Build Preview - Dancer of the Two Moons

Here's some artwork for a build teccam and I are cooking up. Expect it out soon. 

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  • You sir have talent.
  • 1. This looks freaking awesome!
    2. Teccam Must Die? :x We need a better name.
    • Fine we can be Teccam Never Dies. Your Destiny track record says otherwise, but we'll go with that.
  • Let's go! This looks so fricken cool. Is it a modded build though?
    • Yep. This is the modded build Teccam and I have been working on. And it's not the last collab we will do together. Raidriars Never Dies is old news. You're looking at a new collab team: Teccam Must Die
      • Kinda sad it's modded because I can't try it but I'll enjoy reading and watching it I'm sure.
        • Hit me up in the discussion for this build when it's released. I have a solid idea on how to translate this build into vanilla skyrim.
      • Black Kaiser ftw.
  • Well you had my curiosity. Now you have a bit of my attention.
    • Just a bit of it?
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