TES Chronicles: Adean Lellrd

Greetings, sera. Blackblood here with the first ever Character Chronicle. The idea behind these types of post is to have somewhere to put a character's journey throughout Skyrim, so as not to clutter any of the other areas of the Forge. This one tells the story of one of the world's most powerful Necromancers, as he journeys around Skyrim in search of the ultimate power over death itself. So without further ado, let's get to it shall we?


Journal Entry No. 1 - Fruitless Efforts

This is getting nowhere. I came down here to learn about this "Crimson Nirnroot", and how it can improve my alchemic research, but for all intents and purposes it acts exactly like regular Nirnroot. Worse yet, the Dwarven Automaton outside seems intent on keeping watch for me, making it even more difficult to go look for more. To say nothing of the wretched Falmer that infest these depths.
Necromancy is an incredibly touchy subject, and much of what was known about it has been lost through time, with only the base variants still utilized today. Reanimation spells grant ownership to only one or two undead minions at a time at max. But this is not the true potential of Necromancy. No, there is more, FAR more. Mannimarco was proof! And I shall find this proof if it kills me. EVEN if it kills me!
I'll have to abandon this work station. I'll take everything I can carry, and sprint past the Sphere outside. There are plenty of avenues around Skyrim with which I can advance my research anyways.


Journal Entry No. 2 - Recovery

The blasted thing shot me hard in the sides. I needed time to recover, and the bitter cold of the north helped none. Thank the Lords that there was a Hold nearby. I'll rest here for a few days, gather some supplies and seek out my next station. I cannot stand working in this bitter cold land.

I'll need some form of alias, an occupation to mask my true intents. Necromancy is frowned upon by many of the lesser people in this land, especially the Nords. 


Journal Entry No .3 - Assimilation

I've found a nearby farmer. I decided to save his body for my research, and make use of his clothing. This Knapsack will help me carry my reagents to various lands. Still, to think that Skyrim could be full of so many potential ingredients. 

I must make a conscious decision not to become lax on my Enchanting, however. I must make certain that I am able to actually cast whatever necromantic spells I have within my person.


Journal Entry No. 4 - Nocturnal Salesman

I'd found this elderly woman out in the middle of nowhere, nearby Riverwood. I had considered simply selling her some of my "wares", but then I realized it would be so much simpler to just kill her. She seemed more than just an elderly lady, however, when she called her familiar on me. I wonder if she has something of greater value within her home.


Journal Entry No. 5 - Forbidden Magic


This ancient tomb contains so many secrets, so many fragments of knowledge into the ancient form of Necromancy! With this grimoire, which looks to be called the Necronomicon, I can unlock necromantic powers far greater than any Necromancer around me! There are so many fragments of knowledge. How to improve your necromantic powers to control more undead for indefinite time, the creation of various artifacts to augment one's knowledge and power with undeath, and even darkened gear! I have much work to do.


Journal Entry No. 6 - Appalling Apparel

The new gear that I have crafted will serve me well for a time. It is far more versatile and strong than the gear of an average warlock or necromancer. The spells within this grimoire are unique, and will take time to fully understand. For now, I require test subjects. I will unlock the mysteries of this book, and become the greatest necromancer on Tamriel. I will become the Necro Lord!


Journal Entry No. 7 - The Scent of Death

It seems that Morthal has some Vampire troubles. I can tell, because of the Vampire shamelessly flaunting her appearance in the town, as well as the evidence of the fire that occurred. They say the man did it, for afterwards, he pledged himself to that Vampire almost immediately. How foolish. Solving this situation should earn me some recognition within the Hold. Who knows, perhaps I can find value with these Vampires.


Journal Entry No. 8 - Shoddy Handiwork

Morthal was a bust. They wanted me to build my own home. I don't build my own homes. Thus, I've decided to return to Windhelm for the time being. No matter how much I despise this cold northern Hold, the rumours of this "Butcher" intrigued me. Especially the way the bodies were handled. If I'm not mistaken, there is necromancy at the heart of this story. Perhaps with a little snooping around, I can find something of value to me.


Journal Entry No. 9 - Off to Work We Go

I've found myself an excellent find! The Necromancer's Amulet, wielded by the legendary King of Worms himself! This should greatly bolster not only my necromancy, but my Restoration as well. Now that I've completed that little endeavor, I have yet another issue. I require Ebony Ingots and Refined Malachite to create many of the necessary artifacts detailed within the Necronomicon.

