Character Snapshots


Greetings, sera. Plenty of us have gone in-depth when creating our characters, whether they be for Character Builds or for our own personal leisure. And perhaps you want a chance to be able to share that character you've created. But some of us just don't want to have to deal with the process of creating  long, overly-detailed Character Profiles for those characters. Perhaps you don't have the time, or you simply don't have the patience.

Character Snapshots is a thread for those people who don't want to make Character Profiles for their characters, yet still want to share them for others to see. Here, you can post a small snippet of information about your character, including that character's image, gear, weapons, chosen skills, etc.



-The Daedric Templar-

Name: Ararvyne Varam

Class: Nightblade

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Interests: To manipulate the fate of Tamriel

Skills: Illusion, Enchanting, One-Handed, Destruction, Light Armor, Conjuration


A fragment of a long lost Templar organization, Ararvyne, codename "Blackblood", now travels through Skyrim, in the hopes of reviving the organization he'd served thus far. Upon finding the true power of the Daedric Princes, he plans to revive the Templars under their power, and force mortalkind's evolution through the advent of the "Age of Daedra".


These are quick and easy to make, while still capable of being detailed enough to describe your character to other people. So if you're looking for an easy way to show the character you've created to the member of the Sky Forge, this is the thread!

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  • 4173832?profile=RESIZE_320x320-The Dark Vile-

    Name: ???????

    Class: Nightblade

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Interests: To exist as a monster on Tamriel

    Skills: Illusion, Conjuration, One-Handed, Alchemy, Sneak


    A man who sought to understand the mentality of the psychotic, after witnessing a crazed murderer in Skyrim take the lives of many of the people he loved. He became obsessive with his research, committing to acts that would please even Namira. Eventually, he dove too deeply into the abyss, and returned twisted as a result.

    Fun Fact: This guy will be inspired by Pennywise the Dancing Clown from "It". The new one.

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      • I think a better idea is to create a sub thread/section in the character building or Roleplay group and have individual posts for each snapshot. This way, snapshots won’t get lost in a sea of comments and will look much better.
        • Funny you should mention that. People contemplated that very thought when the first iteration of this thread showed up long ago. Your concern is valid but I dont think its going to be much of a problem here. 

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