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Beating Rolf into submission for insulting the dunmers wasn´t enough, he still keep insulting them all night, so I decided to take his punishment one step further with the help of the console.
Jan 9, 2020
HumanOfPrey replied to Curse's discussion What have you NOT done in Skyrim?
"1) Killing Paarthurnax
2) Doing Jiub´s quests
3) Gather all stones of Barenziah
4) Doing Kyne's Sacred Trials quest
5) Fight the Ebony Warrior
6) Finding all standing stones"
Jan 9, 2020
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The more I think about J’zargo and his exploding scrolls, the more I believe he wanted to kill you because he greatly envies you. First of all, he is highly competitive and strives to be the best of the College's students, using all available means…
Jan 8, 2020
HumanOfPrey replied to Curse's discussion The Welcome Thread in The Welcome Center
"Hello there I am HumanOfPrey. I've come from Tamriel Vault and I discovered this site when I was watching a "lets´s become" video from PCOutcast called "Lust Argonian Maid" and that lead me here. I enjoy reading builds, posting funny screenshots and…"
Jan 8, 2020
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Jan 8, 2020

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Youtube and Google

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Skyrim (mostly) and Oblivion

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Only to collect my rewards.


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