I have found two potential sites, one with Ebony and one with Malachite, That are thankfully close enough together. They are both near Kynesgrove, and one is found in the town's mines. The other, I fear, will be the more difficult of the two, as it is located within an Orc Stronghold. That means I must either somehow gain their trust, or massacre them all.


Journal Entry No. 10 - The Dawn

It seems a group of Vampire Hunters has been formed. The Dawnguard, as they call themselves. With them, I could gain the gear to better handle enemy Vampires. This would grant me many bodies for my research, as the Dawnguard would most likely be the first to go in and clear out a den of Vampires.

They're located southeast of Riften, but coming to this Hold I can already tell that the corruption within the town would make a good temporary base of operations. Gaining their trust should be simple enough.


Journal Entry No. 11 - The Volkihar Clan

By the Lords, I never expected to find such amazing fortune! My first mission for the Dawnguard, and I have already unearthed such a magnificent specimen, kept preserved for centuries. She sought to return to her family, and I led her there. I wanted to find out more about her lineage. I believed it would assist me in understanding the powers of the undead. But I never expected that she was part of one of the most powerful of the Vampire Clans on Tamriel.

Her father, Lord Harkon, has rewarded me with the ultimate gift: The power of Vampirism! I can feel my soul becoming that much closer to that of the undead I so desperately seek to subjugate! Yes, I myself have become that which I seek to control!


Journal Entry No. 12 - Field Test

My first mission as a vampire was to fill the Bloodstone Chalice. It was simple enough, slaughter the inferior vampires within Redwater Den, and fill the Chalice at the Spring located at the very base. However, I also required the blood of a powerful vampire in order to complete the mixture. Thankfully, two foolish ones appeared before me, hoping to finish me, and the other, off. They were dealt with quickly.

Now with that task completed, they trust me enough to offer their services to me. This shall make for a good temporary base as well. And now that I've completed this, it is time to begin construction of my Magnum Opus: My ultimate undead thrall.


Journal Entry No. 13 - The Magnum Opus

Assisting the cursed Orc Stronghold proved to be profitable for me. Their chief, the weak Yamarz, was strong enough as an Orc to serve me well for quite some time. I was also rewarded by Malacath with a mighty Warhammer, which I shall let Yamarz wield until I can fabricate a much stronger one.

I am still nowhere near being able to create the proper reagents for improving the undead, but I have plenty of time...


Journal Entry No. 14 - Armor Upgrade

I've done it! I've finally done it! It took time and effort, but I've managed to craft 3 of the artifacts within the Necronomicon:

-The Mimir, an archaic artifact filled with the ancient enchanting knowledge of the dead
-The Distiller, an incredibly complex device which is capable of greatly improving the potency of my potions and poisons
-The Daedric Mystery Box, a miniature object which acts as a conduit to call upon the Daedric Lords, in exchange for sacrifice

With these items, I've finished my ultimate  personal apparel! I am one step closer to necromantic sovereignty!


Journal Entry No. 15 - Mass Sacrifice

The foolish Orc from Narzulbur, Dushnamub, sent hired thugs out to kill me. All because he believes I am the one who stole the Ebony ore and ingots lying around his area. While he is true, I don't very much like having a hit put out on me. I'll go find this fool and kill him.

...Hmm, and while I'm at it, I'll kill all of the Orcs within that Stronghold. But why stop there? I'll kill ALL of the Orcs in ALL of the Strongholds! I'll dissect and dessicate their bodies and use them as sacrifices to the dark lords! Hahaha, I love this idea!


Journal Entry No. 16 - Thrall Wanted

I should have known that that weak and foolish Yamarz would have no value. He's gone and vanished! I will have to think twice about how I manage my undead thralls. Once I have that mastered, the next one I raise will be far more valuable than he ever was. Soon..


Journal Entry No. 17 - Following in their Footsteps

I heard through the grapevine that a caravan of Vigilants had been attacked. I figured I could use more dead bodies for my research, so I went to investigate. What I found, however, could lead me to something even greater than that. It seems that they had come into possession of an unholy artifact, and that a group of necromancers had attacked them. They seem to have taken the item to Ravenscorn Spire, some lair half way across Skyrim. I wonder what dark secrets it held that were so important that the Vigilants had to have it destroyed, and that the necromancers would engage them to retrieve it...


