CND's Artwork

Nothing much to say. I like to draw my characters and here's a thread where you can find all my artwork and doodles in one place. 







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    • Wow is about all I can say. 

  • Loving the new artworks, Curse

    • Thanks Aysleph 

  • At a glance, I'm noticing your style has gotten more distinct, and posture/poses are more complex than the early days of your build artwork. The Cleric Knight takes me back, that was a great build and I still love the illustration (although is the one posted here touched up?). But your newer stuff shows you've definitely put the time in, and there is more going on in, i.e. the Lusty Argonian Maid compared to the Healer. Do you practice sketching anatomy? The Dancer of Twin Moons piece I think could've used some more reflection on the way his arms are placed. I think I would've had to sit in front of a mirror with a broom to get that one myself, but I'm always looking at references and haven't gotten too deep into figure drawing. You're really nailing lighting and values/shading. From skin to armor, it looks really good. Definitely impressed, and I'd like to see non-Skyrim related stuff if ever you wanted to share. 

    • Oh man I don’t even want to think about my old artwork. If a man could die from cringing that’d do it for me. I’m glad you think I’ve got the value shading and lighting down. Lighting in particular can be quite frustrating to get right for me. 

  • I made a new thing


    • Sick! Damn I love that lightning!

    • I’m thoroughly impressed with this picture! Granted I feel that way about everything you’ve made. Your skills seem to get sharper with each new picture.

  • Looking good Curse

  • Thanks guys glad you liked it.

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