TES Profile: Gruzmog Ushan

Character Name: Gruzmog Ushan

Sex: Male

Race: Orc

Age: Late Twenties  


Weapons/Armor: Orcish armor, Orcish boots, Orcish gloves, Ebony Warhammer

Religion: Devoted follower of Malacath

Profession: Legate, Mercenary

Factions: Imperial Legion

Education: Basic education of the Orcs and Malacath


Gruzmog was born in the stronghold Dushnikh Yal in the hold of the Reach in Skyrim, the chief taught him the basics of close combat and helped him to become strong, when he was 14 he was able to wear a set of heavy armor and use a warhammer effectively without tipping over from the weight, but it was when he was 18 that he grew bored of the stronghold and wanted to leave for a life of adventure and fame, the other orcs shunned him for his choice and would be forever known as a city orc by his peers, he would go on to travel all of Tamriel from the northern land of Skyrim to the beaches of Elsweyr and later enlist in the ranks of The Imperial Legion, he was sent back to Skyrim to help Quell the Stormcloak Rebellion.


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  • Ah, an Orc of the Imperial Legion. Rather than shunning him for becoming an outcast, the other orcs should be grateful for Gruzmog, as Orcs gained a lot of recognition as ferocious warriors in the Imperial Legion. 

    • In fact, this way they got recognized as a race, thanks to their service in Imperial Legion.

      • I actually had not known that. Interesting. 

        • You did know that


          • Older folks forget  things. You'll figure it out too when you get older.

            • Not looking forward to that :P

              • It's pretty much downhill past 25.

                • Now let's not derail the discussion too much.

  • Good to see more character profiles. Orcs are always an excellent race choice.

    Even though Dunmer are the master race.

    •  Sorry blackblood, I think you meant to say bosmer is the best race. Feel free to edit your comment whenever.

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