Greetings one and all, my fellow Skyrimmers. As Spring dawns on the world, here we have the next Event. Taking a page from the past, here we have Crossworlds 3!


Now what is Crossworlds, you may ask? The concept is simple. Take your favorite characterer, group, whatever, whether it be your Sailor Moons, your Batmans, your Sith Lords etc, and transplanting them into Skyrim. Now this ain't as simple as say Peter Parker getting isekaied to Skyrim via portal. Rather, the challenge is to transplant them into Skyrim, and make them fit semi-naturally into the world of Skyrim, so say, Spider-Man can be now a Mephala powered vigilante. Now, onto the rules!

“Rules,” such as they are, are equally simple:

  • All fictional universes are on the table, EXCEPT for the TES universe.
  • Fictional italicized means fiction only
  • You can’t reference the character you are basing your build on, or their universe, until the very final wrap-up remarks of the build. This might seem like a silly requirement, but it really added to the fun with the original Crossworlds event. The builds had to be fully realized TES makeovers, they all needed to hang together as standalone entries into the TES universe. And this requirement let readers try to guess your inspiration while they were reading.
  • All other Skyforge Character Building Group rules apply (there aren’t many)
  • Have fun and get your builds completed by July 30th.


Simply leave a comment below that you would like to join; no additional information required.



Character Build Turnoffs - A member of the Skyforge community, SkoomaDealer, posted a discussion not long ago talking about what people do not like to see in character builds. Check this out if you are interested to see the dos and don’ts of Skyrim character building.

Character Build Turnons - Another post from SkoomaDealer that you might find helpful.

Ponty's Guide to Character Building - For people new to the concept of character building, or anyone who would like pointers, Ponty has offered an easy-to-follow guide on how to make a quality character build.

Ponty’s “Let’s Build” Series on The First One from DA:I – Another great resource from Ponty; a number of years ago he did a multi-video series on his process for conceiving the Dragon Age Inquisition “big bad” as a Skyrim character. Very relevant stuff!


Feel free to use any past builds on the Skyforge as references if you are new or just want to try a new style! Here is a link to the original Crossworlds event page, and Crossworlds 2 which contains links to all of the builds the community created two years ago.



 Chris Diokno-The Degenerate Dragon (Issei Hyoudou) Highschool DxD

Jazz-The Knights of the Benevolent (Jeanne D'arc (History+Fate) and Siegfried (Fate series version)

ShadowLi3-The Blind Spider Caine (John Wick 4)

Paragon: Kuai Liang Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Roegel-The Path of Fire Zuko (Avatar)

Born The Huntsmaster of Hircine Mondren Howlpack (Magic the Gathering)

Palolo The Weapons Master (Ezra Scarlet) Faiy Tail

Rusty Argonian Blade-The Wolf of Sithis The Wolf/Death (Puss in Boots The Last Wish)





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  • Sweet! I'd like to participate. Have no idea what I'm going to make, but I'll figure something out.

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