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Who is your Canon Protagonist in Skyrim?

3417284248?profile=RESIZE_710xWho's your Dovahkiin?


Just what the title says. Do you have a certain character that you see as the "This is how the game all played out".  Who are they? Why did you choose that character? Are they a hero or villian or just a bit nonchalant?

I'll start off by saying mine. I see my canon character as a Breton Knight named Dante. He's a Knight of "The Circle" the militant arm of the order of Arkay out of High Rock. He is an expert with dealing with the undead and magickal anomolies, (Think of a Templar from the DA series).  He's the thane of Winterhold and is obviously cautious of magic user's and the sort. He likes to keep an "eye" on the mages at the college from time to time between his excursions of hunting the undead and rogue mages.

Any ways let me know about your characters and what makes them unique, or what is about them that makes them the canoncial choice for you.

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  • Mine is Revyn. He is a Dunmer who's goal is to discover as much as possible, gain as much knowledge as possible and to find only the exceptionally rarest items. He is pretty neutral but will not hesitate to stab a man in the back for an artifact, he is, above all else, a collector. His hobbies incude: Swearing his soul to over a dozen Daedric princes, exploring dungeons, tombs and caves to find powerful items or gain more ancient knowledge. His Backstory? Nobody really knows much about the mysterious collector. Some say he's from Morrowwind, some even say he could be from the Shivering Isles, but in the end, nothing is known about Revyn.


    Edit: I know it isn't good

  • I mean it's pretty boring, but I think of the canon Dragonborn as the one we see in the trailer. A strong nord with a beard, long brown hair, and the classic iron armor. As far as what story choices he made, he's a generally virtuous character but believes strongly in the Nord people, leading him to side with the Stormcloaks. I also dont see him as having done any of the questlines that dragonborn power is not essential to besides the Civil War. Dark Brotherhood, Companions, etc. were done by someone, but not this character. That's about all I've got. Again, pretty boring but that's as close as I can get to what might be considered "canon."

    • I agree. That’s how i’ve always felt the canon Dragonborn would be in my mind

  • I have 20+ characters and counting. Its hard to pick one "canon" character because of how invested I am in all of them. 

  • As tropey as it is I've always loved stories about prophecy with events spanning hundreds of years. I based my 'canon' Dragonborn off the Last Dragonborn depicted on Alduin's Wall in Cloud Ruler Temple, clad in Blades armour and wielding their weapons. Essentially he's a reincarnation of Martin Septim who sacrificed his magicka to return to Mundus and stop the Dragon Crisis. I turned this playthrough into one of my favourite builds, aptly titled the Last Dragonborn!

    Character Build: The Last Dragonborn
    There's plenty of builds that use, or even rely on, Shouts, and a number that depict the quintessential Nordic Dragonborn we've seen in Bethesda's pr…
  • This discussion is a bit old but I'm gonna throw my two cents in. I imagine him as a generally generic Nord, but far from a Barbarian or Stormcloak. I imagine after the events in Skyrim that the Dragonborn is able to unite the Nords and Imperials against their common enemy, the Aldmeri Dominion. Since Titus Mede II was assassinated in this timeline, I imagine that the Last Dragonborn was unanimously selected to become the new Emperor, as is tradition that those with the Dragon blood are emperor. Ulfric is named High King with the promise that he ends the Civil war and joins forces with the Empire to take part in a second Great War (WW1 was called the Great War before there was a second, and Bethesda takes a lot of inspiration from real history), this time with dragons fighting side by side with the humans, since many dragons have sworn loyalty to the Dragonborn after he defeats Alduin. 

    • I like this idea a lot.

      • Thanks! It'd be some cool lore to add that could date the next Elder Scrolls.

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