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  • I heard true tanks and healers are rather rare depending on platform, is there a reason why that is?

  • Hmm, I've actually never thought about, I think I mostly did DPS in ESO as I rarely went full tank or healer

  • Only played for a short time but any mmo I always try go and full healer.

    • How did you find the climate when trying to create a healer? I've always wanted to develop a dedicated Healer or Tank, so I can better serve a dungeon group, and the classes and prospect of cooperative play are very appealing to me, but the people I have spoken to and the articles I've come across say that the curve, in the sense of people tolerating your developing skills, can be extremely discouraging. It seems that people don't have the patience to work with new or non-veteran healers and tanks, so as a result, the discouraged healers and tanks turn into hybrids because they're not being utilized in groups and they still have to play the game. Your thoughts?

      • Well again I didn't play for long.

        I would run into very, very thankful players and finding willing peeps was lightning fast. I would never run into other healers so groups would dig a pure healer giving huge help.

        I would then also run into the douchebags you are mentioning and all I would do is leave if I wasn't having fun.

        Their fun is to min/max and play with the utmost efficiency and demand other players do that. That's on them and in my view they are douchebags - but in their view they are making their own version of fun and the game. Can't blame them because they play for their own reasons.

        In any MMO or online game I have ever played I quickly learned to just say "bye, have fun with that" when someone's douchebaggery doesn't line up with how I want to play.

  • i think im more mag dps, but i am working on a stam dps too try out


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