• This usually depends on the character I am playing, but as stated, some general ones I stick to for most characters without even thinking about it include no fast traveling and stopping by inns (more so for gameplay purposes because of the well-rested bonus as well as to open up shops). Some restrictions I don't do that I know a lot of others do are restricting my weight limit/items I carry and eating food. I just find eating food too unsatisfying and tedious. If I had an indication as to when to eat like in Survival Mode, then it would be much easier and even a little more immersive. As for my weight limit, I like to hoard items so limiting that is a no go. I also see a lot of archer players limit their arrows to like 100 or even 50 a quiver and I just can't do that. I like to hoard my arrows because I don't want to run out in the middle of combat. It makes the game more challenging and I would have to pay attention more, making every shot count, but that's just too much for me.

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      • It would take loads of food for you to recover then. If you have 0% health regeneration, sleeping/waiting won’t heal you and foods barely heal you. Isn't it annoying chugging all that food?
      • Literally every pre-Skyrim TES game.
  • Yeah it does depend on the character. Good characters obviously follow the laws for the most part depending on the actual role. Alignment also generally guides my choice of factions and questlines.

    I have been using the no fast travel thing for some time now having done it in the past and now I can't play without doing it except the use of paid travel. Carriages are now the greatest site in the world when you come upon one.

    I don't usually do any food or drink RP stuff, which mods would probably be much better suited for. Haven't checked if PS4 has any but I doubt it with the restrictions.

    I do find myself keeping a specific lower carry weight and reasonable items in my possession. I don't pick up anything unless it would reasonably fit into a satchel of some sort or even a pack. I will occasionally pick up an enchanted weapon if I need to disenchant it but otherwise I restrict myself to gold, scrolls, gems, soul gems, and books/spellbooks for the most part.

    • How do you earn a reasonable amount of gold? Training and purchasing items can get pretty expensive.
      • Many people rarely buy or train, some never do.
        • I usually train on skills that are hard to level up or essential. For example, I usually train block or Armor skills because they level slowly and occasionally sneak in the early levels because low sneak sucks.
      • By not buying training or purchasing items. Most things I have bought on my current character are only spells, soul gems, and ingredients.

        I find that searching for items is a lot more fun and rewarding. I also don't like rushing a skill by a simple gold to experience transfer.

  • While I'm more gameplay-centric, I have tried such things.

    On one of my shout-based Skyrim characters I kept 60% cooldown reduction by amulets, so that I had to keep visiting shrines of Talos. As in to actively worship him. Cause at least 80% was mandatory to keep the character viable really.

    When I make a daedra worshipper I usually don't do quests for other daedra.

    As far as Fallout goes, I sometimes leave addictions untreated as a roleplaying element.
    • Most of the time, I just visit shrines to cure diseases or out of habit. I like seeing the blessing as it circles around me.
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