What Moral Alignment Are You?

One thing you'll inevitably have to put thought into whenever you create a character is their moral alignment, the critical component of their personality that dictates how they interact with and perceive the world around them.  So what moral alignment do your characters fit into. Which alignment do you prefer playing most and which one best represents you yourself?

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  • I now feel kinda bad for focusing exclusively on gameplay :(
  • chaotic evil all the way

  • Generally Chaotic Good

  • I usually run with chaotic neutral because you aren't limited to any kind of quest. You can play the hero or the villian in one character without having to rationalize it

  • Which one best describes me? I mean ... Lawful Good I guess? IDK I'm not really a hero so I guess it doesn't exactly apply to me in the same way :D

    As for characters, I typically enjoy characters whose moral alignments shift over time

  • I think realistically speaking most people are neutral good or lawful neutral. To me lawful good characters are flawed because they’ll uphold the law, but the laws aren’t always just. 

    • Agreed about lawful good people being flawed, but at the same time if we're talking about the average person here the average person isn't going to break the law, but the average person is also not a hero of any sort so they're not exactly upholding the law. They're more doing good (in different levels of course) within the constraints of the law. Not sure what alignment that would be, although I doubt that this chart was designed to be compared to the "average person" because as far as I understand it it was made for characters, and very few stories follow average people that stay average throughout the whole story because that'd be boring.

  •  I thought this discussion would be worth running a poll for. So check out the front page for that and feel free to discuss here. 

  • I think my characters are more geared towards chaotic good or neutral evil(I think)

  • True Nuetral almost always. Why? Freedom of course. You aren't limited by being stuck to a code of honor but you understand the benefits of doing good as well because both can achieve a desirable outcome.

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