Character Build Showcase - The Crystallurgist by Teccam

Welcome to The Sky Forge's first ever Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Character Build Group.

For our first showcase we've chosen a rather popular build with some pretty unique mechanics at work, and its the Crystallurgist by John a.k.a.  Teccam. And to pique your interests here's an excerpt from the build itself. 

Crystallurgists are mysterious artificers who seek to gain an understanding of the relationship between souls, gems, and magical energy. Ancient techniques passed down through the reclusive guild grant Crystallurgists the unique ability to harness latent energy from souls and spells. This energy can be converted into pure Magicka, or stored in focused crystals for later use.

Very few political and social circles in Tamriel understand the subtle nature of soul artifice. Most would view it as an offshoot of Necromancy -- and in some ways, perhaps it is. To protect themselves from persecution, Crystallurgists must obtain proficiency with all of the tools at their disposal, gaining not only a theoretical aptitude but a practical one as well. 

A master Crystallurgist is capable of using soul energy to incinerate her foes, bolster her own defenses, restore her own magical energy, call forth warriors of spiritual energy, and control entire armies. Furthermore, she can create truly godlike weapons through secret arcane techniques. In short, the Crystallurgist is a force capable of dismantling an entire kingdom single-handedly.

Builds that seek to incorporate unique styles of magick not present in the game are always among the most creative, and the Crystallurgist is arguably the most creative of them all. If you've been looking for an excuse to try out an altmer spell sword then do yourself a favor and give this build a look.. Through clever use of alchemy John has created a uniquely capable spellsword able to take enchantment and destruction damage to unfathomable heights. 

So check out the Crystallurgist and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next!

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  • A worthy first spotlight indeed!
    • Indeed, a very well written feature, Curse.

  • Ok now I'm more motivated to post a build. Not that it stands a chance of getting featured ahead of the greats like teccam Henson and curse. Still worth a try tho.
    • That's the intention of these features! Not only are they are meant to highlight creative and unique builds within the CB group, but also motivate members to try their hand at a build that may very well get featured. I'm sure you can create something great that is worth sharing.

    • Well it's like I said. Never know what we're going to feature. Won't know til you post a build.
  • Always loved this build.
  • Thanks guys! Definitely one of my favorites of my own builds. I love seeing spotlights like this, can't wait to see some builds from others I may have missed.

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