgraded from PS3 so mods are beyond me. With everything covered already with vanilla game mechanics it would have to be more roleplay oriented with recycled gameplay. Something I'd love to do but not sure it would even come close to the builds already posted.

        • I only have Skyrim PS3 version too. Without any DLCs even! I've posted a few builds of my own to the public over the years. And mostly mechanics-focused (as opposed to roleplay- driven) too! If you take, say, a bit of a different angle to a mechanic that seems overplayed that's fine as well.

          So, point is, don't let that stop you.

          Edit: I've seen you've played Oblivion, too. I for sure know there's not much content around as far as Oblivion builds go. Just throwing some food for thought out there.

  • Hey guys, I joined this website out of interest in doing some unconventional builds, though not always. I suppose I mainly joined for feedback on whether a build is good or not, but the added camaraderie is a bonus.

  • Hello everyone! I'm Halk, and I've come to post my incredibly stupid builds! It's good to see there are active Skyrim communities and although I've been playing Skyrim since release, I've never actually connected with others who enjoy the game.

    • After 10 years it's high time to do so I s'ppose. Welcome aboard.

  • After a few months reading some builds here I guess it was time I finally joined in. Please don't mind my lazy ass, and nice to meet you all!

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