Character Build Showcase - The Way-Maker

3504514806?profile=RESIZE_710xHail, adventurers! Welcome to another of our weekly Character Build Showcase posts, where we at the Skyforge draw some attention to a build that has gone far more unnoticed than it deserves. Last week we re-publicized The Prodigal Son, the amazing Fallout character build by The Long Chapper (a.k.a. Lissette). Thanks to Curse for writing up that showcase! Last time I wrote a showcase, we covered a necromacy build, so I decided I'd go in a different direction this time around and draw some attention to a build with a healing, life-giving archetype. The Way-Maker by Matt Feeney fit the bill perfectly. An absolute classic originating on the Tamriel Vault, Matt rebooted the build and posted it here on the Forge. The build comes with some awesome lore steeped in Redguard religious tradition:

Have you heard the Story of the Way-Maker? I thought not, few have. They say that when the End Times begins, the great and all-powerful HoonDing shall arise once again. Arise to carry the star children into the next Cycle. The HoonDing has always lead us forward; crown, rebel, or sword, he has always been there. But the next avatar, he shall truly accept his role. He will not stand as Crown, Sword, or Rebel, he shall stand as all. He will be the Thrice-Bled Guide. A Crown, for his faith will be unshakable. A Sword, for he will pierce through all that stand in the way of Morwha's children. And a Rebel, for in his quest he will shake the pillars that bind this world and defy the heathen gods. Now break the shackles, my child, lest your hand be severed when you are freed...

Matt has put together a build with an interesting format. The Way-Maker comes with some of the most interesting and rewarding progression I've ever seen in a build. He begins his quest as a simple acolyte of the HoonDing, named The Wanderer. In this basic form, the Way-Maker relies on clever battlefield maneuvering and hiding behind/buffing any follower that has accompanied him on his journey. As he steps more into his role as HoonDing's Chosen, the Way-Maker becomes The High Priest, a form in which he has unlocked many arcane secrets. He uses many ancient staves to give him the upper hand in battle, and most importantly, uses the Voice of HoonDing to call his enemies to his side. Finally, as the Way-Maker truly becomes the Avatar of HoonDing, he can call upon the power of his God and truly become unstoppable in the form of The HoonDing

Matt's build features incredible gameplay mechanics at every stage, and the progression from Wanderer to Avatar is a truly motivating and rewarding experience. If any of this even remotely piques your interest, I highly recommend you click the link above and check out the work that Matt has put into this build.

Well? What are you still reading this post for? Get over there to that epic build and be sure to leave behind a like and a comment. 

As usual, you'll see another highlighted build here on the front page of the Forge next week. Definitely keep an eye out, because that build could even be one of your own. There's a countless archive of incredible builds on here, and we want to see that grow. So, my dear adventurers, continue the great work on character builds. Glory awaits those who seek it!

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  • The Way Maker is a great choice for this week's spotlight and a definite must play build. 

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