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What have you NOT done in Skyrim?

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Consider the vanilla game for a moment and ask yourself: Have you truly explored all there is to do in Skyrim? Even for as long as I've been playing Skyrim there's still so much I've yet to do. For example, I've yet to set foot inside an Orc stronghold. I've never completed Peryite or Malacath's daedric quests, nor have I ever completed the Civil War on the Stormcloaks side - And thats just the beginning.

So what are some things you've yet to do after all these years?

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  • Play through dragonborn and Dawnguard. I was always so hung up on getting the best out of my passthrough and wanting to have my own headcanon that I waited for myself to get a pc that would run skyrim exactly as I wanted it!

    • Now that is very surprising to me

  • Hmm, only ones I can think of are collecting all the Stones of Barenziah and the Kyne's Sacred Trials quest. Especially when I was starting out I was sure to make a diverse cast of characters (so to speak) so that I could experience as much of the game as possible!

  • Off the top of my head I've never

    • Played a werewolf
    • Complete Sheogorath, Peryite, or Malacath's Daedric quest
    • Collected all the dragon priest masks
    • Collected all Barenziah Stones
    • Long list of gear I've never used
      • Long Hammer
      • Auriel's Shield
      • Dwarven Blackbow of Fate
      • Visage of Mzund
      • Mehrunes Razor
      • Wabbajack
    • Some Stones I've yet to use
      • Apprentice
      • Tower
      • Serpent

    I know there's a lot more to this list. It'll come to me sooner or later. 


    • Same. I've never used the Tower stone in a build, or really anything. I've never used the Blackbow or Visage either. Lots of stuff I haven't really used. I've also, only like, once, collected all the Crimson Nirnroot

    • Longhammer! You're missing out!

    • No wabbajack? How dare you...

      • Hey I forget. Didnt you write something about the probabilities for all Wabbajack effects?

  • Let me see:

    • I have never joined the Dark Brotherhood
    • played on the vampires' side on Dawnguard
    • owned a home with heartfire
    • Messed with the holds of Falkreath, Hjaalmarch and The Pale
    • And the greatest heresy of all, I have never played a sneaky archer

    There are a lot more things like stones, gear or even NPCs I have never touched

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