Journal Entry No. 17 - The Ultimate Goal

YES YES YES YES YES!! Lords who would have known I'd run into such a glorious find! This necromancer, Antioch, and his minions seek that which all the ancient necromancers had always dreamed of: Lichdom! If what he says is correct, I may be able to achieve the ultimate state of undeath!

He has sent 3 groups of minions to recover the necessary reagents for this ritual:

-The Trappings of a Fallen Archmage
-The Heart of a Priest of Arkay
-An Elixir crafted from one of two ingredients

Antioch himself has taken a journey to Dragontail Mountains, in the hopes of finding out more about this necromantic process. While he does that, I'll gather the 3 reagents for myself!!


Journal Entry No. 18 - The First Reagent

Thank the Lords that they'd tracked down these priests of Arkay for me. It was simple enough to slaughter the necromages within the area. As for the priest, he thought I'd come to save him. Oh it was hilarious when he realized his inevitable fate! Now I have his heart, on to the next!

On a lesser note, I was ambushed by an assassin from the Dark Brotherhood. A lone assassin, to kill a Necro Lord like myself. Those fools clearly must suffer for their arrogance. But that comes another day.


Journal Entry No. 19 - The Second Reagent

If it weren't for this vampiric blood in my veins, I'd never be able to stand such horrid temperatures. Getting the Archmage's shroud was not easy, as his ghostly form still lingered, and was just as powerful as he was in life, but it is mine now. I just need one more piece of the puzzle.


Journal Entry No. 20 - The Third Reagent

There seems to be two different concoctions to be created. One, Namira's Corrosion, requires a Human Skull, a sample of Namira's Rot, and a Deathbell. The other, Embalming Essence, requires a Human Heart, a sample of Bloodroot, and Nightshade. These necromancers had all but the Deathbell, which I had, so I decided to create Namira's Corrosion.

Now that I have all 3 reagents, and found the location of Dragontail Mountains on one of Antioch's minions, I believe it is time that I meet him personally.


Journal Entry No. 21 - The Scourg Barrow

Once again, thank the Lords for my vampiric blood. It may have taken days to reach, but I've made it to the Dragontail Mountains. I doubt any normal mortal would even dare to step foot anywhere near here. And now it is time to find Scourg Barrow, ancient hall of some of the most powerful necromancers in Tamriel, including the King of Worms himself! What shall I find within, I wonder?


Journal Entry No. 22 - Endless Maze

Killing Antioch was simple. The measly necromancer was useless without his undead servants to protect him, and in fact died rather quickly when his servants started attacking him instead!

This barrow, however, is quite expansive, I've searched for an hour now, and am finding the same things over again. His journal also seems to mention some areas being sealed off due to a cave-in.

Will my search for Lichdom end here, as his did? Have I come all this way, gotten excited for this power, for no true purpose? No! Never! I will keep searching no matter what! No matter what I have to destroy, the power of the Lich will be mine!


Journal Entry No. 23 - The Secrets of Apocrypha

The purpose of the heart was to open a path to a secret chamber! Hahaha! I have what is necessary to unlock the dark power! At the end of the chamber lay a mysterious book. And yet, it is filled with horrid energies that give even me the shudders. An image of the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Fate, Hermaeus Mora, exists upon the cover.

Of course! The Prince of Knowledge! THAT is how he found the secrets to Lichdom!


Journal Entry No. 24 - The Path to Transcendence

AT LAST! The secret ritual to Lichdom is mine! I have achieved what Antioch could NEVER accomplish! I cut through the enemies within Apocrypha, and solved it's riddles and mazes! Now the knowledge of the ritual is mine!

The ritual appears to require a combination of three major components, none of which I predict will be easy to obtain.

Circle of Apotheosis - A very precise and intricate ritual circle will need to be crafted and prepared for the ritual ahead of time. The procedure itself will need to be conducted inside the circle, or the ritual will fail. Finding a secure place to do this will not be easy, but perhaps I can use the remote Ravenscorn Spire...

