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Inspiration for lore based builds

Firstly I just want to say thanks,  for everyones contributions to this amazing site :)   Since I discovered it my Skyrim play & builds have been loads more fun, especially after downloading the Ordinator mod :P

I'm just wondering where you get the lore for a lore based build, is it just the wiki's,  the ingame books or a Elder Scrolls fan blog?

I know there's a lot of Elder Scrolls lore out there, but it can be quite overwhelming searching for an idea, so any tips would be gratefully received.



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  • Mostly wikis and the in-game books

  • Hey pox! Glad to see you enjoy the community!

    The most accessible starting point with lore based builds, at least for me, are books found in game. They provide a short and sweet introduction to whatever facet of the lore catches your attention. Once you've found a topic of interest my recommendation would be to investigate further on the Elder Scrolls Wiki or the Imperial Library. 

    Another helpful resource can be found in TES communities with an interest in Elder Scrolls Lore. Our community's discord is one such example, and I would also highly recommend the Tel Mora Independent Press community, the link to which you may find on our home page. But no worries I will link everything below. 

    The Skyforge Official discord - https://discord.gg/qDrGb2w

    The Tel Mora Independent Press -http://www.telmoraindependent.net/

    Tel Mora also has a discord  - https://discord.gg/QszswBj

  • i will say mostly in-game books too. There is a pdf out there with all the books in Skyrim in one tome. Maybe you can check it out and get some inspiration.

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