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Do you Murderhobo?

For the unfamiliar, the term "Murderhobo" refers to a (Typically D&D, though it's applicable to all RPGs IMO) homeless player character who goes around indiscriminately killing and looting the world that they're a part of. In Skyrim, I'd say this can be anything from running around Whiterun stealth killing everyone to running straight into Embershard Mine out of Helgen without any real motive to do so.

Recently I've been finding myself treading away from my old mindset of "Start every playthrough in X Hold and just clear the hell out of everything in my path" and started exclusively clearing out areas only if I have a quest to do so, with a few exceptions of course, some of the occupied roadside military forts, toll roads, and other camps, as well as encounters with random thieves, assassins and wildlife are difficult to avoid. Most if not all areas can be targets of radiant quests however, and if they aren't then they're likely used as part of a quest/line, so there's no shortage of motivation to head into places, it just has some extra more roleplay focused steps to it is all.


What's your take on looting, do you consider it part of the rewards or do you tend to stick away from carrying out the heaps of treasure lining the walls of the crypts and caverns that you head into?


(Props to Ponty for giving me the idea for this)

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  • I've personally drifted more towards this mindset with my last few characters being more RP-oriented. While you might have a little more downtime between action, it's often a more rewarding way to play both in terms of character progression (rewards can be put towards training/new gear) as well as achieving your RP goals. In the past I often found myself 'grinding' in every dungeon I came across to try and hit that next perk milestone to finish my build, but training really let me get out of that mindset and focus more on the character's goals and motivations!

  • Killing things and taking stuff without any motivation to do so seems like very lazy role-playing, to be honest, and not something I'd be inclined to. Starting out, I generally get into fights only because there's a bounty or other quest to clear out a bandit camp or dungeon, or because the enemies there were in my way. And then later on I generally only fight enemies that are part of whatever quest I'm completing at the time.

    Looting is a fair part of victory in my opinion, though with the Requiem mod, carry weight is massively nerfed to a more realistic level, so I can't carry out a whole bunch of stuff for the sole purpose of selling it. I usually take septims, gems and other light, valuable items like jewelry, then whatever I think will actually be useful to me or a follower, such as a better armor or weapon, and useful food or potions. And by the time I've collected those things, my carry weight is usually near to full, so that's all I take with me.

  • I don't murder hobo, but i do pickpocket hobo. I don't need to kill you for your loot if i can take it before you know I'm there after all ;D

    In all seriousness though, Nah, i don't murder hobo, unless i have a reason to go somewhere i don't usually dive blindly into dungeons, that's how you end up taking on falmer at level one and that is no bueno

    Totally not speaking from experience or anything

  • I used to be all about murder-hoboing til I started playing around with mods. See, I never found the vanilla player homes suitable for any of my characters, but with mods I find myself  spending quite a lot of time kicking back at home depending on the character I play. 

    • I've never really touched any player home mods before. Do you recommend any in particular? 

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