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  • No need to apologise, thank you for bothering.

  • Sorry for the late message! Welcome to the Skyforge, Mortiferous. 

  • Autocorrect foils me again.

  • Nah, mag, itiis me, Lee. Good to see you again. Got here after some digging around after I cleared my cache and had to search for the Vault manually. Found some old drama and decided to try to find this place. 

  • Morti? Is that you? When the heck did you get here?!? Welcome to the Forge mate!

    (If you are someone else and I got confused, sorry but welcome to the Forge anyway)

  • Hello friend and welcome to the forge. 

  • I have no doubt that it can be done, although Bethesda dropping a new title within the next century may help a bunch.

  • Well then we can certainly use your help ensuring this site surpasses the vault and beyond. My goal is for this place to be as big as the skyrim blog was back in 2014. It will be hard but I think it can be done. 

  • I wouldn't have even found the site if it wasn't for clearing my cache. I was meaning to go to the Vault, found a drama video about what happened there on HX's channel (I didn't even know about this stuff) and went hunting for this place. 

    Even though I don't really play Skyrim much anymore it'll be nice to be part of the community again, the Vault has seemed less and less active over time (stagnation in my opinion.)

  • Yeah I think I remember that series too. Well in any case Im glad to see you found us. We're still pretty new but we're working hard to get the word out on this site. 

This reply was deleted.

How did you find this community?

Found an old TamrielVault drama video.

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?


What Fallout games have you played?


Do you get to the Cloud District often?

Fuck off, Nazeem.


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