May the Best Pirate Win!


We've finally arrived at the judging portion of this contest. Ten contestants have submitted builds, and over the course of the next week and a half our panel of judges shall decide which build will reign supreme. 

The builds will be scored in 4 separate categories: Gameplay, Presentation, Lore, Roleplay. Each build will also be awarded bonus points based on number of likes up to 10. For more details on the judge's rubric be sure to check out the contest thread linked below and feel free to ask questions. 

The judges will post their decisions to that aformentioned thread on the 4th of July. Bountiful rewards await the contestants behind the top 3 builds. While we await the judges' decisions be sure to root for your favorite build. For those who missed out don't be dismayed. We have plenty of contests and challenges planned for the near future.

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  • Best of luck to everypony

  • The suspense is building.

  • Best of luck to everyone. Some amazing builds were posted. Great job!

  • Whether I win or not I had a had fun with this contest. Thank you for giving me the courage to share my build.

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