Skyrim Character Build Event: Secret Santa

Hail, Adventurers! Welcome to the holliest, jolliest build event yet to hit the Skyforge! Help to spread some Christmas Cheer by joining this event and bringing the wonderful holiday season to Tamriel. The idea this time around is to create a Secret Santa experience for the Elder Scrolls community. All participants will submit a build idea and have them be randomly distributed among all other participants. On Christmas Day, everyone will post what they have come up with and message the person who submmitted the idea they build off of to give everyone a bit of an Elder-Scrolls related Christmas present this year.

Obviously, it is a little bit early to be thinking about Christmas at the time this post is released, but we want to get as many participants as possible to make this event the most fun it can be for everyone who joins. Essentially what will happen is when you participate, you will submit a build idea that later this month will be given to a random participant. This participant will only be given the name of the build idea and the person who submitted it. From there, we're off to the races. On Christmas Day, everyone will post their builds and fire a message to the person who submitted the original build idea. Everyone will get to make a build and receive a build, so we should have some good fun on Christmas Day. 

This event is very open, so idea submissions can be Christmas themes, or not. It's up to the individual submitter what they want to do with it. 

Without any delay, here are the rules 0n the builds you submit to this event . . .

* In order to be counted as part of the "Secret Santa" event, you'll need to submit your build idea in the range of November 4th - November 25th. After that, the official building period takes place from November 25th - December 25th. All builds must be submitted either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, whichever is more convenient, along with a message and link to the person who submitted the original idea

* Along with the name of your build concept, you are allowed to submit a maximum of two clarifying ideas for what you have in mind. Ideas should be short and sweet. Do not elaborate too much so as to let the person who receives your idea have the most freedom possible

Example Submission -  

"The Grinch"

- Stealthy Thief

- Illusion Magic

* DO NOT TELL A PERSON IF YOU HAVE THEIR BUILD!!! Christmas is no fun if you peek at the presents ;D

* Builds can be full length, or mini-builds as we did with the "This is Halloween" event; whichever you prefer is fine. We want as many participants as possible, so if you feel that a full-length build is too much, go with the mini option 

* All character builds are subject to normal Skyforge rules and regulations

*Most importantly: have fun!! 

Registration . . . 

Submit an idea by simply commenting below saying you want to participate and giving the name of the build you have in mind, along with the two clarifications, as stated in the rules. Distribution of the ideas will be completely random. You will receive a message on November 24th with the idea submission you received so you can start building. 

Resources . . . 

Character Build Turnoffs - A member of the Skyforge community, Skooma Dealer, posted a discussion not long ago talking about what people do not like to see in character builds. Check this out if you are interested to see the dos and don’ts of Skyrim character building.

Ponty's Guide to Character Building - For people new to the concept of character building, or anyone who would like pointers, Ponty has offered an easy to follow guide on how to make a quality character build

Participants . . .

Pixel -

Idea: Jack Frost

Build: The Ghost of New Life (Curse's submission)

Chris Diokno - 

Idea: Heavy Armored Assassin (Greatsword)

Build: The Kra'mAthra (Ramses' submission)

Aysleph - 

Idea: Saint Alessia

Build: The Insurgent (Chris Diokno's submission)

Percival -

Idea: The Accidental Hero (Starts as Drunkard)

Build: Santa Claws (FordFalcon's submission)

Curse -

Idea: The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Assassin) (Illusionist)


Lizard Wizard - 

Idea: Heat Miser OR Snow Miser (Destruction) (Bards)


Skooma Dealer -

Idea: Claus San-Ta (Opposite of Santa Claus)


MarcusG - 

Idea: Santa Claus (2-Handed Warrior)


Lee Fiskillis -

Idea: The Clan Mother (Mara Follower) (Thief)

Build: Saint Alessia (Aysleph's submission)

Ramses -

Idea: The Krampus (Demon) (Punishes the un-righteous)

Build: The Black Priest of Mara (Lee Fiskillis' submission)

Gthebear -

Idea: St. Nicholas (Priest) (Charitable)

Build: Jack Frost (Pixel's submission)

Monk of the Hist -

Idea: Mrs. Claus (Widowed under sketchy circumstances) (Sneak temptress)


FordFalcon -

Idea: Santa Claus (Unarmed Khajiit) (Stealth)


You need to be a member of THE SKY FORGE to add comments!


Email me when people reply –


  • Here is mine.

    Santa Claws (Khajiit)

    unarmed and sneak

    • you're in.

  • Everyone has now been assigned a build and has been messaged. If you are in this event please check your mailbox for information on whose build you will be creating. Best of luck to all the participants, I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!

  • Quick PSA for anyone doing the event. 

    If you need help with screenshots, perkspreads, etc. for your builds, please try to avoid asking publically for help. At that point you risk the person who submitted your idea offering to help, and then you have to decline their aid, leaving them pretty much knowing that you have the idea they submitted. If you really really need a hand, you can DM someone who didn't submit your idea, but try to avoid this at all costs.

    If you have already asked, don't feel bad or anything. This is something I should have forseen. Sorry for not adressing it sooner. 

  • Im going to have to pull out the contest Life got busy around here 

    • Hmm could I convince you to try even a mini-build? Ideally every person gets a chance to have their idea done in some capacity on xmas ...

      • I can try but i make no promises 


        • See what you can do but if you cannot please mssage the person who submitted your idea letting them know it will not be finished and then post it for them whenever you can.

  • For Chris Diokno, Merry Christmas.

    Character Build: The Insurgent
    The Insurgent The Insurgent is a young Nord who set out alongside his childhood friends for the Imperial City in hopes of making a name for himself…
  • Done it!

    Merry Xmas, Aysleph!

    Event Build: Saint Alessia
    Hey guys, I want to start off saying, Merry Xmas and happy holidays! Welcome to my build for the Secret Santa Event (2018). This time, I was assigned…
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