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Which Daedric Prince do you favor?

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Its no secret Daedric Princes are a powerful and pivotal force in The Elder Scrolls universe. Those who devote themselves wholly to the will of these powerful beings are often rewarded greatly, or utterly ruined. So the question remains, which Daedric Prince do you favor most and why?

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  • Not a hard one for me. Hircine, Prince of the Hunt, is my favorite, claws down. I'm what I believe is known as a Skybaby (Skyrim was my first TES game) and becoming a Werewolf with the Companions was probably the coolest experience I had in my first playthrough, if a little rushed. From there I got really hooked into the game and started to explore some lore about the Werewolves in TES, and of course stumbled into Hircine's Hunting Grounds.

    I love the sort of character that's neither friend nor foe, but just ... is. I realize that applies to a lot of the Daedra, but for some reason that quality really sticks out in Hircine. He can be your most cunning enemy or your most deadly ally, depending on which side of the Hunt you are on. 

    Needless to say he's also got one of the coolest aesthetics out of any of the Princes imo. That deerskull helm looks sick AF. To top it off, a wolf is my favorite animal so, ya know, I'm a bit biased but hey. To Oblivion with bias. Hircine is my man. 

  • Okay, this one's pretty hard.

    I love a lot of Princes, but for really various reasons, so I'm going to just review some that I prefer.

    Hermaeus Mora is the first that comes to my mind when I'm asked this, because of his presence in Skyrim, but first and foremost because of Lovecraft. I'm a huge fan of H.P and a bookworm, so I'd identify as him. The downside is, he's too "simple", not special enough. I think he's too litteral and not metaphorical enough.

    Then comes Hircine. Hircine has an incredible aesthetic, artefacts and realm. He's the fair boy, with hunts, the wild blood moon hunt, his own skin as a reward, and lycanthropy.

    Then comes the Sheo Jyga duo. Because of Jygalagg. I find Sheogorath blend, I feel like he's a wasted idea, a failed prince. The reason for that is he's supposed to represent an opposite, a perfect alter ego to Jygalagg. You know who does that but better? Sanguine. The concept of a prince so perfect and powerful that he had to be suppressed by the others and cursed is incredible, but Sheo, for me, doesn't match the idea of absolute chaos, because he does. An exemple of that is the Shivering Isles. They are perfectly balanced between two halves, between Saints (Gucci ay) and Seducers (Louis ay). Sheogorath isn't the prince of madness, he's the prince of failed order and failed chaos. In a sense, Jygalagg is more chaotic, because of his own nature and sphere. Absolute perfection and order is a paradox, it doesn't exist and isn't achievable. 

    Then, finally, comes Sanguine. Sanguine, other than being the best buddy you could hope for, is the proto Daedra, the incarnation of destruction.

    First, he could represent almost all the other spheres: the chaos of partying and caused by general apathy and anarchy, which leads to revolution and destruction, domination and violence. (Sheogorath,Dagon, Boethiah and Molag), the inconsistency of dreams and nightmares, like a terrible hangover or poisonous gifts (Vaermina, Clavicus), etc... 

    I don't know if you saw the Fudgemuppet video about him, but it sums it up pretty nicely. I think Sanguine is a better Sheogorath than Sheogorath, I'd say the real power of Sanguine, his real, hidden sphere of influence would be entropy, the passive force that breaks a system down. Imagine the consequencies of apathy to a divine scale.

    That is why my favourite princes are Sanguine and Jygalagg.

  • Hermaeus Mora. Because knowledge is power. Both the Oghma Infinium and the Black Books are versatile enough for just about any character to get use out of, be they a Warrior, Rogue or Mage. He also represents "forbidden knowledge and the scrying of the tides of Fate, of the past and future as read in the stars and heavens, and in whose dominion are the treasures of knowledge and memory", so yea he's probably got a bigger view of the whole picture compared to the rest of the Daedra. Plus his inspiration comes from Lovecraftian design.

  • Hermaeus Mora, easily. I really like all princes, but the Gardener of Men was always my favorite. Knowledge is something really powerful and extremely important. It can save and ruin lives. While some princes often try to grab power by force, Hermaeus remains collecting knowledge, knowing that at the end game, this is what most important. The lore behind him is amazing. The lovecraftian inspiration is something that I really enjoy and it fits like a charm. Also, even though Hermaeus is not as active as dealing with mortals and trying to interfere in mortal affairs like other princes, his presence in the course of events is undeniable and you get this ominous feeling: will Hermaeus remain on his lovecraftian helm of knowledge and secrets, or is he only wating to strike at the right time?

    Also, the way he deals with Miraak is really insteresting to me. He could let Miraak accomplish his plan and bend the will of Tamriel, but Hermaeus turns on him the moment he has a new champion/disciple. After all, the old Herma-Mora knows that the real power doesnt come from dragon souls, battles and domination: Knowledge is Power.

  • Looking at the polls theres more Jyggalag fans than I anticipated. Interesting. 

    • Lots of love for Harmaeus Mora as well, but I do know that he's a pretty popular one. I'm surprised Hircine has as many votes as he does TBH.

  • Clearly some of you have never done The Fish Stick.

    • If it counts, Sheogorath is my 2nd favorite. Tbh, knowledge and insanity sometimes go hand in hand.

  • Im surprised Sanguine isnt more popular. 

  • Some are pretty intriguing while others a bit lackluster.

    My top 3 have almost always been Sanguine, Sheogorath, and Mehrunes Dagon.

    Get drunk, go nuts, fight.

    But seriously they have always been interesting and Papa Dagon has been a huge integral part to some huge events in lore. Sanguine just appeals the most to me because pushing aside the darker, brutal nature of over indulging oneself there is just party, party, party.

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