The following items will need to be crafted with specialist tools:

The Phylactery - This object seems to be central to the process of Lichdom. It acts as a vessel for the soul during, and after the ritual. The principles involved seem to be similar to that of a soul gem, but much more complex and arcane. The Black Book has already supplied me with the knowledge to 'unbind' my own soul for this ritual, but without a proper receptacle I will surely perish.

- Crushed Black Pearl
- Ensorcelled Vessel
- Solution of Magicka Concentrate

Elixir of Defilation - From the ingredients this concoction demands, it appears to be an incredibly fatal poison. The Elixir crafted from earlier also appears to be a key component of this. I suppose that my 'death' will be necessary for the soul to be unbound and enter the Phylactery, but the drinking of an incredibly deadly toxin does not fill me with excitement...

- Poison Bloom
- Vial of Deadly Poison
- Nightshade Extract
- Finely Ground Bone Meal
- Either Namira's Corrosion or Embalming Essence

Ritual Process:
With the circle drawn and prepared, the Phylactery must be set in place first. I need to ensure that I have the Shroud of Vyngald with me, as the ritual's magic will be focused through it. Inside the circle, I must unbind my soul. When it is unbound, I should imbibe the Elixir of Defilation. If the ritual is not performed successfully, the transformation will fail, and I will die. But I will not fail. I WILL achieve undeath. I will become a Lich!


Journal Entry No. 25 - The Necromancer's Black Market

I worried, at first, about how I could possibly create the necessary components for this ritual. Luckily, a dark broker has kindly made herself known to me. Through my queries on the Phylactery, I learned that to create the components required a very unique kind of Enchanting Table, the Necromantic Altar. In addition, only a truly master Enchanter can even hope to use it.

This means that I will need even MORE time to study. I cannot believe I've shirked my studies in Enchanting. The Mimir has made me lax. I will not wait. If I use the 'Imprison Soul Essence' spell I learned from the Necronomicon, I may be able to siphon the knowledge from another master Enchanter to speed up the process. I believe the one found in the College of Winterhold may suit my needs...


Journal Entry No. 26 - The Ritual Site

While I searched for the necessary reagents for the components, I had the broker upgrade Ravenscorn Spire for use in the ritual. I will claim this tower as my own, and use it in the final ritual to become a Lich. It looks so fantastic, I can hardly contain my excitement. My ultimate goal is almost within my grasp!

Killing the Enchanter at the College was harder than I'd expected. I snuck in under the alias of an apprentice, but sometimes it feels like these mages never sleep! Thank the Lords that they did eventually rest, if only for a moment, so no one noticed when the old fool breathed his final. I imprisoned his soul, took it and fled before anyone could notice that he was missing. Perhaps they will seek to kill me after this, but they will be unable to, once I am a mighty Lich!


Journal Entry No. 27 - Cleansing the Soul

I had come across a hiccup in my goals. I realized it would be impossible for the Elixir to work, due to my vampiric blood negating any and all poisons! Damn it all! Fortunately, Falion within Morthal has a way to cure me of vampirism. As much as I'll miss the feeling, I will become an even more powerful undead than any Vampire that exists.


Journal Entry No. 28 - Phylactery Completed!

It's beautiful. The Phylactery is complete! I could stare into it for days! It took even longer to find the Elixir of Extra Magicka, but I found that on the body of an exceptionally powerful warlock. Shame he didn't get a chance to use it. But there is still much to be done. I still require the Elixir of Defilation to commence the Ritual. The hardest part will be obtaining the Poison Bloom. I wonder if the Broker has one in stock yet...


Journal Entry No. 29 - Commence the Ritual!



Journal Entry No. 30 - Lichdom Achieved

The power. The unimaginable power! The feeling of undeath! THE ARCANE KNOWLEDGE THAT I WIELD! With this power, I am capable of ruling over any undead I see fit! I am the ultimate necromantic warlock. I am Adean Lellrd, the NECRO LORD!


Journal Entry No. 31 - The Lord of Death

All this power, and this great Spire that I own. This throne I sit upon as I write this. I look back at how I started, a measly Necromancer, trapped within the confines of a Dwemer ruin. Now I have achieved that which no other Necromancer before me has ever hoped to accomplish. I am death itself.

But this Spire is rather empty. Perhaps I shall employ some minions. Some undead thralls to watch over the place while I am gone, and to protect my Phylactery. And maybe some loyal necromancer apprentices. But first, I should go test out my new found powers in Skyrim...

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