Name a popular mod you ended up disliking

There is a similar thread on Reddit asking this very question. But I’d like to read your thoughts on this here. For me the mod was Revenge of the Enemies. At first I loved it but later found it really tedious. I reached my breaking point with some of the numerous new enemy types added by the mod.  What are some popular mods you ended up disliking?

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  • I ditched Revenge of the Enemies a while ago and switched to Ultimate Combat + ASIS. RoTE takes everything I dislike about regular Legendary difficulty ( Dame dumb enemies, just beefier) and turns tbe dial to 11while adding a bunch of dumb nonsensical abilities. 

    Another mod I’ve grown to dislike is Immersive Weapons. I’m not a fan of its wildly inconsistent texture quality. Some weapons look amazing. Others look like they were out together in a matter of minutes. Many of the weapons are outlandish and not at all lore friendly or immersive.

  • I agree with Curse on Immersive Weapons. Immersive Armors are awesome but the Immersive Weapons mod adds a ton of weapons that are in fact really unimmersive.

    Another mod I really dislike that a lot of people use is Apachii SkyHair (I think that's what its called). The hair there just really doesn't match with the theme of Skyrim. In fact, I don't even really like KS Hairdos that much without the Salt and Wind retex. 

  • Oh boy -

    Well, pretty much all follower mods, to start! The waifu mods are a plague on the nexus, but even exceptionally well-made followers like Inigo...I just can't play with them. Combat is a nightmare, and roleplaying on the fly is impossible when someone else is trying to tell the story. (Not going to argue with those that enjoy followers, to each their own. Have fun with Inigo, lots of others do too!)

    Immersive Weapons is less of an issue to me than Immersive Armors, which a) overfills the leveled lists by a huge amount, and b) has a whole bunch of obvious and hidden bugs that are mentioned and verified fairly often in threads but somehow aren't widely known. A huge amount of scripts for a mod that just adds armors.

    And since I can't get enough of great quest mods, I have to comment on a couple of bad ones like Falskaar and Moonpaths; I applaud the authors for breaking new ground (they're the first new lands and quest mod for Skyrim, respectively), but they were both super janky and the writing was not good. The Rigmor mods were cool ideas but the execution is painful, it is just an endless string of instructions to follow Rigmor to this spot, that spot, the next spot, talk to Rigmor, follow Rigmor, check on Rigmor. Yikes. 

    I agree that Revenge of Enemies and other damage-sponge mods are not fun. (The SoT mods always seem to bug on me anyways, spawning all kinds of monsters 200 yards underground or inside mountains and other silliness)

    Last group of mods I don't like are survival mods like iNeed or RND--the concept of immersion is cool, but for me I just find these mods to result in game interruptions to eat, and wasted inventory space on disease potions, food, firewood, etc. I have enjoyed Frostfall/Campfire/iNeed mods for the first parts of playthroughs, but I always turn them off after awhile--the novelty of "let's take a break" wears off and it's just a source of delay.

    OMG that was super negative. I have a 350 mod load order and love so many mods. I am a happy person. 

    • I personally quite enjoyed moonpath despite how linear it is. I also enjoy Falskaar despite how many additions it takes to put it on par with more modern quest mods. 

      Gray Cowl of Nocturnal was an example of a quest mod I couldn’t bring myself to finish. It got off to a great start but grew less and less appealing as I progressed, where finally I arrived in Hammerfell where I stopped the quest. The voice acting and shoddy textures are what killed it for me. There’s actually a great texture overhaul mod that addressed this, but it’s only on SE. 

      • Falskaar and Moonpath are both good, and the writing I fairly good for, if I recall, someone's first big mod

    • I really enjoy mods like iNeed to be honest. When coupled with Frostfall and realistic damage mods it makes the game feel so much more high stakes. 

    • If you’re looking for a good follower/quest mod I can’t recommend interesting NPCs enough.  

      • Hoth is a pretty good one

      • Replying to all these - first to be clear i am amazed at all mods much less sprawling quest mods and such, so my dislikes are just preference, not critiques of the mod authors. Just want to be super clear on that! Quest mods are especially dependent on subjective Likes/dislikes.

        and i LOVE interesting NPCs, its amazing stuff. I love all those quests, love the writing, and the followers are supremely well done...and i still cant have them follow me for more than 10 minutes before “it’s time we parted ways.” I’m just a lone wanderer i guess.

        moonpath on LE is super buggy, i’ve played it during my LotD playthroughs (Legacy of the Dragonborn is IMO the best mod ever written for skyrim) and it works within that mod but the acting and story are just goofy to me. Ah well. It is very different on SE? I JUST made the switch to SE and i’m curious to see which popular mods were reworked vs. just ported over. Moonpaths had a new guy pick it up and work on it IIRC. But yeah i agree that anyone who could build something like moonpath or falskaar deserves high praise.

        I also want to try survival mode on SE. frostfall is a great mod and chesko (the author) made the survival mode addon also. If food and disease are integrated in it i bet he did a good job with it. I dunno - the cold and camping stuff are indeed fun for me, but i cant seem to get the same enjoyment out of  food and sleep needs, “its been six hours again eat a thing from your inventory.”

  • I had no idea Immersive armors was such an objectively shitty mod. It might explain a number of issues I’ve had with my game.

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